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26% off at Running Warehouse Australia. ASICS, Brooks, adidas


26% Off Site wide has started at Running Warehouse Australia. Only exception is watches.

Brands include Asics, Brooks, S-Lab, adidas, New Balance…

Discount applied at checkout, no coupon needed.

Free 2 day postage over $150.00, $5.00 for anything under $150.00.


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Running Warehouse Australia
Running Warehouse Australia

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  • I'd been hoping for 30% like last year but still ordered a pair of Brooks.

  • I've seen way cheaper ASICS on Kogan. Even the "normal" prices on there are cheaper!

  • Invoice ID:-77989

    They do NOT deliver.
    Currently have a Paypal claim lodged against them.
    Had to purchase elsewhere to ensure I had the item to give as an Xmas gift!
    Absolute arseholes.
    Proof of order up top with invoice #

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      OP it's been well over 24 hours now. Has Member 086's matter been resolved please?

      • Update: I'm being refunded via Paypal.
        Refund has not been processed as yet though, yet expect it to eventually be processed through.

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          I hope that processes smoothly. I fail to see why Associated OP demonstrated no interest in your matter.

        • @PJC:
          "The seller has appealed our decision and asked us to review the case again."
          OP what's the deal?
          You know that your agent has failed to adhere to the contractual obligations for delivery, yet stand by them for their incompetence!
          Why Tom Gibson why?

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          Expected Behaviour
          It is recommended that reps respond to comments and reasonable enquiries about their deal, product or service. To assist with this, reps are automatically subscribed their deal posts.

        • @PJC:
          Just got off the phone to this mob.
          They are refusing to respond here or follow up the matter with the courier (Startrack, yeah what a surprise from an Aus Post subsiduary) as I've openly criticised the precious to quote them verbatim "(profanity)".
          It really is simple, if the courier does not follow the specific delivery instructions to ensure the safety of the item, the seller is liable, as the contract is between the seller and courier.

          I would like to see them and any other accounts under other names they trade under banned from this site until they address these matters, yet don't know how to go about it.

          They also trade under the following names.
          Running Warehouse | Running Warehouse Europe | Tennis Warehouse | Tennis Warehouse Europe | Tennis Only (Australia) | Skate Warehouse | Tackle Warehouse | Inline Warehouse | Ice Warehouse | Derby Warehouse | Art's Cyclery | Racquetball Warehouse | Riding Warehouse | Total Pickleball

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          @086: Just in case I have misunderstood, please rub my nose in it. They are refusing because you openly criticised them here at OzBargain?

        • @PJC:
          Is the message I received off the over the phone.
          If that is not the reason, then they also have an issue with communication.

          I purchased a pair of Kayano's for myself and NB 1080 as an Xmas gift for my mother.
          I had to repurchase the NB 1080's elsewhere to actually ensure she received her Xmas gift on the day and provided proof of this too.

        • @086: Did the NB 1080 eventually arrive? Or did it get lost?

        • @eug:
          I didn't receive the order from this mob.
          I did from NB direct though.

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        Yes this matter was resolved well before 086 made this post that's why i didn't reply. However OzBargain is a great forum for Running Warehouse and our other company Tennis Only so i will some details on this order.

        086 placed an order with us 5/12/2017 it was delivered to his house 6/12/17 (our usual deliver time is 24-48hrs). The customer specifical asked the the package to be left at his house. Startrack delivered the package and provided photo proof of delivery. The photo was provided to the customer about 2 weeks ago.

        086 has challenged the purchase with Paypal and Paypal found in our favor.

        PJC you say in your last post at the bottom of this page that 086 made a "courteous inquiry". He lied and said the we don't deliver and called us "Absolute arseholes."

        I could go into much more detail about this order however hopefully that gives the basic info.

        • I referred to my own inquiry. I suggest an earlier response would have usefully prevented the impression Member 086's grievance was ignored.

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    I've bought from them in the past and had no problems. I had to get some items swapped, no hassles there either.

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    OP has Member Numpty21's matter been resolved please?

    • Never heard from them…..

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        Expected Behaviour
        It is recommended that reps respond to comments and reasonable enquiries about their deal, product or service. To assist with this, reps are automatically subscribed their deal posts.

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    Negging due to major issue with retailer. In his 19th post for Running Warehouse (including 1 unpublished for sockpuppeting) and 27th overall Associated OP resolutely ignores a paying customer's grievance despite courteous inquiry, Invoice No. plus additional supporting evidence, and copious opportunity to address the matter. It is time for this Rep to take OzBargain seriously instead of maintaining this fa├žade of unapproachability.