expired [PC] South Park: The Fractured But Whole $36 @ EB Games


Seems like a great deal for a fairly new game

Probably not as good as stick of truth but still a great game

EB Games Australia

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    Thanks… My kids love cartoons…


    Why do game prices come down so quickly now? I remember back in the 90s/early 2000s, you'd pay $90 for a typical PC game, and after a year, the price was still $90. There was no discounting of any kind.

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      More games, more competition, better day 1 / initial sales.. shall I go on?


        I don't think there are more games today than in the past? If you count indie games, though, and mobile games, then perhaps, but if we're looking at PC games from big publishers, then no.

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        Certainly dropping the price encourages more people to buy. There is also alot of additional content like in game purchases and DLC they can sell as well, Which was uncommon back when games were prices alot higher. So they are still making momey. Although you can finish the game without the need to buy in game purchase. For some games just takes longer.


      Most modern games are rubbish. They have to reduce the price in order to sell them.


    You're wrong Op.

    Stick of Truth was 8hrs of fun
    Fractured but Whole was 23hrs of fun, racist, genderbashing, no care factor gaming

    This is an amazing price, I got it for double the price only months before


      Hmm, I checked Steam and I played Stick of Truth for 29 hours, only 1 run through. Though some of that time may have possibly been alt+tabbed (Steam should really stop counting that as play time), but I do take my time finishing games as well.


    Played it on PS4, this game was great. On par with Stick of Truth!