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Babylove Ultra Soft Baby Wipes (Pack of 6 So 480 Wipes) $4.50 + Shipping (or Free Shipping over $49) @ Amazon AU

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    Thanks! to push it over the $50 I bought 3 of these: [Palmolive Naturals Liquid Soap Foaming Pump Cherry Blossom, 250 ml]

  • guys buying 5 or more packs why do you need 2000 wipes? oh ok wait yes now i know.

    • Why do you need 5000 eneloops? No one asks that question, you just buy. Especially when you have kids.

  • Any cheap pull ups?

  • Thanks ordered

  • Good deal OP. Ordered.

    What's scary is Amazon doesn't ask to re-enter the security code of the saved credit card. One click and it's confirmed. Anyone knows this setting can be changed?

  • great deal, thank you !!!

  • Thanks, ordered

  • anyone has theirs shipped yet?

  • +3

    I got mine delivered today
    I only ordered 2 along with other stuff
    2 box 6x80

    • Nice one, so the deal was real! Thanks for the info

    • My order still have no update yet, ETA dispatch date 20/01.

      How can you get your one this quick?

      • He was the OP, so he bought it when no one knew and when before stocks go oversold and amazon alerted to the price via the support, due to supporting being overseas and limited aussie staff.

        Im sure we will we get all our ones ordered. Amazon are good with that, they protect their reputation

    • Hey mate, do you mind taking a photo of the box of nappy wipes. I am still a bit sceptical as in the other thread people who have contacted Amazon have indicated it is a mistake.

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    • Told ya! Nice work!

      Im sure the supplier will be having words with amazon after all orders are fullfilled

    • You didn't get an invoice you can take a photo of by any chance? Minus any personal details of course. Could help getting additional compensation if their inconsistency is highlighted. Cheers.

  • I can’t wait for mine, ordered same day as OP but no word yet

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    My orders disappeared in the order history

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      Same as mine.

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        Same here, it disappeared from my order.

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    My Orders cancelled without notice.

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      Yes but you get a $20 gift card balance in your account if you go over and check it out.

      • You're right! My order was cancelled but I have the $20 gift card balance in my account too

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      I have 2 orders cancelled and only got $20

      • The $20 Gift card seem to indicate expired 4th Jan 18, under Upcoming Gift Card Expiry heading. Not issued on 4th

        • mine shows
          Upcoming Gift Card Expiry Dates
          $20.00 on 4 January 2028
          better check again.

      • same

    • Yup mine got cancelled too.

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    Amazon Au is just hopeless. I reckon Amazon US have better customer service.

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    Fu amazon au

    You suck

  • Cancelled orders.
    Amazon AU is pathetic. What a flop!

  • Just received an email from Amazon:


    We're contacting you about #1 order(s) xxx. We recently discovered an error that caused the following item(s) to be displayed at an incorrect price:


    In this case, we're unable to offer these items for the incorrectly posted price. Therefore, we've cancelled your order(s) for these items, and you haven't been charged.

    To help make up for the inconvenience caused, we've applied a $20 Amazon.com.au Gift Card to your account. This amount will be applied to your next eligible order automatically without entering a claim code.

    At any given time, despite our best efforts, a small number of the millions of items on our site may be mispriced. We're very sorry for any disappointment this may cause.


    It's a bit misleading isn't it? Considering most people here are actually getting the wipes shipped to them..
    Anyone successfully received their orders?

    What can I do? I'd rather have those cheap wipes than having to look for something to spend the 20.. The savings would've been worth more than that

    • Same here, would rather have the wipes.

    • Not sure why u got negged, maybe amazon fanboy doesn’t like the truth, I’ll up vote you.

      • Cheers!
        No (baby) love from him..

  • +1

    Disappointing but $20 credit is reasonably generous.

  • Hmm. What to spend $20 on now

  • +3

    Same cancellation, pathetic. Make sure that you cancel whatever else you had to purchase to get the free shipping. I know the other item I added I can definitely get cheaper elsewhere, like everything on Amazon AU it seems.

  • Pissed off as I needed these wipes as my current supplies are almost finished and we've got another baby due in a month's time. Useless Amazon. One more thing I now have to do

    • I'm in the same boat, have to look out for another deal.

      Interesting that this deal and the nappy pants one were the first actual bargains I've seen from Amazon AU, and both ended up being pricing errors. Makes me question any bargain from them in the future as is it a pricing error?

      I'm more interested if anyone other than OP gets their orders.

      • Exactly my thoughts too, amazon hasn’t had any real deals until now, everything else has just been deals which were on par with Aussie retailers (like sub$400 switch). This has been the real deal, but gets canned. Amazon fail.

      • I also have a little one due in a months time. Whats the next best? Coles?

  • Order cancelled

  • My order was cancelled too, bummer. Not cool amazon

  • +1

    it shows how "small" Amazon AU is…
    mine is also cancelled without traces in the order history :(

  • What a load of dirty wipes. Cancelled as well.

  • I don't think it was a pricing error, they simply ran out of stock because:

    a) Some people got their orders at those prices
    b) given the 10x cart limit, the $20 would've almost covered the full price for most under that limit.

  • Got an email from Amazon, they cancelled my order as it was a pricing error. Scored a $20 gift card!

  • All 3 baby stuff order which I thought was saving me heaps of money have been cancelled and just got a $20 gift card. Come on Amazon. I expected you to honor these orders.

  • +2


    lol, which ozbargain member complained to the media?

    Must be a slow (Newscorp) news day

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