Scratch on Rental Car


Although I'm a careful driver but i ended up hitting a rock while reversing the rental car and it got a scratch on the plastic thats barely visible while standing.

Normal view:
Close up:

I have insurance from Car Hire Excess but just wondering if it would cover this damage? And also if I claim insurance for this minor repair would it affect my profile for premiums on my own cars?



  • Yes, it should cover the excess the rental company charges you if they notice the damage.

    Don't think so.

  • Please treat your rental cars with more care. I buy them from dealers for family members. xD

  • I have insurance from Car Hire Excess but just wondering if it would cover this damage?

    Yes, it will - if it's a small scratch and your excess is huge, you might just want to get someone to buff it out and fix it and nobody will know. Should be a very cheap repair job.

    And also if I claim insurance for this minor repair would it affect my profile for premiums on my own cars?

    No, it won't because it's not your insurance.

    • Have you had any accidents regardless who was at fault in the last 3 years.
      sound familiar?

      • Exactly, thats what I'm worried about!

      • Just had a look at the scratch, call one of those mobile scratch repair guys and they'll fix that up for far cheaper than the excess you'll pay. For all intents and purposes, then no, you haven't had any accidents.

  • is it really noticeable?

  • Chances are they won't notice it.

    Last year we returned car with a chip in the windscreen and they didn't notice.

    We just hired a car and they told us minor things they don't care about. Although they did not define "minor".

    • I agree, return it and see if the scream. If it is minor they will probably ignore it.

    • When I hired a car a few times for the first time. I put the car through a car wash because it was dusty and paranoid the excess was going it be 2k.

      But the rental person told me. Dirt doesn't matter.
      Scratches don't matter.
      Dints as long as they smaller than a golf or tennis ball we're fine.

      Which shocked me.
      Maybe each hire company is different but I'd say yours should be fine

  • It won't help for where the paint is rubbed off but I'm told wiping it with white vinegar helps little scratches. Also as it is located under the bumper you may get away with them not seeing it. They do class some damage as wear and tear so you might get away with it. If it was me I'd play dumb unless they notice it.

    • Right, that's what I'll do but if they notice it I'm just concerned if claiming insurance would affect my premiums. :(

  • barely visible

    Maybe when standing 30cm from the car looking down.

    I have insurance from Car Hire Excess but just wondering if it would cover this damage?

    You do know what insurance does right?

    Yes it will cover it.

  • a) The rental company will probably notice the damage, but even if they don't the next renter probably will when they do a pre-delivery check and you will get a nasty surprise when you next check your credit card statement.
    b) The scratch is through to the plastic so a previous suggestion of getting the damage buffed out will not work.

    My suggestion is to get the paint code number of the manufacturers ID plate and go to Autobarn (or the like) and get a can of matching auto spray paint. Get a sheet of medium/fine wet and dry sand paper as well. Sand back the damaged area and then apply a couple of coats of spray paint. If you do it properly then even a close inspection would not detect the damage. Total cost, about $25

    • Great idea. But just wondering if I end up ruining it even more THEN if it goes to insurance can they deny since I tried to fix it?

      • Being a relatively new car the paint, and the location of the damage, the paint would not have faded as yet. Therefore you will be able to spray the affected are and feather in the perimeter and the paint will be a perfect match not be noticeable.

        • Ocker, your comments are a bit strange given that the damage has been done to the rear bumper plastic, not to the paint.

        • ????
          Doh - the Bumper is made of plastic and then spray painted. The paint has been scratched/damaged to the extent the plastic bumper is visible.
          Simples - sand back to smooth the surface and the repaint.

    • This would be a good way to void your insurance.

  • What excess is on your insurance? Depending on your excess, I would be trying to get a smart/bumper tech type place to fix it before returning.

    Otherwise its likely the rental place will bill you for a respray of the whole bumper assuming under the excess amount (through them - if you have credit card or travel insurance, theyll still charge you and you have to claim the difference back).

    My guess is it'll come in around the $500-600 mark at a panel beater, but a smart repairer might do it for half that.

    Edit: or hope that they are too busy to carefully look over the car when you return it - ive found airport locations are less likely to have the time

  • Wouldn’t that be considered normal wear and tear under the hire contract?

  • Consider googling a local "mobile scratch and dent repair" place. They would be able to make this go away for a few hundred dollars if you don't want to use your insurance that you've paid for…