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Harris Technology - LaCie Rugged Mini 1TB USB - $119.25 ($109 + $10.25 delivery) - $103.55 Pricematch @ Officeworks


Hi all,

Saw this low price for $109.00 at Harris Technology for the Lacie Rugged Mini 1Tb hard drive, with $10.25 delivery

Went to my local Officeworks and they were able to price match it without delivery fee down to $103.55 (their price was $147) - there were 3 other 'empty box' products available when I was there (Guildford NSW, non-clearance item):

Other Lacie rugged hard drives are available at Harris Tech at very good prices, presumably you may be able to price match it also:

Lacie 2TB Rugged Mini USB ($176 Harris Tech w/o delivery fee vs $196 Officeworks)

Lacie 4TB Rugged Mini USB ($239 Harris Tech w/o delivery fee vs $299 Officeworks)

Harris Tech have other Lacie drives with different connectors and drive types at different prices (USB-C, FireWire, SSD, RAID) which may or may not be available at Officeworks - you can compare yourself :)

I bought this drive due to the rugged design, despite there being cheaper 1TB hard drives out there without 'rubber protection'.

Happy New Year OzBargain!

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    Bad HDD, they die fast and aren’t rugged at all.


      Uh oh, can you let me know what happened? I'll be going overseas for three months and wanted a durable drive


        The first one I got was a USB-B drive and it keep turning off as the USB mount is loose/broken this happened about 1 year after purchase. I really like the looks of it (yeah I know) and got a new Mac so I bought a USB C version and what do you know, the drive is shutting down randomly and files got corrupted (maybe because of the shut down)… good thing apple honoured the warranty and I got the G-Tech drive instead.


          How is the G-Tech drive performing so far?


      These used to be okay. LaCie was bought by Seagate a few years ago, I wonder if that has anything to do with it?


    You managed to price match at Officeworks? That's surprising, as Harris Technology and Officeworks are not true competitors, they're both owned by the same owners. Also, at least in Brisbane, you collect HT orders at Officeworks Windsor.

    According to this article, Harris Technology "is alive within sister company Officeworks":

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      That's out of date - HT was sold in the middle of 2015, a couple of months after that article was written.

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      HT was bought by Anyware Corp in 2015 and merged with shoply in 2016
      No longer part of Officeworks

      Another useless fact, just prior to the purchase one of the co owners of anyware sold his shares to the other owner and went off to start mWave.


    these are not even remotely worth the price premium I'm afraid.

    literally more than double the price per TB for similar, just-as-if-not-more reliable alternatives. Do not buy. Better off putting a cheaper drive in a case for transportation.


    An SSD in a $15 caddy would be far more durable than a spinning hdd in some fancy rubber case.