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Free Credit (Worth $11.70) @ Guzman Y Gomez New App (Android/iOS - New Users)


Thought I'd revive an old deal ( which has been closed for comments (admin, please delete if old thread can be used).

I had previously thought GYG had ended their promotion. Appears they were updating their app and website. Now back up and running.

Website says you get a free burrito but you actually get $11.70 credit (previously $11.50 - because burritos have gone up 20 cents). You don't need to get a burrito, you can get virtually anything on their menu (haven't tried them all yet) up to $11.70.

Note for some reason, it doesn't work for Highpoint VIC.

iOS App (
Android App (

from their website….

We’re very excited for the launch of our new app, and even more excited to be improving your GYG food experience.

We founded GYG to share our love of all things Latin: the food, the music, and art. What better way to build the community than to give you more ways to love and spread the GYG spirit?

The new GYG app features a piñata load of features and changes that we know you’re going to love:

GOMEX LOYALTY – Already a GOMEX loyalty member? Or want to join? Turn your smart phone into your GOMEX card to access your account balance and use the barcode feature to earn points for every purchase.

SKIP THE QUEUE & ORDER ONLINE – Simply order via the app and head in-store, straight to the counter.

VIEW YOUR RECENT ORDERS – The app remembers your order history, making it even easier to order your favourite Mexican.

CUSTOMISE YOUR MEAL – Add guac, double protein, more epic…change your order to suit your taste or diet. We’ve got the options covered.

SAVE YOUR PAYMENT DETAILS – The app now securely saves both your payment details and your time. Double bonus!

EXCLUSIVE FREE STUFF – In-app exclusive offers. Just by signing up you’ll get a FREE BURRITO. Just select the offer at checkout.

And many more amazing features!


  • Free Burrito: On your first new app order only, reward must be applied in checkout to any main meal item value of $11.50 for Price Tier 1 Taquerias and $12.50 for Price Tier 2 Taquerias. Upgrades cost extra. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. Limited time only. Valid at participating stores only. Apple, the Apple logo, iPad, and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google Inc

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Referrer receives 100 GOMEX points after referee made a purchase.

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  • Done. $0 credit. How long does it take to apply?

    • Same here $0 edit , thanks found the switch at checkout ..

    • +3

      There's a switch when you order just turn it on and you get the credit

      • Worked thanks

      • Can't find it, can share the screentshot plz?

        • +2

          You order the burrito then check out. (pic)
          Afterwards it has payment method as free.

        • @Sage:
          Not showing for me😞
          New phone number, New phone, altered gmail address from previous app use.

        • @Infidel:
          same here, no sure why it doesn't work.

  • Multi email account holding uni students of the world rejoice once more ^_^

    • +5

      It's based on phone numbers tho

      • +2

        $2 sim deal it i guess

        • -2

          Okay broden.

        • +1

          Free kogan sim deals ;)
          Don't forget to refer you new friends to uber, foodora, etc

      • +2

        It's actually based on Device ID, Phone Number & Email.

    • +1

      Doesn't everyone have multiple email accounts these days . Its silly not to I think. I have 'personal email' , 'uni email' , then few others I use to sign up to companies I anticipate will send me advertising and possibly flood my email inbox.

  • Why is it not showing me the discount?

    • The discount is applied when you order, on the checkout screen

      • +1

        Yeah I have gone that far. Is it because me mobile already exists in GNG database?

        • +1

          Same thing is happening with me

        • @tempura Yes, you need to be a new customer

  • +1

    I think the app won't give you free credit if you have done it before. They track the android id .. so new SIM didn't work for me last time I tried

    • +1

      New phone, new phone number - no discount for me.

      • +4

        Hope you used new email id as well, if you didn't lodge a ticket. You deserve a burrito, Amigo

        • Used a modified gmail - added ',' within previously used address. So they may be on to that hack.

          Changing SIMs next week, so will try again on another phone. (Got a stack of free basic Android phones in an OzBargain deal last year - too slow to use, but ideal for a free meal.)

        • -4

          @Infidel: things that people do for a bargain. I might steal someone's id next lol

        • @tempura: Mate….make sure its all within the guidelines.

        • +5


          Nah, it does 2 things.

          People who are smart at it enjoy the benefits.

          Businesses who are serious about their product offering will evolve and constant improve products / services.

          Infact it will be cheaper for businesses to learn from what customers are doing, way cheaper than deploying consulting companies / analysts.

        • +2


          I wrote to them just for your info :

          If you were trying to use blue stacks, Andy earlier it used to work now it won't.As it won't ask you to enter the code sent to your mobile, it will now try and prepopulate the code by capturing it from your message box.

          If you were using overseas temporary text number which will make you read text messages / codes sent by GYG it won't work either.

          Android id is captured, imei is captured, your card details, PayPal details are captured and matched by systems.

        • @Curiouscat: Card & PayPal are not stored unless you enable that option in the app. Also, Android ID, IMEI and much more are sent to an analytics company called Amplitude, but as far as I can tell they are not sent to Guzman Y Gomez and are not used to determine your eligibility for the free burrito.

          Edit: Your Android ID is sent to Guzman Y Gomez during registration to assign you a marketing ID, but as far as I can tell, not stored.

    • 7/11 app has something like that (for free crispy creme and other freebies) .
      I found factory reset of phone gets around it . Maybe you have a spare phone laying round that can reset without any inconvenience.
      Ps. Spare phone can be connected via wifi hotspot to main phone.

  • What I've found working for me is to factory reset my phone. Now I know this is not useful unless you have a second phone (which most of us should have given the myriad of phone deals over the years). Coupled with the free Kogan sim plans recently, lunch, dinner, snack sorted for a while.

  • +5

    I've done this a few times. If you want the new burrito, it's:
    Factory reset
    New Google play account
    New sim card
    New email (the new gmail you created in step 2)

    • So same mobile number doesn't work even after factory reset…?

    • +1

      This is certainly a way you could do it, but there is a much easier (in the long term) way to do it. It's a bit complicated so I won't publish it here. PM me if you're interested.

  • On what date does this expire? Can't find the exact date anywhere!

  • Thanks OP. Got 3 x what GYG calls a Quesadilla… I think Ill get a burrito next time.

  • Nothing shows for me. I signed up ages ago but never ordered. It didn't recognise my account, so I signed up again now, but I didn't get the offer. My mobile hasn't changed, so they know my account isn't new, but either way this would still be my first order. A little disappointing when all the checks and balances prevent someone who should be eligible from claiming.

    • They sorted this for me. Very good online customer service!

  • Something strange happened to me when I ordered.
    I chose the "Westfield Sydney" store to begin my order, however when I arrived at the store they didn't have my order in their system and they asked me to check the store location in the app.
    In the order status screen it said I needed to pick up my order in the "Darling Park" store, however when I went to the home screen it showed my order was at the "Westfield Sydney" store. So something in the app is mixed up.

    The Westfield Sydney store was still good about it and immediately agreed to make me my burrito even though they had no record of it (as the app likely sent the order to the wrong store).

    I enjoyed the free burrito however if I was actually paying money for this order I wouldn't be happy. Seems like a nice app design though. Still need to fix this bug.

  • Worked for me, basically a $11.50 credit and you pay the extra if you spend more so I paid $2 for the nachos

  • Remember if you want add-ons and don't mind a smaller size, you can get a Mini and use the price difference for add-ons.

  • This offer was in my app and I was placing an order, but it asked to verify phone number. I did that and the text message came through, the app did something by itself and then the offer disappeared, only option was to pay full price at checkout :(

  • Anyone knows if this is still on? I signed up today(Again with a fresh number) but I am not getting the switch during checkout

    • It's still mentioned on the website.
      I got my free burrito today. Pretty decent though it was mostly rice.

      • If you're not into the rice and/or beans, try the salad with meat. It's not as heavy but still filling.

  • Thanks OP. Picked mine at Burleigh heads QLD.

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