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BIO Portable 4 in 1 Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner $265.10 Delivered or Pickup in Sydney @ Mytopia eBay


With an impressive cooling capacity of 4.1kW it is ideal for cooling areas up to 10-15m3. The highly mobile design enables you to easily position it where it is needed most, and an easy-to-install adjustable window exhaust kit allows for the removal warm air to make those long hot Summer's a breeze!

Much more than just an air conditioner, with a serious 4.2kW heating capacity, you’ll also keep toasty warm in Winter. An integrated self-evaporation system means you don’t need to worry about constantly emptying water. The BIO Portable Air Conditioner also features a Dehumidifier mode to reduce the level of moisture in the air.

Brand: Bio
Heating capacity: 4.2kW (13000 BTU)
Noise level: 55dB
Refrigerant: R410A
Airflow Volume: 320m³/h
Power supply: 240V/50Hz
Power Plug: 10Amp
1x BIO Air Conditioner
1x Remote (with 2 x AAA Batteries)
1x Window Exhaust Kit
Carton Weight: 24kg
Carton Dimensions (L x W x H): 49 x 41 x 66cm
Product Weight: 20kg
Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 32 x 34 x 63cm

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  • +2

    Last thing I bought from mytopia billowed smoke and took more than 3 months to return.

    Avoid at all costs.

  • Think something doesn't add up.. 240v.. 10 amps.. yet 4100w output? Let's assume no inefficiencies.. this thing makes energy.. to good to be true? But then 4100w.. and only 10 to 15m3 capacity? That won't even cover a small bedroom.. 2.5m x 2.5m room.. Hmm maybe big enough to cool your bathroom. I think someone's making up some porkies..

    • +3

      It's a heat pump, it's not generating heat (at least it's not designed to generate heat), rather moving heat from one place to another.
      Therefore, unlike a resistive element heater, the Thermal efficiency can be greater than the energy consumption.
      This is typical for a RC unit.

      • That's correct about cooling, but their "with a serious 4.2kW heating capacity, you’ll also keep toasty warm" claim still doesn't sound right to me.

        • +2

          It's more correct for the Heating cycle than Cooling Cycle, that's why they only specify the Heating Efficiency, not the Cooling Efficiency.
          4200W does sound highly efficient, but not impossible.

    • I was wondering about this as well, the specs doesn't make sense at all.

  • -1

    BIO Hazard?

  • -3

    2.4kw is maximum you can generate on 10a load. The 4kw rating is false. Even if it's a DC motor..4kw lol

    • +1

      Not true. Read above on the difference between Thermal efficiency and Energy consumption..

      Check out here (under Heat Pumps and Refrigerators) for some maths and further reading.

      • +1

        It can be a complicated thing to explain. I gave up years ago :-)


        Power kilowatts and Refrigeration kilowatts
        Electrical input wattage or Hp, and refrigeration wattage are two different things.

        A unit drawing 746W (1Hp) of electricity may move 2 to 3.5 times that in cooling or heating wattage. Only the latter refrigeration kilowatt (kW) rating will give an accurate representation of unit size.

        • +1

          The best way I can think to describe it is to fudge the numbers a bit and say that it's the thermal losses of the machine (ie 2400w) plus the heat being moved.

    • +1

      The 4.2kw is about the performance of the heat transfer, not the energy consumption of the unit. By drawing 2400W, the pump will cool the inside and warm the outside by about 4kw, or warm the inside and cool the outside by 4kw. Or thereabouts…

      As scubacoles is explaining, with a heat pump you are moving air (well, the heat in the air). The compressor is working to move the heat, not to create it. So the heat inside the room is moved to the outside of the room. The system as a whole is the same (not really because the compressor creates heat - it depends on the efficiency of the compressor), but the inside is of lower temperature and the outside a higher temperature once the transfer has been done (or the opposite in heating mode).

  • Anyone have any experience with mytopia and this Bio brand of sitcoms?
    I'm thinking of getting their top specced aircon:

    But I've never heard of mytopia or Bio until today. The best I can tell is that Bio is mytooia's house brand. They do have great specs considering the price. I haven't been able to find a comparable model for the same amount.

    • Bit the bullet. Marked as posted.

      • Same, just purchased it. Here was my thinking:

        * Amazing price
        * Top-end cooling power
        * Physical sydney store location
        * Good reviews

        * Never heard of Mytopia.
        * Never heard of Bio Design.
        * They could be making a furphy of the specs. For example, they claim 56db for the noise. I really, really doubt that measurement was taken on the highest setting, if it was then that would be a remarkable result.
        * Pretty sure Bio Design is their house brand. No one else carries it, there's no website for Bio Design, nothing. Also, guess what else Bio Design makes according to Mytopia? Breast pumps and plastic chair mats. That's some incredible diversification.
        * They clearly don't care/encourage fake reviews on their own website. If you look at them they are actually the same few reviews posted many times. It's really obvious.
        * Mytopia's rating on productreview.com.au isn't great.

      • +1

        Update: when I purchased the aircon I got a confirmation email from 'AGR Machinery'. Which has such a bad reputation that the second suggested google search is 'AGR Machinery fair trading'. They've left a wide trail of tears in their path:

        I'm not confident now that these air conditioning do what they say on the box.

        • Thank you for posting your experience. I followed the search link and saw the horror that could have followed my purchase. From https://www.productreview.com.au/p/agr-machinery.html, AGR Machinery, Edison, Mytopia, and Mills Trading are all to be avoided. It is amazing that the bad reviews spanned from 2013 to a fortnight ago, but yet these companies keep trading.

      • +1

        Just put in a request to cancel the order. The more I research about the owners of Mytopia the more claims of dodgy deals and unfair behaviour I find.

        • Oh no. May be the reason that they posted so quickly. See how I go I guess

        • +1

          It'll probably be fine, they've sold a ton of units before. I just don't want to risk not getting what I'm paying for, because after all how could you tell if it really is a 21,000 / 6kw unit? Or it really does only put out 56db?

  • +1

    I bought the 16000 BTU version from them via eBay last year for $500. I picked up from their warehouse without issue. It's cooling my house as I speak and no problems. Only ever use the fan and air con functions which work ok. Wish the outlet tube was longer though. I'd say buy it based on my experience and how cheap it is.

    • That's good to hear.