[EXPIRED] iPhone 6 or Later Replacement Batteries - $39 AUD from Apple

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Apple to offer $29 battery replacements for a year as a way to apologise for slowing down of iPhones.

Apple is reducing the price of an out-of-warranty iPhone battery replacement by $50 — from $79 to $29 — for anyone with an iPhone 6 or later whose battery needs to be replaced, starting in late January and available worldwide through December 2018.

Thanks thewinchester for the AU link.

Mod: Insufficient details for upcoming deal. This deal is missing (1) A price for Australia (the price won't simply be the US price converted to AU $) (2) A definite start date.

This offer should therefore be re-posted as a deal in the future, once these details are known (AU price & start date). Moved to the forums so discussion can continue.

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          @dragonindespair: Well, I did get the 7+ so I guess it worked. Got the X as well, but compared to the competition it looks like apple is playing catch-up again. Whilst its a nice phone, its still got a lot of catching up to do so the X is going back. What really cemented it was this battery-gate issue because when I raised it back when it first happened, they just shrugged me off and tried to make me jump through their support hoops when I knew all along the battery was (profanity). Even got to the point where I could extract the battery logs and see the voltage dipping below 3.5v. It was always under high discharge conditions, eg when outside, autobrightness maxes out and with a little bit of processor demands, the battery was unable to accomodate. If used at night when autobrightness was near 0, the issue didnt happen. Internal resistance does that. Problem is this was occurring prematurely, under 200 cycles on the battery. Even LiPo batteries used in RC/drones etc can do more and they are subject to way harsher conditions and discharge rates.

          Of course try explaining this to a CSO on the other end who's only line is "run the apple diagnostic".

          I figure for that amount of money, I should not need to be having to go to such lengths, I should simply be getting a satisfactory outcome first time (like back when the iPhone 4's were out) without having to stuff about with all of that. If i want to geek out, thats what android is for.

          Yes its a bit of a rant but when you fork out $1500+ for a phone, you expect better. Apple doesn't seem to share my view. Now they can get sued.

        • @BargainKen: then maybe its time to jump ship to a better sea.
          seriously, how could anyone stand on using itunes to put stuffs into a phone? yes i used iphones before. all jailbroken of course.

        • @dragonindespair: Yup my note 8 just arrived today (N9500/256GB/Dual SIM) Even came with a cheap case and fast charger. My $1829 iphone X did not-go figure.

          I run both Android/iOS so not biased. You're only limiting your options if you pick a side :)

          Apple's SoC and storage (NVMe) is what kept me on their products, second to none. But their support and battery? not so great. My 7+ has been great, no issues with it other then the jet black finish has got all spotty which I cant seem to remove. Its been living in a case all along so no idea whats causing that and will need to look into my options. Its not scratched at all.

          Oddly https://supportprofile.apple.com/ is down the minute I try to login to find my case number from a year ago, how convenient.

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    TBF though, I still see people going fine with their iPhone 6/6+ in terms of just average daily use. I still see a lot of my friends and family use the 6 or 6+, but it’s hard these days to see anyone using a galaxy s5, s6 or something like nexus 6p, which means apples doing something right in terms of preserving the lives of their old phones. Slowing down their phone a little bit is hardly noticeable, and if you were someone who is a power user that desires all the power a phone can have (4K editing? Photoshop?) you would probably be upgrading your phone every year anyway. For me, lowering the performance to increase battery life is a good trade off.

    Htc10 user, my phone gets REALLY hot after 30 minutes of use LOL

    • Slowing down their phone a little bit is hardly noticeable

      It wasn't hardly noticeable, I'm no power user but loading some apps were painfully slow and sluggish at times before the update.
      The trade off was hardly worth it.
      Apple should have made it clear from the start or made it optional.

    • My htc 10 only gets really hot when charging and using large memory apps at the same time. Careful. My lg g4 got really hot and wouldn't turn back on afterwards.

  • Is it flawed product design, or is it ingeniously evil product design to force an upgrade? Is this goodwill or a damage control PR exercise?

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    Official Australian price for this program has been released, $39.

    A Message to Our Customers About iPhone Batteries and Performance

    Apple is reducing the price of an out-of-warranty iPhone battery replacement by A$80 — from A$119 to A$39 — for anyone with an iPhone 6 or later whose battery needs to be replaced, starting in late January and available worldwide through to December 2018. Details will be provided soon on apple.com/au.

    • thanks my iPhone 6+ definitely got slower and annoyed me to hell that the 6 only series were included.

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    ive done a huge "i told you so!" to everyone in the past i warned about ios updates being one of the worse things you can do. why does my iphone work quick and fast, because i dont update the ios. and yes, all my apps work just fine.

    • +4

      you realise they are ignoring critical vulnerability fixes as well?

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    reading through the comments, alot of android users pissed off by this news, why??

    • I remember Tim Cook saying most of the non-iOS devices ended up in some bottom drawer…

  • My friend’s iPhone 6 has been getting really slow and laggy. He had a temperature warning recently even though it wasn’t in a warm environment and didn’t use the phone. Told him to probably replace the battery as he was getting frustrated with it.

    Just a really quick question which is slightly off topic. Is Apple able to replace my Apple Watch series 1 battery? It has been really sluggish lately and sometimes need to wait so long for something to either pop up or load which I haven’t experienced before or could this purely just be from the software updates that have been triggering this (or probably first generation)?

  • Apple were replacing the battery for free in some models that have been found to be sub optimal so i hope this doesn't mean i have to pay for it now as mine was within a batch flagged suspect and once it became an issue i could get it replaced at no cost

    (https://www.apple.com/au/support/iphone6s-unexpectedshutdown...) check your serial number here

  • wish this was for ipads too. my mini 2 is trash now that i updated

  • Wonder they will replace jailbroken phone

  • +1

    Does anyone know if there's a way to tell if your battery has fallen to less than 80% new capacity?

    • Mine says under settings-battery "your iPhone battery may need to be serviced"

      • Can u please take a snap shot?

    • +2

      If you have a MacBook download coconu battery, tells you what percentage is left , how many times was charged etc.

    • New iOS update will make this possible early next year

  • iPhone se too?

    • Yes, the official link indicates that the iPhone SE is a model that will be handled under the program they launch in January.

  • Sure Li ion batteries get old and maybe not hold charge for as long and capacity will reduce to 80% after 2 years. But it should not half the standby time and half the screen on time after upgrading from iOS 10.x.x to 11.x.x.

    The battery getting old excuse just doesn't cut, Apple.

  • -1

    Everybody rabidly chucks a fit when Apple screws up

    What about the Samsung explosions ?

    Better IED than dead phone right ?

    Every company stuffs up, it’s how they deal with the fallout that should be scrutinised in detail

    I swear these social media people are becoming more intellectually challenged by the minute, soon their brains will shrivel to the size of a cockroach’s lol

    • You're sounding unhinged and hysterical bro!

    • +1

      umm if i remember correctly there was a huge rucus for months about the note 7 catching fire? And Samsung handled that as best as possible imo so don't really get your point..

    • There was a lot said and done about the note 7 battery explosions, and now rightfully about the iphone slowdown.

      Difference? I got to keep my 256gb sd card and other accessories that came with the phone while apple is charging you to replace your battery if you don't want a slow phone.

  • +1

    Seems like german bargainers are a little more optimistic (or at least more easily pursauded):

  • +1

    I’ve had an iphone since the start yet I still think they are grubs. Everyone ‘knew’ something was going on around the time to upgrade. They are so dodgy and underhanded.

    Earlier this year my iphone 7 was getting to about 15% battery and then switching off automatically. I took it to the Apple store and a ‘genius’ told me that he ‘hooked the phone up to the system, which shows (him) everything’ and that, in fact I was lying. Man it pissed me off.

    Their products are generally good but their integrity is shithouse.

    • Poor effort on his part - I actually had the same issue with my previous iphone 6s plus, it would actually shut down randomly at certain battery %. Three times it shut down at 45%, and it wouldn’t let me turn back on until i plugged it in to a charger. The thing was once u plugged it in, you could have taken it off straight away because it was 45% charged.

    • +1

      I have experienced something similar to you, whereby the “genius” pointed out that I was lying about the battery life. It seems they take to the title “genius “ quite literally, and their opinion and alleged software cannot be wrong. Pissed me off as well.

  • This becomes a no brainer if you have one of these old iPhones as it would be a lot safer to get the battery replaced through Apple rather than a third party phone repairer.

    Personally I don’t think Apple is at fault at all, battery issues affect all phones not just iPhones. Android phones might not be as apparent because Android users generally (from what I can see) don’t upgrade their OS version as much as iPhone users.

    • -1

      But I can take the battery out of my Andriod and replace it with a genuine spare in 30seconds

      Also, you are making silly comments in regards to upgrading

  • I'm still on IOS 10.3.3

    So… should I be updating then going for a battery replacement or just leave it at 10.3.3?

    • You can stay on your current sw version.

  • All the third party battery places will be pissed lol.

    • Or, we may be able to get a 3rd party battery replaced for $19.95 while we wait! The iPhone 6 could become the next Apple TV 2.

    • +1

      yeah prob cos Apple will buy up all the stock of any 2nd grade batteries to use as all these warranty replacements ;)

  • They are $10 on Amazon, but if you do it yourself warranty is void
    At least they finally admitted the problem, even if they had to get caught

    Maybe one day Apple will give you fools and SD Card slot, hahahahahahahahaha

        • +1


          So tell me this, technically, which has higher bandwidth and faster response times, embedded flash memory or a SD card?

          Depends on the MMC, and the SD card. You can buy cards that write at 90 MB/s. If that's not fast enough for you, I want to know what you're actually doing on your phone that needs faster speed than that.

          Tell me this, what car runs faster? A ferrari or a Mazda 3? Why would anyone want a Mazda when you can have a much faster Ferrari?

          Why would you want more of the slower one when you could push for more on board if you're lacking in memory. They aren't even close.

          Because you don't need that extra speed and it's not going to be utilized to its potential? See Ferrari v Mazda.

          Because of the massive price difference? Would you rather have 3-4X capacity at a speed that's more than good enough to record 4K video, or would you pay the same price for a bit faster speed that you won't even make the most of? The amount that apple charges for internal storage, you're right. They aren't even close. I will take SD card any day of the week.

          So why not just get a device that comes with all the memory you need already onboard, if its 'never thought of again, ever'

          So many reasons. I can't believe you don't even know why. It's not upgradable for one. The amount you get might be enough for you in the beginning, and then later down the line you realize it's not enough. But you can't expand it. You can't just go to Apple and say, can you add some more MMC to it? I'll pay you the difference. Nope. Your only choice is to buy a new device entirely, even though the rest of it is fine. Or you can add a microSD card in. Or replace the one you already have with a bigger one, which is cheap to do.

          NOT only that but there's a whole development called the cloud, and a sim card that connects you to it on your phone for storage needs, that makes unlimited amounts of storage always available, and from ANY device. If you lose/stolen/destroy your phone or anything none of that data and information is never lost and you can replace the device and keep going.

          Data limits. Extra battery drain. Slower access. Here you are talking about how fast the MMC is compared to SD card and how you should never go for slower storage, and then you go espousing the "cloud" even though it's orders of magnitude slower than accessing an SD card. So which is it? Is speed important or not? Not to mention you need to upload to the cloud in order to be able to access that data when you need it, which is even slower. So as a substitute for an SD card, you would advocate two way transfer between the cloud and your device. That is so much slower than just copying it to the SD card and leaving it there for instant access.

          Just because you hate on Apple, doesn't mean some forms of technology haven't passed this hurdle, there might be some use cases for SD card slots in phones but it doesn't make it not a relic technology for cloud connected smart phones with unlimited cloud storage/private NAS and a decent internet connection as well as streamable music and video.

          As said above, you contradicted yourself.


          Google has as much a vested interest in their product line as Apple. They are only one manufacturer. They make Android OS and their own devices using it. But they are not Android. Android is an open OS not limited to one company or its creator.

          Google sees Apple making money selling expensive MMC and decide this makes themselves more money also. But they don't stop a competitor from including an SD card slot.

    • +2

      Maybe one day Apple will give you fools and SD Card slot, hahahahahahahahaha

      No chance. It makes Apple more money to sell you internal storage.

  • This kind of recall was probably already budgeted for. How simple it was to figure out through an app. Till it was discovered they have made a massive profit.

  • For those of you who want to check your iPhone performance against benchmark, most of apps are now paid due to the battery issue, but not Antutu benchmark.

    Download it here:

    AnTuTu Benchmark by Beijing AnTuTu Technology Limited

    It doesn't give any comment on the battery but will show how is your iPhone performing.

  • +1

    Now reads as follows:
    Apple is reducing the price of an out-of-warranty iPhone battery replacement by A$80 — from A$119 to A$39 — for anyone with an iPhone 6 or later whose battery needs to be replaced, starting in late January and available worldwide through to December 2018.

    But thee rest of the artical is HOGWASH. The newer IOS updates with added features make iphones work harder for longer even though you havent changed any settings. This means the battery will run down quicker, so require more charges and hence wear out quicker.,

    Apple should allow users to easily downgrade to older versions of IOS which were problem free for them. eg 10.3.3 was a popular, rock solid IOS and Id love to downgrade if I could.

    Hellow apple! Can you hear us? This is what users what. Not to be shut out of downgrading

    • -1

      It's a shame for Apple to charge its customers again, on its "UN-intentionally" fault or guilty.

    • This isn't the issue. The issue is that Apple have designed their hardware so that the CPU can only function at full speed electrically while the battery is in 'perfect' condition. Batteries degrade over time, and while other manufacturers built in some headroom so that a degraded battery could still run the CPU at full speed (albeit for not as long). Apple's much smaller batteries just don't provide enough current to run the CPU at full speed as they age.

      I experienced shut downs with 40+% battery remaining before they pushed the software update. The old software won't help fix this, it's a hardware problem. What they did with the software update was to hide the warrantable defect by slowing down the processor so that it no longer pulled more power than the battery could handle, this made it look like your phone was getting old / it was due to new features when it actually was a hardware fault and completely warrantable.

    • I'm still on 10.3.3. When the new iPhones came out and software upgrades were being pushed, I consciously deleted the software upgrade. So 10.3.3 is the best one to keep?

      • Put it this way, with the software update, your phone runs slower as the battery ages. Without the software update your phone shuts down without warning with 40-50% battery capacity remaining. As much as I hate Apple for doing this, the update is better than not, it's just the complete lack of communication which has resulted in people spending hundreds of dollars they didn't need to when they could have just replaced the battery. That and the poor industrial design.

        • Battery seems to be ok for the moment. The phone is about 16 months old. So… Upgrade software if I start having battery issues then go in store to Upgrade the battery by DEC 2018?

  • How about iPhone 5S/SE?

    Does Apple forget the NON-intentionally slowed down iPhone 5S/SE users?

    Hopefully I can find a group of hundreds of thousands customers to sue Apple on iPhone SE/5S/5 even 4's slowing downs, or to sue it not protect the batteries as it did on 6& onwards? :)

    The announcement seems not the end of the story.

    • Se should be including because came out after the 6

    • The battery in the 4/5 etc didn't have the same physical fault so there was no need to fix it in software. My iPhone 4 still runs as fast as new and I haven't touched the battery.

      Lets be clear what happened here. The battery was designed too small for the processor. When this physical design problem started causing customers to show up for warranty claims that their devices were shutting down even with high % battery remaining, Apple released a software 'fix' which slowed the processor, making the issue 'go away'.

  • +2

    How is a replacement battery going to fix the problem of deliberately slowing down my iPhone 6?

    • +2


      • how? my iPhone 6 plus is a refurbished replacement which I hope would have a new battery at feb 2017 but I have had a significant slow down with iOS11. I don't think replacing the battery will fix this?

        • +2

          It worked for me, before it was cool. Do it.

        • @muncan:

          Same. Replaced my iPhone 6s battery a week ago.
          Battery life was beginning to degrade terribly, but also simple apps like the standard calls and messages app were slowing down considerably.

          Now… it's all back to normal. I hope to have another year or so with this phone!

    • The phone will not be slowed down if the battery is good. That's how the new battery fixes the issue.

      The software reads the battery condition and if it's degrading to a certain point it will slow the phone down to stop it switching off etc. New battery means 100% performance.

    • Read the statement.

      • -2

        But when I took my phone to Apple a few weeks ago they tested the battery as ok and couldn’t tell me what was wrong. I think iOS11 is slow on older iPhones regardless of the battery and that would make it a deliberate planned obsolescence tactic. I think they’re just using the battery issue as a distraction. My battery is not old but my phone is slow on iOS11

    • +5

      Only if it's late January when you're speaking.

  • I just bought a second hand iPhone 6s+. I checked the battery wear level through the 'Battery Life' app and it shows that the battery is at a 16% wear level. Is it worth replacing soon? The phone seems to run fine but then again, I'm not exactly sure of the negatives with a worn-out battery other than reduced performance. Can anyone fill me in?

    Otherwise, I might get a battery replacement towards the end of the $39 battery replacement period.

    • +1

      Those battery apps are not the best, Use coconut on Mac, connect iPhone and it will tell you detailed history and capacity.

      • I don't have a Mac but thanks

  • +2

    If they admited they slow down the phone, why don't do it for free? So they charge money to repair something they done? And yet people still OK about it?..smh

    • +4

      No. Whole thing is about the more wear battery the slower your iPhone will run. For example when new battery iPhone runs smoothly and lasts 2 days of use. After 6 months the battery is supposed to last only 1 &1/2 days at normal speed but the IOS slows down the iPhone by 20% in order for it to last 1 & 2/3 days etc. The battery wears out eventually regardless the IOS slows down your iPhone or not therefore Apple won't replace it for free but charge your $39 to replace the new battery so your iPhone will run at speed as it is supposed to. I agree not giving users a choice of sacrificing speed to get more hours from worn battery is dodgy but at least they give a damn about replacing your 2 to 3 years old iPhone battery at a discounted price better than Samsung ignores you as soon as the 6 months battery warranty expires.

    • +1

      That's how the Apple Apologist Bandwagon was born :)

  • +2

    Apple to offer $29 battery replacements for a year as a way to apologise for "slowing down of iPhones."
    Apple should have

    1. release a new update to remove the deliberate ISO code that would slow your iPhone.
    2. offer free Battery replacement for the effected phones.

    After Steve Jobs died, Apple kept making stupid little mistakes, which I am sure was fueled by greed.

    • +1

      which I am sure was fueled by greed.

      It's not solely their greed. It's their customers' greed.

  • Any update on the deal? Supposedly Apple has started the replacements already:


  • If your device is still under warranty, would this not be part of a warranty issue? Excuse my naivety on this subject.

    • It's for people OOW.

    • Phones started dying under warranty, so they issued a software fix that hid the warrantable fault until the warranty was expired. Bonus side effect, people's phones got slower and so more people felt they needed to upgrade.

  • +1

    They should be bloody free… All they want is $$$

    • +1

      Well it is a business

      • Apple are grubs, defective device and $300 billion in cash reserves and they still trying to charge $39 when it should be free.
        Going to hit them up for credit of my replacement battery $119.

  • I had mine replaced a few weeks before the X came out, because it was failing to power on sometimes, even after a full night of charge while still plugged in. It had been performing poorly as well. They broke the thing when replacing the battery and so gave me a brand new iPhone 6… The apple store employee of course, suggested I buy a new phone rather than replace the battery, but since I needed it for work immediately and the X wasn't out yet I didn't.

    Now I wasted $100 on a battery case for it because a) the thing failed to power on even when charged due to the low battery and b) turns out it would have been going slow regardless. Great. Can't even take advantage of this.

    Of course the whole 'powering off at 40% battery remaining' thing started for me about 12 months into owning it. Which would have been a warrant-able issue if they didn't slow down the phone to 'hide' the issue. Pretty disgusting.

    Now if they had just said, hey, you need to replace the battery, it's $60, you can bet people would have replaced them and had a much much better customer experience instead of suffering a slow phone with poor battery life. Because poor battery life is something you can work around, a slow phone that dies, is not.

  • How can you tell if your battery needs to be replaced or if it is worth replacing it?

    • There will be a software update soon (early 2018), where you can check the health of your battery.

    • You can also take your phone to Apple store and they will check it for you (may need an appointment though). If your phone qualifies for a free battery then it is worth getting it replaced.

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