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NetGear Orbi RBK50-100AUS AC3000 $299.25 (Plus $8 for Delivery) $307.25 TOTAL @ The Good Guys


The Good guys have lost their mind… Checked the site just now and they have reduced the price of the RBK50 ORBI to $399, AND the 25% off voucher is still valid! $399 - $99.72 (25%) = $299.25 (Plus $8 for delivery) THIS IS AN AMAZING DEAL!!!

Just submitted my order and received confirmation. Wasn't able to do click and collect unfortunately. Delivery may be different based on delivery area, I am Sydney metro and was charged $8. Plus don't forget your 2.5% Cash Rewards cash back.

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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  • thanks @Sancho123456 - ordered 2 for $608.50 delivered to metro Sydney

    Order Summary
    Item Qty Cost

    Orbi High-Performance AC3000 Tri-Band WiFi System
    Door to Door Delivery $10.00
    Subtotal: $808.00
    Promo: NET25 -$99.75
    Promo: NET25 -$99.75
    Total: $608.50

  • Should I get this or the Asus AC88U?

    • If you want range get this, if you want features and performance get the Asus.

    • After the debacle I had with the Orbi's at Firmware 1.12.0.x, I returned my Orbi's and got the AC88U.
      Both are brain-dead easy to setup and use but the AC88U doesn't constantly require rebooting/F-ing about in settings to try and work out what's wrong with it. Based on a comment below, it seems Netgear still hasn't fixed the firmware or continue to release buggy firmware.

      In terms of range, the AC88U can have the same auto-pushing between the 5GHz and 2.4GHz, depending on signal strength to the device (with lots of settings to play with to tailor it), or simply broadcast 2.4 and 5 GHz SSIDs (which last I checked the Orbi didn't allow you to do this).
      Across my approx. 800 m2 block I never lose Wifi Signal however YMMV.

  • I wouldn't touch these with a 10 foot pole at the moment. Android devices waking from sleep with the latest security updates cause the entire system to reboot, and Netgear have done nothing about it. Read the Orbi forums.

    • I've got the Orbi system and it has improved my signal and speed 10 fold. Has been faultless… show me a router that doesn't have users that have issues.

    • Probably why it’s being cleared out at reduced prices

    • Netgear support is atrocious. I won't go near them again after the troubles they gave me with my last nighthawk.

      • D7000 with a stuffed up 2.4ghz band? They're the worst

      • What happened to yours? I had one fail after about 10 months but dick smith just swapped for new in store. Been about 18 months and still going strong since that happened.

    • Ubiquiti stuff is around $150 per access point, surely much better off getting that.

      • When I bought my Orbi about six months ago it was the clear winner in range/performance vs mesh offerings.

        The price was the biggest downside and with this sale I don't see why you wouldn't get the Orbi over the others (unless there have been new products or revisions).

        • Ubiquiti have various offerings, mine isn't a mesh, each access point is wired. No matter how good a wifi point is you can only get it to go that far as the client devices still have the same power. There are also legal limits to how much power something can put out. At a certain point you will always need multiple points. Ubiquiti is about as good as it gets without going to cisco or the likes and I doubt anything else would be that much better. I bought a long range and standard ubiquiti and even the short range one did our entire house. They are around $150 so to me spending $300 in the hope of improving range is unlikely to bear fruit.

        • @MikeKulls: I agree. Although if you want to go Cisco can't you just buy Linksys (bearing in mind they do notg allow third party?

          But then people also pay this price for Google Home which boggles the mind so …

        • @Diji1: no, Linksys is utter junk and not only nothing like cisco but below even D-Link. I bought a Linksys 48 port switch and it was amazingly bad beyond comprehension. Cisco don't want Linksys competing with their kit.

    • I heard about that, but what versions of Android are affected?

  • For me personally I would just cable every room.

  • Great price.
    My Amazon purchase at AUD $350 (still waiting for delivery) is not looking so clever anymore.

  • This or Google wifi?

  • Thanks OP, don’t forget 2.5% cashback via cashrewards, that will bring the price down to approx 300 incl delivery.


    Been on the fence between this and the Google wifi as have cabling along the floor at the moment because wifi has always been rubbish at one end of the house. I wish the orbit had another satellite though

    • Get multiple points. A single more expensive ap is unlikely to work anywhere near as well as 2 aps.

  • Do you still get 10% store credit?

  • For those of you at Suncorp, use the 6% off gift vouchers. Suncorp also has 4% cash back (but I’m unsure if it will work with the promo codes).

    If it does, brings the price down to around $277 which is outrageous!
    Just bought it using these offers and paid $289 so hopefully the cashrewards work as well. Thanks OP!

  • You can also buy TGG evouchers at 5% off at AGL rewards

  • Got one thanks OP!

  • Is it delivery only or can you pick up?

  • Do you have to plug these into an existing modem or can they replace what you already have?

  • Looks like they are now out of stock!

  • Avoid the Orbi. It's plagued with multiple issues with fix in sight.

    Have a look at the Orbi forum


  • Had a call from TGG and I ordered this from them a few days ago and they are cancelling orders (using the excuse this was discontinued). Really disappointed because I ordered 15 minutes after midnight on boxing day.

    • That sucks! What price did you end up getting it for? Looks like there will be many cancelled orders, so many orders came well after yours.

      Only odd thing is why did the price change yesterday, but the item wasn't removed from their website. Something smells fishy.

      • I have contacted them requesting an explanation. If they end up honouring the orders in this thread I will definitely take my complaint to the ACCC. Clearly the product is not discontinued, and the information they provided to me was false.

    • I had a call from TGG Wetherill Park this afternoon. They told me they were out of stock, they would be ordering more and sending it to me once it's back in stock. He estimated 3-4 weeks. So it's still coming hopefully.

    • This is pretty disappointing. I bought gift cards to use for this purchase and I don’t want a gift card refund as I have nothing to use it for. Hopefully they either deliver or backorder. Will have to wait for the call I guess…

  • any further news if orders submitted, paid for & confirmed at 2pm on 27/12/17 will be honoured ?

  • Yay😄😄😄good guys just called me and said that i will be getting mine in the post by tuesday!!!! I just received an e docket in my email just now

    • Interesting yours is so quick!

      • I know!!!i couldnt believe it either after reading some of the posts here.i was returning a missed call and realized was goodguys narre warren.i was put on hold for a few minutes while the person who answered my call was trying to locate the original caller. i started preparing myself for a bad news then but when they confirmed that theyve found a stock in frankston and will be in the post for me next week i was so happy.after the call i then received my e receipts.

  • Good Guys called me and said they ordered one for me but will be more than 2 weeks…

  • Did not receive phone call yet, neither the shipment info :(

    • Same here, what are they up to? MY order was placed on the 27th as well…might have to call them, thought I'm not sure what number to contact for the online store.

  • Netgear Orbi High-Performance AC3000 Tri-Band WiFi System (RBK50-100AUS) - $599.00 "Buy It Now"

    ….is back up live on TGG website - so we can all chillax in the knowledge that our Bargain Basement Boxing Day Booty will surely be delivered….


  • I'm still waiting…we must have ozbargained the crap out of this deal…I have called them and they assured me that they're trickling out to customers…we'll see…

  • Has anyone received their orders yet? I noted the other day that JB-HF has plenty of stocks where as a few weeks ago they did not have any.

    • Mine was super delayed, called up and they told me they would transfer it from another store. Once they did, they were about to ship it out to me but I was about to go overseas. They are holding it in store for me now. Maybe give the assigned store a call and tell them to hurry it up a little bit.

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