What Do You Keep/Use in Your Car?

Hi all, I just purchased my first "proper" car.

Got my hands on Merc A200 AMG with all the bells and whistles (reverse cameras, voice control, self parking etc etc)

But what do you keep inside your car that's practical? This includes gadgets.

  • Tissue box, wet wipes, dash cam, some sort of car charger for a phone (preferably fast charge), some sort of Aux cable, a first aid kit or a tool kit?

What's your tech setup like? Anything useful/cool?

What about xiamoi products?



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      A blow-up doll.

      • "for research"?

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          For getting away with driving in the T2 lane.

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        cable ties, rohypnol, rope, gaffer tape.

    • A steering wheel that doesn't just fly off when I'm driving.

    • A clutch pedal

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      Oh, I forgot rope. I keep about 20m of rope in with the spare tyre.

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      Tarp, rope, shovel. For reasons.

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      Maccas wrappers

    • blind spot monitors

    • Prophylactics - for tyre repair.

      • Was waiting for this one!

    • engine

      • This didn't come standard? You must've got a ripper deal!

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          pffft, tell me about it. never again…i try to always keep one in the car now.

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          He bought a Jeep, needs a spare engine at all times.

        • Not standard with the Flintstones model.

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      • Duct tape
      • Leatherman
      • Jumper leads


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      Jumper, hat, sunscreen cable ties

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        you forgot shovel, rope, chain, besser block, reciprocating saw and bleech.

        • The fact you know all that is worrying. Carrying all that stuff around must stuff up your gas mileage.

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          Don't forget spare batteries for the saw in case it's a big job.

      • Good ones!

    • disposable absorbent pee bags and hospital grade vomit bags are a must.

      • NASA space nappy?
        So you drive several hours non-stop to utilise the rest of the things in your other comments

        • yes, unless u have to transfer some of those things onto a boat.. then u can just pee over the side.

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      Some that you don't have:

      • Sun glasses.

      • Membership cards (e.g. to local RSL club).

      • Toilet paper.

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        Sunglasses, definite yes!
        Membership cards are a good one, but I keep most of them on my phone.

    • Mmm maybe a trailer to carry all those.

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        I just take a second car with me to carry all the gear I need in the first one.
        In all seriousness though, between the glove box, the underneath of the front seats, and around the spare tyre, it all fits ok.

        • Hahaha. Thank you for understanding my sarcasm and playing along with the joke. Even though i didn't come with a valuable input i see plenty others did. Hope you gather some useful things for your car. Cheers.

    • rubbish bin

      • That's what the footwells are for

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      Change for parking meters.
      Our blue tooth adapter because the headphone jack is in the glovebox.
      Sun Glasses
      Reading glasses.
      Thermal carry bag to carry frozen stuff home.

    • chocolate

      air con

      cup holder

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      Did you buy an "AMG" too? lol :p


      • Ah wow, gonna have to have a read tomorrow! Just a lil ol' Corolla for me.

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        Hahaha… soon as I read the title, this was the first thread I thought of… I thought, “hello, looks like ‘ole ding dong has a new car and needs to humble brag… again

        • haha that was exactly me! I read the comments before mine to see if anyone else already brought it up and was surprised to see it hadn't!

    • Spare feminine items

    • SAFM rocks (insert Adelaide suburb here) sticker.

    • Current car: fire extinguisher, first aid kit, combo window breaker/seat belt cutter, phone charger, sunglasses.

      Last car: All the above as well as, wheel chocks, socket set, and screwdrivers.

      • Sounds like there's a reason it's now your "last car"!

        • LOL, yeah it was a VY Commodore, but I just liked having the tools in it. Ironically I would use those tools on other peoples cars more than mine.

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      All the “bells and whistles” for my AMG A200…

      Side note: Just bought a 2019 Toyota Corolla and due to the boot space in this car, I’ll tell you what I keep in it… (fropanity) nothing. And I’m not even sure if there is enough room for nothing in there. I have nothing here, and I tried to see if it would fit, and I don’t think it does. So, if I’m going to get something in the new Corolla, it’s gonna have to be less than this nothing, that doesn’t fit.

      • You need to install a Tardis.

        • No room…

    • First-aid kit, phone charging cables (Micro-USB, Type-C, lightning), seatbelt cutter/glass breaker, 240V inverter, dashcam, jumpstarter, spare phone with offline Google maps (only recently got my licence - paranoid and not confident with a lot of roads), vomit bags, socket set, puncture repair kit, torch.

    • Cash. $50 get you out of most binds if you forget your wallet/go broke at the end of your pay cycle and need fuel.

      Also, spare debit card linked to my reserve savings account.

      • I always tuck a $50 in the zip up part of my purse as emergency money.

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