What Do You Keep/Use in Your Car?

Hi all, I just purchased my first "proper" car.

Got my hands on Merc A200 AMG with all the bells and whistles (reverse cameras, voice control, self parking etc etc)

But what do you keep inside your car that's practical? This includes gadgets.

  • Tissue box, wet wipes, dash cam, some sort of car charger for a phone (preferably fast charge), some sort of Aux cable, a first aid kit or a tool kit?

What's your tech setup like? Anything useful/cool?

What about xiamoi products?



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      Some call it joyride, normal people would see it as testing.

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        Just wanted to add one more for OP.

        Car Sunshade — Really helps to keep the inside cool and drivable after parking outside in the sun for awhile.

        Off topic:
        Indirect insult? I mean I am normal. I just like looking after things I spent money on well. brand of car I am with will pick up the car and drop of a courtesy car for me to use for the day and deliver my car the next day. During this time I don't know what else is being done to my car apart from the service. I would rather be cautious than not. I would assume Mercedes Benz would provide similar service however having said that, it's hard to assume 100% of the employees have good work ethics.

        • As opposed to paranoid.
          I would prefer my car to be tested properly when getting serviced for anything requiring a test drive, for instance brakes.
          How do you know they'll stop when required unless tested?
          Noises or faults may sometimes only surface under heightened acceleration, would you prefer to keep the faults present rather than the car do a little more work than what you deem acceptable?

          Generalising here, but people seem to think mechanics risk speeding fines and reckless driving for joyriding.
          There might be the 1%, but it's not the norm.

        • You sir, are a joke.
          Unable to have a conversation that may differ from your belief, instead taking things personal, sending a private message, then blocking any messages I may want to send back?
          Maybe take a step back from interacting with anyone over the internet if that's how you conduct yourself on forums.

        • @linton:

          people seem to think mechanics risk speeding fines and reckless driving for joyriding.
          There might be the 1%, but it's not the norm.

          Can confirm. Was a dealer mechanic for many years and never joyrided in any customer cars. It was a sackable offence in every dealership I worked in to drive like an idiot in a customers car. Not to mention the risk if smashing it or getting speeding tickets. Sure, there are still those that do, but they don't last long if they are found out and make up a very small minority of mechanics.

        • @pegaxs: There was an instance up here in Brisbane in 2010 where two mechanics were 'test driving' a Porsche 911 GT2. They crashed at high speed in a 60 zone and they both died.

        • @ttc72: not saying it doesn't happen, just saying it's not as widespread as people make it out to be…

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    Inside the car - glove box:
    - Logbook (I use my car for work fairly often)
    - Pens
    - Keys
    - Owners manual with receipts for anything car related

    Driver Storage:
    - Sunnies (that I try and leave in the car, otherwise I forget to take them)

    Centre Console (armrest storage):
    - Dual port USB quick charger plugged into the 12v socket
    - USB mini cable
    - Lightning cable
    - Coins for parking and Aldi shopping trollies
    - Wrigley's Extra White Gum Peppermint 64g bottle
    - Garage door opener

    - Camping chairs
    - Picnic rug
    - Reusable shopping bags
    - Insulated shopping bag
    - First-aid kit (came with the car)
    - Toolkit (came with the car, has a safety vest and warning triangles etc)
    - Cargo net (came with the car)
    - 2L engine oil (came with the car)

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      Finally someone said shopping bags. Guess its been years since they have been banned up here so its natural to have them.
      Soon to be australia wide i guess.

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        While I do miss having free disposable plastic bags and small bin liners. I actually prefer to use the reusable shopping bags. It's easier to carry 6 of them on your shoulders and still navigate the door and steps into the house. Plus they don't split when you've got items that have sharp packaging.

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          The only reason I wanted the bags was for rubbish disposal. If only the supermarkets would give me back the paper bags they used to have before they went to plastic. They had them in hawaiii when we were there recently.

        • Yep. Good shopping bags mean you can really load thm up. No more offers of double bagging.
          Ive also started taking a small esky as my commute has increased and its hot up here.
          Been years since they have been banned but you still get people crying about them been gone.

        • @try2bhelpful:
          With kids i now have a little tidy bin in the back with them for all the rubbish they create. It just gets tipped into the big bin often amd rarely needs a hose out.
          Probably better then wasting plastic bags often which i remember doing whn they were everywhere.

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          @DarwinBoy: I use them for my kitchen waste. The paper bags were great, they could get a bit damp but they stood up on their own and they would degrade in the dump.

      • I said them already

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      Very nice list, thanks heaps!

    • reusable shopping bags
    • spare change
    • aux cable

    That is all.

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    Is this post serving any other purpose than to humblebrag?

    • Next post, half page post about new high end BMW purchase, listing all the features and purchase price, side note, what’s your favourite air freshener that you recommend?

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      The A200 is a fairly modest car.

      Reminds of a group of guys giving a hard time and/or genuine concern when one purchased a BMW because it was expensive. Until he pointed out it was cheaper than their 4WDs.

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      Yes. The purpose it's serving is in the title of the post hahaha - what do people carry in their car…because I've never given it much thought.

      Looks like you got yourself into a pickle lil bud!

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    Got my hands on Merc A200 AMG with all the bells and whistles

    I got a 2015, top of the line (AMG + Every other option pack)

    OP, you're just here to brag. You didn't need to mention any of these things in this thread.

    By the way, your car is not as expensive as you want people to believe. It is not an AMG. It is an A200 with an optional AMG Line pack that costs only $1,490. The only A-Class AMG is the A45.

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      We kind of digress, (I was guilty of it too) but he already replied to me that he wasn't gloating. So if I give him the benefit of the doubt I think it just might be more a bit of pride that he has bought his first "nice" car. Which is fair enough, but it just something he should be conscious of perhaps.

      Judging by his previous posts (eg his first ever post is titled "Young Guy with a Bit of Money - Shares/Property? What to Do?" it sounds like he genuinely asks for advice, it might just be the way he writes…

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      Hey guys, I just bought a helicopter to get to my private island and was wondering what shampoo you use?

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        I’m using shampoo I took from the 5 star hotels I stay at every other night. Do you have room in your private island to park my Rolls Royce?

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      Hey Princess…the purpose of saying that was so people don't recommend stuff I already have such as after market reverse cameras, and Bluetooth dongles etc.

      • Sure, we believe you, Mr "A200 AMG". Ha ha ha! Your excuse is as convincing as your non-existent AMG.

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        You still didn't need to mention the car. You only needed to name what it already had.

        • @unistudent1: oh, i don't know how to be offended OP, i just bought my first 'proper' Porsche that is a actually Porsche. In Germany they say that only farmers buy Mercs.

        • -1


          Hahaha why are you trying to compete with me by lying about buying a car that's probably worth more than the house you live in?

          It's ok bud… Your time will come. Just have confidence in yourself!

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    I am also pedantic with a background in emergency management - most of what has been said I carry.

    Also have in 2 high viz vests in case I break down or need to change a tyre. The high viz will hopefully protect me and the vest will keep my shirt clean.
    I used to carry a disposable cover-all (NCIS style) until I tooK it out to clean the car and the cat weed on it.

    I also carry a variety of spare fuses - they weight nothing and cost very little.
    I figure if I can help someone else on my camping trips I can give them the fuse and charge them a 'modest' delivery fee ;)

    • electrical ziplocks/ties
    • pencils - pends dry up!
    • spare towel for improtu beach visits.
    • Pads for the Little Miss
    • glasses cleaner wipes (from chemist warehouse)
    • large strong plastic sheet - approx 2m x2m - has proved to be very useful.
    • emergency windscreen/window breaker
    • tick twisters for removing ticks
    • CPR mouth protector sits in the side of the door.
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      People talk about dogs marking territory but even my female cats mark their territory in often, perverse, circumstances. Can sympathise on the coverall.

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    I own a black C63S. I bought it brand new New four months ago. What should I keep in it?!!

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      All your moniez and bitcoinz!

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    With all the recent carjackings, a baseball bat.

    • I prefer to keep a club-lock instead. That way if the cops ever go through your car, you can't get done for carrying a weapon. Well, unless you can prove to them you're a baseball player.

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    Started taking an overnight bag, including change of underwear and toothbrush, after a particularly good lunch that turned into an overnight stay at one of the wineries.

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    • Torch - make sure you open the battery compartment once in a while to let gases out and stop leakage.
    • A multitool - doesnt have to be an expensive one
    • Bunch of little "How not to park like an arsehole" card printouts to put on windscreens
    • Bunch of slurpee straps
    • Small notepad with pen/pencil
    • First-ait kid
    • Spare dashcam MicroSD and micro-normal SD convertor
    • BT OBD reader (dont expect to use it on the go, just easier to leave it in the car)
    • Bottle of water - the thermos kind so it stays cool in summer
    • Gloves
    • Duct tape
    • Ropes to secure random loads
    • Little fibre cloth for glass wipes
    • A sunshade - the ones which fold into a circle are great
    • BT OBD reader + Android App TORQUE = Really good Digital Speedo.

      I used to carry a BT ODB to reset my engine warning light because I had a dodgy O2 sensor!

      • and the pro version of Torque is worth the few dollar(s).

      • Digital ‘speedo’ … Just in case the one right behind the steering wheel stops working?

        • If this is meant as a serious question - the speedo behind the steering wheel is not digital and always shows a greater speed than the OBD Speedo. The Digital speedo shows the same as my GPS - which is different to the cars dial based speedo.

        • @AlphaBravo:

          Fair enough, it’s not digital. An analogue display of speed too inefficient, or is it that accuracy thing? I think they do that (display a different speed) to help prevent people from doing something illegal… you know, like speeding… or, using a mobile phone while they are driving. ;)
          Also, as I understand it, something to do with an allowance for fitting tyres with differing (larger) rolling diameter(s)

          FWIW, in my car, the speed read over obd is the same as what my dash displays… which, is conveniently the same as what is displayed on the ‘digital’ screen that is also in there… but admittedly a little off when compared to a gps.
          Also, I don’t actually disagree with your suggestion of an obd adapter in the car, I have one in mine, handy thing, just found your usage case a bit of a long shot ;)

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      Bunch of little "How not to park like an arsehole" cards…

      He now drives a Benz, he will have a collection of these in no time…

    • The gloves and duct tape are great when you come across people who park like assholes. Need scalpels and a big roll of builders plastic too.

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    I crashed my AMG Merc into my house, is there any way I can blame someone else and get them to pay for it?

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    A hat
    Those plastic spoon/fork combo disposable for when you order a gravy pie and peas or an ice-cream Sunday and they forget to give you the fork or spoon.
    Spare pair of good going out thongs just in case you blow a double plugger.
    Toe nail clippers for those long traffic jams.
    Dumby or blowup doll in a suit for T2 transit lanes.
    Spare Eau de Cologne.
    Ramsden Sextant but remember to add 8 degrees if your on land otherwise you'll be out by miles.
    Dashmat with magnetic ash tray for cigar's.
    Fluffy dice and one of those knobs that attach to your steering wheel so you can reverse really fast.
    Air fresheners.
    2 in 1 visor for safety http://www.shoppingsquare.com.au/product.php?id=414404&str=2...
    Loose change
    Papper clips
    Anti bacterial soap
    Spare undies
    Spare board shorts
    Chair massager
    Rainx and fogx
    Usb sticks
    Business cards
    Phone holder
    Water bottle
    Floor mats
    Post it notes
    White out
    Hard hat at rear window so people following think your architect.
    religious cross
    Tweezers band aids
    Spare Aldi shopping bags
    12v heater cooler Esky
    Picnic basket
    Fold out chairs
    Car bikini cover
    Foldable Spade/shovel
    Air pump
    Boot rope or bungee straps
    Flash light and spare batteries

    These are just a few things I like to carry probably forgot a few things.

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      Do you have any room for passengers?

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        Do you have any room for passengers the driver?

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      Dad, is that u?

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      What is your fuel usage like?

    • you must be driving 4x4 or ute.

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        Just a standard beep beep Berina.
        My Proper car has proper propellers that's why I call it my Proper car.
        My mates thought it was proper car because I said I'd better prop a bar under the wing before it snaps in two. My Proper car is a bit old you see.

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    a can of tuna for survival, and other items you usually loot from cars in video games.

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    I keep an impact driver with socket set in the car. Makes it far easier to help out someone or yourself with a flat tyre change, if you're generous enough and so inclined.

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    Body Bags, Shovels, towels, gloves.

    The usual

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    I keep a tarp in my car, can be used as ground cover, a picnic mat, sun shade, pet cover, tent, a body bag etc

  • Boot / spare wheel bay
    - fire extinguisher
    - 6 bottles of water
    - sleeping bag & blow up pillow
    - blanket
    - garbage bags; useful for muddy/wet clothes
    - poncho & gloves; useful should you need to change tires in rain
    - torch
    - high vis vests
    - spare windscreen cleaner consentrate
    - spare batteries

    Glove box / centre console / under seat draws
    - detailed paper maps of rural areas, often go through national parks and stuff where Google Maps doesn’t cut it.
    - notepad & pen; quicker than having to open your phone and finding a note app.
    - torch
    - tissues
    - wet wipes

    Backpack / grab bag (will often take this on a day hike too)
    - comprehensive first aid kit (modified FAKA K150), debating K1666 kit instead.
    - stainless water bottle
    - hatchet (also useful for smashing a window)
    - Freeze-Dri
    - Sharpies
    - Mechanix gloves
    - P7 torch + Headlamp torch
    - solid fuel stove
    - 2W VHF radio (soon to be 5W)
    - matches / lighter

    The bag also has a large medical patch on the front of it so you know exactly what’s inside it as soon as you look in the boot. Good if you need someone else to get it for you.

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    Does the AMG bit make it faster? Lol it has rims and a badge ots not an AMG.

    • +6

      AMG stickers add 50 HP. Didn't you know that?

      • +1

        I bet if you added rgb it would go faster too!

    • AMG - austrian marketing gimmicks

  • +2

    I almost choked when you said A200 'AMG'. You do know that it's not an AMG, it's just a trim? It'll probably give you +10 False sense of ego and +50 Badge-snobbery though so that helps I guess? And I hope you have a good physiotherapist because the A Class ride quality is dogshit, it's the worst out of the three Germans (I've had an A200 as a loaner when I serviced my C Class and compared to my wife's A3, it is very un-Mercedes not to mention the cheap plastic interior that makes my old Golf look like a Rolls. Even my mate's BMW 120i has better ride quality and that's a fun RWD car).

    • +4

      That's because the A200 is basically a Nissan Tiida made in Mexico… :D

    • I almost choked when you said A200 'AMG'. You do know that it's not an AMG, it's just a trim?

      OP is here to collect bragging points. Facts would just get in the way.

  • +1

    In my car will always have the following items:

    -Tissues (wet or/and dry) or hand sanitizer
    -Car chamois (keep this thing damp)
    -Microfibre towel
    -Small umbrella
    -Charger cables (android and ios)
    -Pen and paper
    -Little tree car air freshener (black ice) <——- I would wait until the new car smell gone first since I like the smell

    • You deserve a pencil to the throat for touching a chamois to unwashed paint.

      Thats the best way to introduce swirls to your paint.

      And for smell you should use liquid softener bags in each door. Replace every 12 months to avoid bags leaking.

      Last tip. Don't touch unwashed paint. EVER

      • +4

        You deserve a pencil to the throat for touching a chamois to unwashed paint.

        It's bad, but don't think it's bad enough to tell someone they deserve a pencil impaled through their throat.

        • Hmmm perhaps. I was.drunk.and the only thing that cam to mind.

          I feel very strongly about people destroying paint due to a lack of understanding which would take no more than 10 mins of decent internet reading.

  • I have emergency rations and a water filter (those lifestraw things) in the back. Never used and hope I’ll never have to.

  • First aid kit
    Some tools if your car decides to play around

  • +2

    A breaker bar with the CORRECT SIZED socket for your wheels.

    After I was stranded with someone who wasn't strong enough to use the factory standard short tyre wrench (read: my mum) and I had my dominant arm in a cast and foot in a moon boot, I ended up having to call the NRMA for a 2 minute tyre change job… Since then I've always kept a 750mm breaker bar with a 19mm socket attached in the boot which means I can undo my lug nuts without any issues. Also would do very well to serve as a defensive tool when catching a nasty bout of road rage.

  • i feel like.. you got your new expensive car, and wanted to tell everyone about it, so u had to think of a topic to go with it just to humour us.

    so ill cut the bul%#&t and just say what you want. congrats on the car!

  • +1

    OP posts a humble brag (hey look at me im a uni student with a merc) disguised as a pointless question

    except OP got caught out instantly and is now embarrassed for spending so much money on a piece of crap with a merc badge on it, which by the way looked dated the minute it came out and is even worse now

  • +2

    Lol A200. Didnt know people actually bought that car.

  • I've got a hand sanitiser, charging cable, USB, sunglasses, jumper cables and cardboard box in the boot to hold groceries in mine. Also have a pillow anda light blanket in mine so I can sleep for a bit before work (early to work cause traffic)

  • Phone cable and a back up phone cable. First Aid kit. Everything else you can get from 7/11. Breakdown just call NRMA. Be a member on the spot. No need to maintain membership.

  • +1

    "Proper car" lmao

    I'm guessing whatever you drove before didn't count as a car

  • +4

    My neighbour got top of the range, class topping BMW 118i

    • OMG… Not the "M Sport"??? I've heard that it even comes with blinkers as standard!

    • top of the range, class topping BMW 118i

      OP would call that a 1M.

    • i also bet your neighbours milkshake bring all the boys to the yard

  • +1

    Give this guy a break. It's only 6 months ago he was removed from mom and dad family insurance policy as a child.

    Typing this from top of the range proper phone Google Pixel 2 AMG line.

  • +2
    • I'm glad they included zombie defence in the use case, though technically it should be at the top.

  • Just don't use your car for uber, people don't respect or care for your car. Just a nice dash cam and air fresher from Daiso.

  • One thing I don't carry is an umbrella as my Rolls Royce has them built in. It's so fancy, oh sew fahunseh.

    • +1

      Seeeeeew fuuuuunsea…

      • My tastes are such that a bottom of the range AMG would be too low rent and impoverished for the likes of me.

    • So does my Skoda lol. The way they mention it in every advert and every reviewer mentions 'just like a Rolls Royce' makes me want to self harm.

      Although the umbrellas are appropriate for a top of the range, proper car.

  • +1

    Got the usual log book, garage door opener, keys, glasses etc, but as a tech often working rurally I have few interesting things…. and overall too much.


    • Dash cam (Got me on DCOA)
    • Two QC Car Chargers (Have two 12V sockets) - QC3/Type-C and QC2 4-Port
    • Xiaomi Power Bank x2
    • Coin collection + USB flash drives & SD cards
    • OBD Reader + Torque in Android Head Unit
    • Chopsticks - LPT: Eat with chips so you don't get grease/salt on your fingers


    • Mouthwash - unexpected dates
    • Cologne - same ^
    • Babywipes/Hand Sanitiser
    • Facemasks/Gloves - Medical industry yay!
    • UHT Longlife Milk - Usually chocolate. I get hungry on long drives or stuck in tiny comms room all night
    • Xiaomi pens!

    Toolkit / Toolbag / Boot

    • Laptop - upgraded brick with ultra-relevant serial
    • Android Tablet - Rigged for network penetration (legal)
    • Portable Monitor
    • Speakers/DAC/Headphones
    • Spare Phone/Router/Modem
    • Spare Keyboard/Mouse
    • VGA/DVI/USB/Ethernet/Fibre/Serial Cables etc.
    • Screwdrivers, wrench, drill, hammer, spatula… all the usual tools
    • Arduino/Pi kit + parts
    • Xiaomi Lights & fans for those dark tight places
    • Spare shirt/trousers
    • High Vis/Hard Hat
    • Scrubs - been mistaken for a doctor before :(
    • Spare boots/socks
    • Towel
  • +9

    Make sure you keep a telstra 4g modem in the car so you can continue bragging about your A200 AMG when driving through the rural areas.

  • guys i bought a base model mitsubishi mirage but also optioned it up with the reverse camera so i can see my fake lv bag i leave on the driveway when im reversing. im pretty sure it is now classified as high yield for my tax return.

  • Front
    * Dashcam
    * Rubbing Alcohol

    Glove box / Centre Console / Backseat (in order)
    * All the insurance receipts
    * Logbook
    * Wallet full of loyalty cards
    * Coins
    * Badminton racquet / shoes
    * Bowling shoes
    * Chopping board
    * Unseasoned Wok
    * Bedsheet

    * Lightstand
    * Tripod
    * Spare tyre

  • +1

    Leather cleaning/conditioning wipes.

    • small first aid kit
    • nail clippers
    • small bottles of spring water
    • Cree LED torch
    • Tissues
  • +2

    Don’t carry anything and save on fuel.

  • I have 2-10 of most things, so i keep a 'spare' of many things in my car.
    The most useful and most regularly used of these spare things,
    **Swim bag with towel change clothes etc for random swims beach/pool.
    **Shoes (I drive barefoot, but often need spare shows to get into registered club or elsewhere that shoes are compulsory). Socks also of course.
    **Trolley jack. Havent had to change a tyre on road yet, but trolley jack makes life much easier than using the basic jack that comes with car.
    **Spare phone fully charged in case of emergency or urgent need for phone without waiting for usual phone to charge.
    **Umbrella (never know when you will need it, but sure is handy to have when sunny day turns into pouring rain unexpectedly). On similar note, I always have a waterproof sports jacket and a jumper or 2.

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