What Do You Keep/Use in Your Car?

Hi all, I just purchased my first "proper" car.

Got my hands on Merc A200 AMG with all the bells and whistles (reverse cameras, voice control, self parking etc etc)

But what do you keep inside your car that's practical? This includes gadgets.

  • Tissue box, wet wipes, dash cam, some sort of car charger for a phone (preferably fast charge), some sort of Aux cable, a first aid kit or a tool kit?

What's your tech setup like? Anything useful/cool?

What about xiamoi products?



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    Jeez OP got char grilled in this thread.

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    You either got fooled and the salesperson convinced you that the AMG badge means you get the AMG engine, OR (the most likely case) you thought it would sound cool and people here wouldn't pick it to pieces.

    The only thing worse than a base Merc carrying an AMG badge is a Commodore with a Chevvy badge. I don't care if it's AMG styling, it doesn't sound or perform like one.

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    Microfiber + Wash n' Wax to remove bird crap

    Get it off your paint ASAP

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    "Got my hands on Merc A200 AMG"
    Uh you do know this isn't the AMG a45 right?, and in many respects in no luxury at all. The extra money would have been better spent on the A250 with its superior engine.

    Nonetheless, I'd recommend a dashcam, meguires quick detailer and a microfibre cloth etc.

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    Hashtag humblebrag

    • Dashcam, absolute must.
    • First Aid Kit
    • Fire Extinguisher
    • Tissues/Wet Wipes/Hand Sanitiser
    • USB Socket Charger (addition to car built-in USB)
    • Leatherman skeletool
    • Flashlight (Fenix TK10 LED)
    • Umbrellas
    • Jump starter battery pack
    • Emergency toiletries pack
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    A200 AMG. When I see that car I laugh at the driver. It's a pretentious car for pretentious people.

    • LOL… A200 is bad enough, the AMG badge makes it more entertaining.

      C'mon guys/ladies, give this guy a break, we have all been young before. I still remember replacing the grill on the brand new VVT-lift Stivo.

  • Jumper Cables…… will only ever run out of battery once! Also KFC refresher towels which are the greatest when you need them.

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      Also KFC refresher towels which are the greatest when you need them.

      Also known as "shower-in-a-packet" and handy for those long haul flights!

  • You shouldn’t carry any extras in your AMG as the weight will mess with the body dynamics :/

    • Carry extras such as heavy toolbox in passenger footwell. This acts as ballast against the weight of the driver and will help prevent the torque lifting the left front wheel as you come off the line.

  • My car stereo has a USB port on the front right.
    I put the Xiaomi fan into it and directed it to the drivers face.
    It gives you a good strong aircon blast which is very refreshing :D

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    Reusable water bottle
    Reusable coffee cup
    Reusable shopping bags
    Stainless steel straws

    I like to avoid the Evil 4 of single use products - plastic water bottles, takeaway coffee cups, plastic shopping bags and straws - when I am out and about.

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      I didn't even know stainless steel straws existed.. Interesting

  • humblebrag

  • Enloops Sata cables. A disc with Linux mint…cherry ripe.. some USB' s mentos and underwear

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    hey unistudent1 congrats on your nice purchase…whats the colour of your car ?

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      Thanks mate!! It's blue!

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        You bought it from my best mate in baulkham hills…all the best and enjoy ur new car while you work hard in your new job in financial organisation.

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          He told me he uses ozbargain too ;)

          I had a feeling he would read this haha ;)

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    First dozen comments seem designed to avoid your question and give you buyers remorse. Lots of jerks around here it seems. OP, congrats on your first car. Buy a first aid kid.

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      This ISN'T his first car. Read his other threads.

      He has been driving other cars but now suddenly needs to know if he needs tissues and a phone charger in his car (despite this car apparently already having all the bells and whistles).

      • Hah, I see

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        Mate if you saw my old car, you'd almost gift me a Merc in embarrassment for me lol.

        Now that I have a car I care about, I want to take care of it right.

        I'm lucky in that I'm not longer in the position to call my car a mode of transport from a to b, but rather a part of my lifestyle.

        To make it practical and maximise it's utility now, I want to make sure I have the right gear.

        I'm sure you'll agree that you didn't think of half the stuff that people have recommended.

        I'm getting some really helpful answers :)

        And also a couple sore losers whining like you, too :)

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          I'm a sore loser for whining? Seriously you need to grow up.

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          Username checks out HAHAHA

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    Sydney Uni student no doubt. What a terrible humblebrag thread.

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    I'd suggest a big box of ear plugs for any passengers I doubt you'd have. Reading about you sucking yourself off is cringey enough, imagine the pain for people actually having to hear it.

  • condoms, you will have lots of sex
    Did someone already recommend that?

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      Perhaps in a real AMG.

      He/she got an A200 which is bottom class Mercedes.

      • Xe/xem/xyr/xyrs/xemself

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    "Yeah man I drive a merc"

    "Oh really? Which one?"


    "No I meant like model wise"

    "Uhhh… 200"

    "200 what?"


    "An A-class? Bwahahahahha!"

    "Y-you too"

    • Wait, A45 is not a bad car, it's still an A Class

      • Majority of the european cars use the same formula, small cc engine, turbo with high boost, and flagship badge…

        I wonder how many A45s will be around after 5 years (without engine replacement)…

  • am i the only one that doesnt have dash cam yet?
    Might start doing a groupbuy on dashcams and negs the price like TA

  • Main thing I always keep is a woolen jump and jacket, if I randomly go out, places like beaches are cold 95% at night

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    I'm a massive hypochondriac, plus I used to drive a taxi when I was at Uni. It's always best to be prepared as I've been stranded for over 7 hours before (It's not a fun experience) Cash & coins are always good to have in emergencies, but I like to keep them on my person to ward off any would-be thieves. I don't have all of these, as everybody's situation is different, but at some point I've had all these things in my car…

    • Dash cam, dash cam, DASH CAM! Get a dash cam…
    • Dual USB Plug With 1M Lightning, USB-C & Micro-USB Cable (Passengers will thank you)
    • Mints (Gum, Chewy & Solid should be on hand if you want people to like you)
    • A couple of muesli bars (Never know when you might skip a meal or get stranded)
    • 3M AUX Cable (For back seat DJs)
    • Magnetic Phone Holder & Metal Panel Behind The Phone (Mine Is Hidden Within A Black Case)
    • Pen, Sharpie & A5 Note Pad (Sometimes you need to leave a note inside your car & pen isn't obvious)
    • Playing Cards (In Case I Get Stranded)
    • Book (As above)
    • Box of tissues
    • Wet Wipes (Non-scented IMPORTANT)
    • Deodorant (Not aerosol: Aerosol + Australian summer = bad)
    • Seat belt cutter & window glass breaker (I've got one on my keychain in a multi-tool)
    • First-Aid Kit With Added Medication (2x Panadol, 2x Neurofen, 2x Naprogesic (For the wife), 2x Antihistamines, 2x Sudafed)
    • 20,000mah Portable Power-Bank (This would give you about 3-4 iPhone 7 charges)
    • Melways (Street Directory/Map)
    • 1 Litre Engine Oil
    • 2 Litres Fresh Water & Water Bottle (Water bottles are great for pouring into those tiny nozzles in your engine, or your mouth)
    • Spill Kit (HOT TIP: Tow Trucks Won't Tow A Leaking Car)
    • Fire Extinguisher (Make sure to get the right one for your car)
    • 60m Rope With Oval Screw Carabiner
    • 2000amp Jump Starter Kit (Good if you're stranded alone, especially good to avoid frying your expensive car's computer)
    • Portable Jumper Starter Kit (Alternative to above)
    • SLIME Instant Tyre-Repair Kit (Good if you don't know how or don't have time to change a tire OR if you puncture two wheels - it happens)
    • Rubber/Leather Gloves (For Changing Tires/Using Rope)
    • Blanket (For sleeping)
    • 3x4m Tarp (Broken windshield & have to leave your car?)
    • Duct Tape (So many applications!)
    • Here's a weird one: Glad-Wrap (Ever broken a window?)
    • Spare/Change Clothes In A Backpack: Runners, Socks, Underwear, Bathers, Jeans, T-Shirt, Wind-Breaker Jacket, Baseball Cap (Got these from K-Mart for under $100)
    • Dust Pan & Brush
    • I'm a rubber mat guy, but if you're not, chuck some deep pan rubber mats in your boot
    • Beach Towel (Cause the emergency could be getting soaked in the rain or an impromptu visit to the beach)
    • Umbrella (Get 2, they're not expensive and trying to share one sucks)
    • UV Protective Sunglasses (As above)
    • Tool kit (Screw drivers, shifting-spanner, pliers, socket set)
    • Degreaser
    • Spare globes & spare fuses

    I'm sure there are many many other ideas, but if you get all these things then congratulations! You now have a fully-prepared vehicle unable to carry any other passengers other than yourself! :)

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      You look prepared for all occasions.

      I wonder what you keep at home in case of a zombie apocalypse.

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      Now that's a list! What's the dust pan and brush for?

      • I typically use the brush & dust pan for dry dirt, leaves etc or sand. With rubber tray mats it's a quick & easy solution when a vacuum isn't handy. The pan can be used in a similar fashion, or can be used for spills underneath the car. Also surprisingly useful for filling bottles with water when the gap underneath a tap isn't high enough > GOOGLE: "dust pan to fill water bottle"

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      Also, perfect get away car for thieves =)

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      Are you McGuyver?

    • Is it safe to leave a powerbank in a car? Wouldn't the heat affect it?

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    Hmm how about some books? this or this would be good

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    Stop bagging the OP, he got 80k savings. He gangsta.

  • I stock wet wipes and nodoz

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    Box of condoms

  • Lel, an A200 with the AMG pack is just so wrong. Did you get stripes too?

  • The question should be what you should take out to increase performance. I'd say the passenger seats first and foremost.

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    Make sure you keep blinker fluid in the car. Good for emergency top ups.

    • Agree! This one's a no brainer

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    It's silly to post anything about expensive cars on OzBargain. Non car people just don't get it and fair enough. If you want people to like you here say you bought a 1990 Toyota Corolla for $200 with 12 months rego and you will get the respect you're craving. I drove an A200 Diesel AMG line in the UK for a few days and thought it was a great car. You're very lucky to be in a position to have 80K in savings at a young age and I would have spent that on a home deposit. I didn't start out like you with parents giving me a large sum of money so I'm now in my late 20's, combined household income of over 220k, but still saving for our first home deposit. I also have a 2017 Mustang which is incredibly stupid but man I love it. Something that gives you a guaranteed smile everyday is worth it. Others won't get that to them getting free condoms (and gloves) is the pinnacle of happiness. To each their own.

    • How much did it cost?

      • 41K Drive Away - only the turbo model. The v8 is nearly 20k more. I just couldn't justify it.

        • Damn I thought they'd cost more. Maybe cos they look "mean"

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          @ZubatRingo: Yea, the amount of attention you get for a 40k car is amazing.

        • 41k brand new bro? And manual too yeah? If so that is a steal!! What colour did you end up with. I have a 2016 wrx and still want a mustang haha.

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    Why not just ask yourself what you need in the car.

    It's not a storage locker and you need to keep things secure so they don't fly around if you ever (touch wood ) end up in a serious prang

    It has all the connectivity i believe you would need, Have you read the standard equipment list 2 usb ports so i'm presuming that a fast charger isn't required however if you do there is a 12V plug.

    The car has run flat tyres save the money on gadgets for replacing one of those if you get a serious flat.

    it's got a first aid kit

    If you can't work out what you need by the time you have bought your second car….

  • Pen, paper, hand sanitizer, tissues, disposable gloves (for refueling), torch (never needed it though), some multi-tool that can cut a seatbelt and break glass (ditto), my car manual and service log book (because why not), umbrella in the boot, a bottle of water. Used to have a map, but no need anymore. Used to have phone mount for GPS, but now I have in-car GPS.

    I don't have any valuables. If someone breaks into my car, there's nothing they will want to take. I don't keep coins either. Sometimes I keep a power bank in there in case my phone goes flat, but I only bring it with me when I think I'm going to need it (long trips) or if I have passengers.

  • No point commenting about cars, I know a guy who bought an Audi A5 sportback as a status symbol, it's so sad that he thinks it matters, but I'll answer the question! It's best not to have clutter, just essentials, most of it can fit in the centre console and glove box quite nicely. I keep:
    - glasses cleaning cloth
    - pen & paper
    - leather driving gloves because I can't touch the wheel in summer without 3rd degree burns
    - springy windscreen shade
    - small blade for opening things
    - small pack of tissues
    - sunscreen
    - umbrella
    - aux cable, because it's better and more convenient than bluetooth
    - machete in door pocket for self-defence
    - picnic blanket in the back
    - work gloves and hi-vis vest added to the gear with the spare wheel
    - first-aid kit
    - LED torch
    - spare fuses

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      Lol, you just calmly mentioned you carry a machete in your door pocket. I don't think I'd have a legitimate reason to carry one of those around in my car in the suburbs of Victoria.

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  • Sorry, could someone please confirm if this car is a real AMG Mercedes, or if not is it just a trim option that costs $1490. I dont think this question has been answered yet.

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      It's been answered, it's just an A200 with AMG pack bro.

  • look at me i got a Merc A200 AMG

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    Here's a little story from me:

    A long time ago, leading all the way up to ~2008, Mercedes Benz was reserved as a Luxury Car (wait dont jump, Ill get to that point)
    Noone could drive a C200 Kompressor, or E320, or S500 or GL class for that reason without actually carrying some serious money.

    Unfortunately, Mercedes joined the other German car makers (such as Audi and VW) in the later part 2000 to cater for med-low income people.
    Why? the demand was so huge for people to own luxury cars at an affordable rate. The Asian market fueled this demand due to their cultural habits, rocking up at someone's house with a Merc or BMW always gives you a better status among them than a Subaru.

    So enter the new era of Mercedes, when the original 1999 A180 and A200 was a simple hatch designed to get people from A to B without ever portraying the driver is rich.
    Now the 2017 A200 at 40K and the A45 at 80K almost have the same resemblance.
    Mercedes also released some other crappy cars that give off the impression the driver is rich with all the looks:
    A200, GLA series, CLA series, these are all entry-level Mercedes with almost the same exterior as their expensive cousins but for a quarter of the price tag.

    Who will buy these nuggets? Well people like OP, simply wants to own a MERC, tell people and friends he/she drives a merc, and just brandish the Merc key when dining at a cafe or restaurant because it's all for show now.

  • Microfiber cloth
    Tronsmart USB C charger
    Koomus magnetic phone mount

  • Small tire pump
    Good tire Pressure Gage
    Emergency Tyre repair kit
    Portable jump start or jump leads
    Bottle of water
    Duck tape
    First aid kit
    Small tool bag

  • +1

    phone charger, spare bags for stores that won't give you them and a card to call roadside assistance just in case. I don't believe you would need much more unless traveling a great distance. Congrats on the car, I've been looking at upgrading my 12 year old colt but like the shape so have been looking for something similar like an older A-class or a B-class depending on storage

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    Congrats on your new car, I don't think you are gloating, you might be just too happy and excited and want to tell the world just that.
    There is nothing wrong with being happy.
    Hakuna Matata!!

  • Happy you found a car that you like. Worth investing in, since it's where most of us spend much of our time :)

    My car essentials:

    • First aid kit
    • 1.5L Bottle of water (for burns, emergency cleaning, not fit for drinking except emergencies)
    • Old bedsheets/blankets, for when moving large things which could damage/dirty the interior
    • Jumpstart cables (inherited from old crappy car)
    • Some tools (even changing a light bulb requires disassembling much of the car)
    • Spare light bulbs, fuses
    • Blitzwolf 54W Quick Charge 3.0 4-port car charger
    • Micro-USB cable with Micro-USB to Type-C adapter (Xiaomi, Benson-approved)
    • Cree mini-torch (essential if you have issues at night)
    • Mint
    • Tissues
    • Electric car tyre pump
    • "The" Ozbargain Umbrella x 2
    • Proper sunglasses and spare sunglasses in case I carry the proper ones outside of the car and forget to put back. Both always with polarised glasses.

    Note: I keep a lot of this inside spare cavities in the boot, e.g. inside the spare tyre.

  • what you need:
    Front - eBay Stand up Merc hood emblem
    Back - eBay AMG badge and TRUCK NUTS

  • is this a post to just brag about your car?

  • You must be hard up….. bud

  • So you just paid $28k for a Mercedes Benz logo to show off to your work colleagues congrats greatest achievement of 2018 so far

  • Things I find invaluable in the car
    *Crate - kept empty in boot, all shopping goes into it for trip home, stops shopping falling out of bags. I just lift the entire crate out and into house.
    *First aid kit - make sure you have band-aids, extra gloves (always useful), swiss army knife.
    *Gloves - heavy duty kind for lifting, moving stuffs.
    *Card Holder - Keeping all those membership cards in the car, instead of bloating wallet
    *Portable USB Charge - much better than a car charge by far. I stopped using my car charger because 15 min trips are not enough to move the phone battery. Also carry both Apple/USB A connectors.
    *Towel - sometimes you get rained on and you don't want to ruin the seats
    *Microfibre cloth - Useful for the front windscreen or your sunglasses
    *Moist Towelettes - You'll always find a use.
    *Tissues - cause flu is inevitable
    *Inflatable Sofa - The ones you flap in the wind and inflate. I can rock up to any bbq/social event and sit in style.
    *Picnic blanket - Do not underestimate the uses for a picnic blanket, I use it to cushion things, sit on, dampen movement and other things.

  • bleach, gloves, shovel, rope, big garbage bags, small hatchet, knife, gasoline and lighter. in the boot, at all times!

    it will save your ass if u ever get in a really trickey situation.

  • A little piggy bank in your car to save every coin you got.
    You gonna need it when the insurance/service/repair bill is due.

  • Duct tape, condoms and lube

  • Absolutely nothing… you dont want to accumulate crap in a nice car.
    oh. I think I had a pen and a dashcam.

  • Salt, pepper and hot sauce

  • Water bottle, sanitary pads/tampons (I've carried these for years, and have often found friends invariably grateful that I do), condoms, a very basic tool kit (a few sockets & screwdrivers), my OBD2 plug and 3 (at least) of my dog's teddy bears.

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    What a stupid thread. Very thinly disguised as a way to brag about the purchase of a car. Why on earth would anyone need suggestions on what to put inside the car? Use your freaking common sense and put whatever you need in it.

  • jersy

  • Regarding the dash cam, is there an ozbargain universally recommended dash cam model and price?

  • egg
    back-up egg.

    You never know when trying times will occur.

  • USB cable for charging/Android Auto
    Coin pouch for loose change
    Small notepad and a pen in the glove box
    Umbrella (I'm surprised not many people have mentioned this)
    Box of tissues (pause)
    First aid kit

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    93" costco teddy bear

  • Here Scotty has made a list for you.

  • -1

    Your new car might probably make you feel sleepy. take out some part so that you can more active mate!!

  • I had to change a wheel the other day (flat tire) and the large shifting spanner in the tool kit extended the wheel brace enough to undo the over-tightened wheel nuts (previous owner). A section of water pipe would have worked even better.

  • Did you buy the AMG super cheap for cash from a guy in NYC with scratches down the sides

  • Magnetic phone holders are a must. I like to keep cables to a minimum as they can get in the way. Seat protectors to keep the seats good and custom fitting leather look car mats to keep the floor clean www.lyx.com.au

    • Recommendations for seat protectors? TIA

  • Merged from What Are Your Must Haves in Your Car?

    Hi all,
    Inspired by this post from a while ago, I thought I'd ask what things do you keep in your car that didn't come standard, or just in case?

    Some of mine:

    • First aid kit (with added Panadol) and the training to use it
    • Small torch + spare battery
    • Overalls and gloves, because you know when you need to change a tyre it'll be on your way to a wedding or job interview.
    • Duct tape
    • Umbrella
    • Towel
    • "What to do after a crash" guidelines from the RAA
    • Notepad and pen/pencil
    • Tissues
    • Leatherman
    • Jumper leads
    • USB cable
    • Water bottle
    • Reusable shopping bags

    With kids, add in a pack of baby wipes and another towel.

    I know a lot of this will be redundant for those with roadside assistance, but I like to be self sufficient (ish). Feel free to weigh in with your thoughts.

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      Spare tyre and phone charger, as well as some spare change/trolley coin.

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