expired 10% off Travel Insurance @ TID (Plus 4.20% Cashrewards)


Was looking for travel insurance for my upcoming USA trip (paid for by work so can't use CC insurance), and a little googling came back with a discount code for TID.

Use TID0218 for 10% off Travel Insurance (however this discount doesn't seem to apply to the Excess Reduction amount that adds on to the premium).

Don't forget to book through Cashrewards to get 7.00% cashback (the 7% rate is a limited time promo and will revert back to 4.20%).
NOTE: This coupon (TID0218) is not listed on the Cashrewards site so the cashback may be declined. YMMV.

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    Oh please…this has been available almost permanently for years.This is OzBargain remember.

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    FYI - it was 15% less than a month ago. Possibly worthwhile waiting as the 10% off is their standard offer


    doesnt everyone have a credit card that provides travel insurance these days?

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    I usually end up going with TID as the overall price isn't that high but seems to cover a decent amount without too much nitpick customising to save money. Usually the overall price means I'll still buy it on top of any CC insurance I might have. So good to have these "10% reminders" posted as I know to never pay the original price but makes it quick finding the latest code, etc.

    Was looking for travel insurance for my upcoming USA trip (paid for by work so can't use CC insurance)

    Our work travel includes travel insurance for entire work trips, anything like that here? But again like CC touchwood on how useful it is if it's even offered by the company at all.


      TID has a pretty dodgy reputation if you check out the Whirlpool forums.

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        I fell off a mountain bike riding down Death Road in Bolivia about 2 years ago.
        -Taken to a German Hospital in Bolivia (The best in Bolivia)
        -Had surgery on my dislocated shoulder that didn't need surgery (Called TID beforehand to query whether I would be covered)
        -Was a good hospital, however, I thought it was odd that every specialist in the whole hospital seemed to need to check on me
        -Released within 2 days with a bill of $10000 AUD
        -Flew back to Australia - TID covered me the whole surgery minus a few hundred due to conversion rates. They even covered a night at a airport hotel as we were stranded due to the surgery.
        -Had to have another surgery in Sydney to fix what the surgeons did
        Overall: I recommend TID

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          That's a great experience, thanks for chiming in.

          Had to have another surgery in Sydney to fix what the surgeons did

          Did TID cover this too?

          • In 2015, I wrecked my back the day before I was meant to fly overseas, and lodged a claim. They needed to see my Medicare records to ensure I wasn't claiming for a pre-existing condition, but apart from that I got paid my non-refundable airfare in full.

          @MathNerd: Unfortunately, they would not cover the surgery to fix the initial surgery :(

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          Funny thing, I fell off the mountain bike a year ago and finished in the same hospital (Clinica Alemana), but my injuries were more serious (fractured collar bone, shoulder blade, 5 ribs and collapsed lung). Stayed in the hospital 29 days, escorted back to Perth in business class. The total bill around $46k. Insured and covered everything by TID. Plus paid $50 for every day spent in the hospital.

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          Just to clarify, I was paid by TID $50 per hospital day.

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    World2Cover offer 20%OFF with the previously expired code 'WC20'.


      Just tried it and its showing as invalid.
      Shame because the quote was good - an extra 20% would have sealed the deal for me.

      Edit - sorry, typed it wrong. It seems to work.


    Anyone know of reasonable priced travel insurance for over 80 year olds? I just tried tid, insure and go and southern cross and southern cross was the lowest.

    CC insurance won't provide cover for over 80. Maybe the in-law parents shouldn't come to fiji with us? :-)


      Anyone know of reasonable priced travel insurance for over 80 year olds?

      wow… 600% more if you are 80…

      insure and go

      15% off for Entertainment book members.


    I find southern Cross better value, especially with cash rewards


    OneCover is my go-to.

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    Where do you actually enter this discount in? Can't see any promo code fields on any page during the sign up process.


    Is 20% off insurengo any good?
    Groupon has a freebie available for it


      Just bad experience with them. Keep losing emails. If anything gets broken you need original receipt. Joke.

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    Any thoughts on Zoom travel insurance? They seem to be better priced than a lot of others and it is around $180 for comprehensive insurance?

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    TID0218 is the next code

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