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Try Banrock Station Fruit Fusions for FREE (Cash Back)


Try Banrock Station Fruit Fusions for FREE. Go to your participating local BWS & Dan Murphy’s in all states/territories and purchase a 750mL Banrock Station Fruit Fusions wine, hold on to your original receipt and redeem your money back online - options are paypal or EFT.

To submit your claim, please ensure you’ve retained and can upload your original transaction receipt for validation. Limit of 1 claim per person.

Only Applicable purchases, made during the promotional period from 7 December 2017 to 31 January 2018 will be considered for validation, up to a maximum of $10 (inc GST).


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  • +1

    I believe this drink is what is commonly referred to as a 'wine cooler'. No pro or con, just thought I'd say that.

    I'm assuming the answer might be simply no or no-one here could say for sure but in some Woolworths they have the alcohol section but it's not in a seperate BWS signed area, it's just it's own little corner as part of the Woolworths store.. would that satisfy the cashback requirements seeing as it's the same owner?

    • +1

      You have to put your email and postcode in and it will send you a list of the ones near you that are eligible.

    • +2

      Was just going to say the same as loulou1, here’s the link: https://trybanrockfruitfusions.com.au

      • Nice one guys, thanks. Turns out the thing I was describing is actually a BWS, it just doesn't have signage (or maybe it does and I haven't noticed it before). I was clicking through to the T&C's and thinking that was what was linked at the Go to Deal page is why I missed the post code participating locations thing.

        • Some stores didn't have a big enough area to section off a 'complete' bws when they do a fit-out, but if it's in woolworths it'd be classed as bws.

  • -2

    Its free! Can I use it to polish my car wheels?

  • +3

    At local BWS $10 a bottle so pay $10 get $10 back = free.

    Just the right bottle to inflict on the in-laws on xmas day!.

    • It's $8.99 a bottle at Dan Murphy's.

      • +1

        You still only get what you pay back up to $10 so it doesn't really matter.

        • +7

          I'm careful with anyone's money

  • +17

    Use your Woolworths gift card from Cashrewards and you are another 50c ahead.

    • +1

      Activate targeted bonus points offer and buy something else for $10 and get up to $5 back.

  • The link doesn't mention dan murphy's. Are you certain a dan murphy's purchase will be valid for the cashback?

    • +2

      It does in the terms and conditions. But typing the post code into there website only showed me bws for some reason which is closer for me so I dont mind.

      • +3

        I just had a quick read of the terms and conditions and it states:

        "Participating BWS + Dan Murphy’s liquor outlets in all states/territories"

        As the email I received didn't have any dan murphy's outlets listed, I don't think it's worth risking going to a dan murphy's as it's hard to determine whether or not they are a participating outlet.

  • What's the percentage?

    • +2


    • +9

      100% off

  • neither bws nor dm seem to stock the grapefruit flavour as shown in the pic.

    • They had it and some pineapple flavor as well when I went in. Doesn't come on there website though.

  • ls fruit fusion an alcohol?

    • Yeah its a wine which I'm assuming is mixed with fruits.

  • Ash Williams approves of banrock so must be good

  • +1

    When will you get your money back? Straight away or after the promo period ends on Jan 31?

  • The reviews on Dan Murphy's website are mixed.

    For people who don't like real wine


    20 August 2017

    Still don't know what I expected, if it is not meant to taste like wine then they have achieved that, most likely aimed at those who want a fruity drink rather than wine.

    • +1

      just from the label itself it looks like it targets female drinkers. it's also marketed as a summer drink. so, likely to be used for wine coolers or shandies. which are half wine and either half soda water, or fizzy lemonade, or fruit juice.

      • +2

        It might make a nice mixer for a New Year's Eve Sangria.

  • +1

    How many times do i have to read this as bangcock

  • +1

    Thanks OP. I don't generally like wine, but thought in true OzBargainer spirit I'd give this a try, for free. Got the Rose with Summer Fruits, which was a pleasant drink; not something a wine connoisseur would enjoy, but I liked it. As it's one claim per person, not per household, I'm going to hope that my local BWS gets the White with Coconut and Pineapple, and my husband will put in a claim for that. He can stick with his Shiraz, and I'll have the fruity mixes.

  • +1

    Did anyone get a confirmation after submitting their claim? For me, the Submit button is greyed out after submitting, but that's it.

    • Same issue damage

  • +1

    Is anyone else having issues with claiming the cashback? After filling in my details, I hit the submit button and it gets stuck processing the request and then stops?

    • +1

      Yep, tells me it can’t upload the image

      • Getting that issue too. Could be due to image size? I'm playing around with reducing the image size. Will report back.

        • +4

          Update: Made the image size 1.2mb and uploaded successfully. Use MS Paint to crop and reduce file size.

        • @darktiger:

          Thanks for that! Got confirmation this time.

        • @damage:

          4 household members = 4 bottles of free booze. Party time ;)

        • +2


          Thanks. I just uploaded the image to facebook and downloaded it. Made the file size 55kbs with little effort.

        • @deniz: Great tip :D

  • +2

    How long did it take everyone to get the list of participating stores when entering their email/postcode? I submitted mine over an hour ago and haven't received anything.

    • Instant.

    • +1

      Yeah same, tried a few times and they've yet to email me.

      EDIT: Tried on my phone just now and it worked instantly, guess it just didn't like desktop submission

      • Thanks for the tip, I submitted it on my phone this time and got the email instantly.

  • So I have a BWS store about 10km away, adjoined to a Woolworths. Banrock emailed me only one store that is 40km away. Does that mean I buy it at the closer one, it doesn't qualify!?

    • If you can find it at the closer one. They probably know which stores actually stock it.

      • I emailed them. They replied said their site gets it wrong sometimes and the closer store is fine.

  • This is good! I bought this for a BBQ party and it was bit hit.. yes, it's more a wine cooler than a wine but it's good.

    • which flavor did you get? the one with pineapple and coconut sounds a bit rank for example

      • The raspberry, tropical and rose one. Haven't tried the pineapple and coconut.. that does a bit weird.

        • yeah that sounds like the good $#!+ to me too, good to know it's been road tested

        • @hetzjagd: if you're buying one to try, get the raspberry one! (Just to give an idea of my tastes, in ranking order - Rekorderlig cider, full bodied Rieslings, Heavy shirazs)

  • After submitting receipt, do we get a confirmation email? If yes, how long does it take after submitting?

    • +1

      Na you dont. I got a rejected email the next day saying I already claimed. Probably cause I thought it didnt work and tried again.

      • Cheers Deniz :)

  • Did anyone receive a notification for the redemption submission? Or would we only receive an outcome email once it has been processed?

    • No notification

  • Sigh. I too am unable to upload. Wonder how many others got duped?

    • Reduce the image file size.

    • I had a ~2.6meg file, it got rejected.

      I changed it to about 1.5meg, it got through.

  • +1

    I bought a Grapefruit & a Summer fusion then I submitted seperate claim under different name & different account. however, one of my email got rejected saying that "same purchaser claiming under different names. & another one hasn't got any confirmation email yet. I think it is because I tried to submit by taking the pictures from my phone but not successful due the size of the file, therefore, I scanned them & upload it via desktop. but I don't know what to do now.

    • Are both bottle of wine on one receipt?

      • no, they are separated receipt. i emailed them & got replied that they have checked & approved now.

  • +1

    I too got a rejected email today saying I'd already claimed. I thought the submit didn't work and tried again. Have emailed support @ Banrock stating it's to do with their web site that they are getting multi submit claims. See what happens.

    • thanks! will try to email them.

  • I got a response from banrock support, it is due to the credit card used for both transaction that got flagged and rejected. They would manually rectify the error and process my claim.

  • How are the refunds being given? Does anyone know? I successfully submitted my claim, but haven't heard back …

  • LOL i just bought from BWS Emporium, and just realised after arriving home that he didnt give me the receipt! GRRRR … a rookie mistake

  • So what's stopping people with multiple email addresses, multiple credit cards (albeit in the same name) and visiting different BWS and Dan Murphy's from making multiple claims?

    • +1

      Also why does it given an option to "Remember me for future claims" on a portal that is specifically for this promotion?

  • damn!! i said no to a receipt and only figured it out when I was driving home. Anyways willing to provide me a copy of their receipt? :)

    • prob via ur credit card statement?

      • I could probably do that. Only problem I bought other bottle of wines as well. oh well, just gonna have to give it a miss

    • You can try it but I bet you they will be taking note of the receipt number and other unique information such as the store combined with date and time and maybe attendant to prevent someone with a family of 10 claiming 10x on the one receipt and making bank

    • I bought something from a store that had a less advanced register than BWS, and they managed to find my purchase to reprint me a receipt. After thinking about what time you were there, go back and ask if they can find it. (Given the taste it's not likely they sold many. So it should be easy to find, LOL. Unless I just can't stand wine and didn't know it.)

  • Btw, BWS has this for 3 bottles for $21. You can mix flavours. If you've tried this and like it, this is a good deal.

  • Bought the tropical last night. Yuck - just awful, LOL. And for some reason it gets worse the more I try to drink it. I just put the claim in. I'm so glad I didn't buy it without a cashback. I haven't had wine in years. Does it always taste that awful?

    And is there any point using it for anything else like cooking? If so, any recipe suggestions that would suit the type I bought please?

    • Same experience for me.

      • I nearly got the strawberry one instead, I wonder if it was better. (Too late now.)

    • You can polish car wheels with it

      • LOL. Start the BBQ/lawnmower with it, by the taste of it.

  • I keep getting an error "Unable to upload file" when trying to submit the receipt, multiple browsers and also on my phone. Anyone else with this issue?

    • Check your file size or format.

      • Yeah it was under the size limit

  • how long it takes for the cash back ?

    there was no notification on email though there was a notice on webiste that claim was submitted successfully.

    I made purchase and claim last Dec-20

    • I bet it'll be after the promotional period, so February.
      And they'll probably ask for hard copies of the receipts.

    • Mine came through today.

    • mine came today as well.

      Seems like they do cashback by batch.

  • Received my cashback today for claim made on the 22nd.

  • Mine came through today too for a purchase made on the 19th.

  • +1

    Mine too.. spent $21 for 3 bottles. Got $10

  • My $10 came through today…

    • Do you remember the date you submitted the receipt?

      Nvm… Just saw it turned up in my account on the 29th. So it only took 5 days.

      • I submitted my entry on the 20th… Mine took longer but it was probably due to the holidays in between…

  • Mine too

  • Bought the pineapple coconut, didnt like it.

  • The summer berries flavour wasn't too bad.

  • +1

    Bought as part of a 6 pack so invoice showed $10 but actually cost me only $8. Paid with a discounted wish card so free drink plus profit. Thanks OP.

  • Got my redemption on Friday. Purchased just before Christmas.

  • I'm taking it this isn't quite the beverage to drink out of the bottle judging from peoples comments… Is this a "take the train home" kind of drink??

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