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Sonos Sub+Playbar/Base+ Play 5 (X2) Package $2,835 @ Aussie Hi Fi


Best Deal I guess!! Also available Play3 and Play1 packages too

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2017

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  • Sonos sucks. Puts delay on everything.

  • what delays? I don't experience any delays, so easy to use and setup.

    • You dont have a multi room wireless system then.

      • i have 8 sonos speakers (various from soundbar, sub, play1) running in different rooms of the house and no issue whatsoever with lag. Streaming over internet with 15mbps download on ADSL2+ and no issue.

  • Just google 'Sonos Delay'

    • Lol, do you even own any Sonos product….anyways you can’t please everyone.
      Bose sucks
      Sonos sucks
      Senheiser sucks
      Sony sucks


      I own some of the Sonos products for many years with no problems hardware issues and when their was a software problem, Sonos usually fixes the problem quickly.

  • Only time I ever see a delay in my Sonos units is when the internet is playing up

  • By far the best price I've seen on these for a while. I have a similar setup with Play 3s. Not had any issues, just note the audio input formats are limited (eg no DTS).


    Can you connect to Macbook Retina and play audio from video via VLC player?

  • One such post from the Sonos community…

    "It's the way it was designed. Basically, as I understand it, it's buffering the music data so that it can be seamlessly broadcast across the 2.4Ghz network oon all speakers.

    There's a slightly different system for the Playbar/Playbase and connected surrounds and SUB, where they use the 5Ghz band to avoid that delay, but for the Play:1, 3 and 5, as well as connect and connect:amp, you'll have that delay."

    Ripleys believe ot or not. I dont really care - your loss.

  • Must have been a typo. Deal has been corrected to $2835

    • I guess it was an price error/ mistake on website until yesterday and today they have changed to $2,835 . Lucky who bought for $2,382

  • It was at $2,382 around 6:30 this morning. I had a thought and was going to buy it and find out it went up… wtf. Anyways, still got a bundle but only with play 1.
    Thanks anyways.

  • I have Playbar+SUB, Play 1, Play 3 and Play 5. Never had issues with delays or sync issues. They're a mix of wired and wireless. Devices that have a fixed location are wired with wireless switched off and devices that move around the house is wireless.

    They're awesome… just wish they were cheaper…