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Free Burrito (Worth $11.50) @ Guzman Y Gomez App (Android/iOS - New Users)


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Note: Stores are in VIC, QLD, NSW, ACT & WA

Guzman y Gomez (GYG) Mexican Taqueria GOMEX loyalty app.

We’re very excited for the launch of our new app, and even more excited to be improving your GYG food experience.

We founded GYG to share our love of all things Latin: the food, the music, and art. What better way to build the community than to give you more ways to love and spread the GYG spirit?

The new GYG app features a piñata load of features and changes that we know you’re going to love:

GOMEX LOYALTY – Already a GOMEX loyalty member? Or want to join? Turn your smart phone into your GOMEX card to access your account balance and use the barcode feature to earn points for every purchase.

SKIP THE QUEUE & ORDER ONLINE – Simply order via the app and head in-store, straight to the counter.

VIEW YOUR RECENT ORDERS – The app remembers your order history, making it even easier to order your favourite Mexican.

CUSTOMISE YOUR MEAL – Add guac, double protein, more epic…change your order to suit your taste or diet. We’ve got the options covered.

SAVE YOUR PAYMENT DETAILS – The app now securely saves both your payment details and your time. Double bonus!

EXCLUSIVE FREE STUFF – In-app exclusive offers. Just by signing up you’ll get a FREE BURRITO. Just select the offer at checkout.

And many more amazing features!


- Free Burrito: On your first new app order only, value of $11.50 for Price Tier 1 Taquerias and $12.50 for Price Tier 2 Taquerias. Upgrades cost extra. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. Limited time only. Valid at participating stores only. Apple, the Apple logo, iPad, and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc.

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  • +10

    Nevermind. Got you mixed up with zambrero. Who have insanely overpriced avocado and sour cream

    • +4

      They are also just not a very pleasant tasting or filling meal. They are a shadow of the quality and value that they started with

      • +4

        Which was a shadow of the quality and value of GYG..

        • -3

          Which is a pretty low bar.

        • @gilbarc: guzman y gomez are really good but mad mex are awful, their gloopy rice will give you food poisoning and if you ask for them to not add it they will argue with you and put it on anyway.

        • @kima:

          Best consistent service I've had is at Mad Mex (also i like the food…)

          Staff are always amazing. I dont know how they do it, both the two locations i visit (Subiaco and Claremont) the staff are almost too happy.

          Zambrero and that paste they call beans can get lost though.

          Never actually been to a Gyg.

        • +2

          @kima: I agree Mad Mex is crap. Sloppy bain maree food that sits all day and barely has any flavour. Burrito packed with 90% rice and charged $11 for it. GyG has much better flavour and other things to add to burritos.

    • I still remember the days when they only had two stores and guac was just 50 cents extra. :(

  • +1

    Where does the free burrito show up in the app?

    • +2

      On checkout. I had to verify my mobile.

      • +5

        On checkout it requires me to pay. I can't see where to claim the offer?

    • +3

      May be different in IOS - but on Android if I tap 'Gomex Rewards' on the main page - I see information about the free burrito.


    • front page of the app " click GOMEX REWARDS" to read the offer.

      • IOS iphone 5s - need to scroll down to actually see the GOMEX rewards

        • has anyone redeemed a free burrito with an iPhone? not working here on either of two iPhones

  • Must enter payment details right? Only way I can see them ever limiting the 'free burritos' per new app install.

    • +4

      Hoping it's like the Red Rooster $5 Voucher which only requires a new email :)

    • no need.

      • So basically what's stopping me getting more than one?

        • +1

          Their mobile number verification

        • +2

          @bharath: Could I combine this offer with the $2 Optus Sim card offer for unlimited $2 burritos and several GB's of free data?

        • @codenamerhubarb:

          You can.. one of my workmate is doing that ..I personally don't as i am not a fan of Burritos

    • Is PayPal enabled? Usually PayPal can be used on multiple accounts and it appears as unique. (Works with Uber)

  • is there an expiration date for this offer?

    • +1

      "Limited Time Only".

      Yes, undefined! =)

  • +10

    Oh wait, I'm in SA - this place doesn't exist!

    • If you can come to Sydney, I'll give you one. :)

      • Are you propositioning sbm888?

        • +2

          I meant a burrito…

          Of the meat and beans filled variety.

          Of the completely non-homoerotic euphamism filled flour tortilla variety. ><

  • +3

    Just ordered and picked up at parramatta. No problems. Thanks op

    • are you bulking

  • expiry date for getting free burrito or using free burrito?

    • +11

      or using free burrito?

      Should be good for about 3 hours at room temperature or 2 days in the fridge.

      • Could possibly freeze it for a week or two?

  • +3

    Does anyone know what the $5 burrito are for? ie. what is the 'Promo Period'…

  • I am trying to sign up but it is asking for a card number and I do not have a card! What is the catch guys?

    • leave it blank

      • +1

        Tried but it would not let me. Cancelled and registered again and it worked!

        • It does say it's an optional field ;)

        • @wanderworld: I know but I wanted to enter my birthdate and it would not let me unless I also put in the card number. After that it would not even let me put nothing.

    • +2

      I can't get anything to show for me in the App Store except in the Updates area where the apps are updating happily. Can't search, can't see what is featured. I force closed the app, powered the phone off and on again, still nothing. Any suggestions please?

      /edit/ didn't mean to reply but my comment is stuck now

      • +1

        had the same thing. search "guzman y gomez" in safari and it will give you an app store link in the results. i managed to install from there, dunno whats up with the app store :\

        • +1

          Thank you mate :)

          /edit/ ooo ok I got another one. I'm now on the screen titled Optional that says "already got a card? Transfer it below". When I enter all my details and click Create Account it says "This card is already exist". That is using the number on the back of the card, it doesn't seem to recognize the number on the front of the card. I'm guessing the error may be because of server issues at the moment?

        • @hetzjagd:

          ok problem was I already linked my Gomex card to an email address so therefore I am already registered and can just login to the app with the same details I use on the website.

          Still had to verify my phone and then once I've done that, I can press the Special Offers button on the Your Cart page and that reveals the Sign Up burrito discount.

  • -5

    Booooo, no windows phone app…

    • I moved over from my lumia 1020 for this very reason haha. Lack of decent apps despite my love of the phones simplicity and specs.

    • +2

      @lachiex I wonder why…

  • Can you get a burrito bowl instead of a regular burrito?

    • You might not be able to as such, but in other circumstances, I've just asked the person at the checkout and they've taken care of that for me.

    • Can you get a burrito bowl instead of a regular burrito?

      Why do you prefer the bowl?

      The burrito is larger AFAIK.

      • +5

        When u can take 10 bucks worth of jalapeños in a burrito bowl lol

      • +7

        I can confirm the burrito BOWL is larger and thus, better value. Plus, it comes with corn chips.

        @hippyhippy The bowls and burritos should be interchangeable :)

    • it seems that you can.
      you can checkout for free when selecting a burrito bowl.

  • +16

    Unlimited $2 burritos after your first freebie. Assortment of wigs and disguises or store hopping required.
    Step 1: Buy many Optus $2 PAYG SIMs and activate when needed
    Step 2: Create 10minutemail account
    Step 3: Register account
    Step 4: claim free burrito!!

    To repeat, uninstall app and repeat process with your favourite disguise (FYI stockings over one's head is not considered a viable disguise) or move on to another store.

    • +1

      stockings over one's head is not considered a viable disguise

      Depends on which head?

    • I doubt you need to uninstall. Just use the clear data option in app manager (on android). No idea if iphone has an equivalent.

    • Why Optus sims when Vodafone ones are $1

    • +1

      And Uber rides to pick up your burrito.

    • Here is a professional ozbargain ^^^

      However dont they ID check you when you registered mobiles? And limit you if you have too many?

    • Would they really care if you came in every 3rd day for a burrito through drive through? I wonder.

    • +5

      Don't even need to buy sims. Use this site for phone verification instead: http://freesmsverification.com

  • +1

    I want a Jarritos with my Burritos.

  • cant sign up. network issue

  • Does the offer have an expiry?

    • Limited time only

  • It's not showing up free at the end. Any ideas? On iOS iPhone 6.

    • +1

      Same. talk to the gyg staff right now and say it could be a promo only for yesterday :/

      • Yeah I've gone through on two iPhones. Verified the number and still only gives me the option to checkout using the gyg dollars, PayPal or credit card. Bit of a bummer.

        • +1

          getting the same on android.

    • +2

      At checkout, where it says "SPECIAL OFFER" you need to toggle on the "Sign-Up Burrito" offer. By default it is not selected.

      If you can't see this "SPECIAL OFFER" option.. the only other thing I did before ordering was view the "GOMEX REWARDS" (linked from the home page of the app). Maybe you need to view the offer there first to activate it.

      • I didn't see a special offer section. Is this after you select payment method?

  • +1

    Thanks OP.

    I'M eating one now on swanston st.
    Portion is great for a free one.

  • Anyone know whether this supports Apple Pay?

  • +1

    Much better than Mad Mex but they need more locations, nearest one to me is about 14km away.

  • I got the app but how to redeem it? :O

  • Picked a burrito up and I think it was the store manager that looked quite shocked when she had a look at the order slip and it was free.

    • where do you redeem it? On the app when I checkout, it just asks me to pay using gyg dollars, PayPal or credit card.

  • +1

    How much for delivery to Tasmania?

    • +5

      2 Eneloops.

      • +1

        Japanese or Chinese?

        • +1

          Given Tasmania doesn't receive as many of the deals as on the mainland, Chinese Eneloops will suffice.

        • @TheOneWhoKnocks:
          AA or AAA?

        • @dyl: AAAA

  • +6

    You can add coriander and chopped onions to your free burrito for free.

    • At Parramatta it's self serve, so spam it away ozbargainers! ^^

  • Hi guys,
    is this free offer for new sign ups only or existing account members as well?

    • +1

      Showed in mine and I'm existing member.

      • great! thx

  • Dinner sorted!

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