How Often Do You Check Your Bank Account Per Day?

Hello Ozbargain world,

I was wondering, how often people check their bank accounts?


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    1 per year
  • 2
    1 per 6 months
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    1 per 3 months
  • 21
    1 per month
  • 48
    1 per fortnight
  • 142
    1 per week
  • 69
    1 per day
  • 79
    Between 1 per day and 3 per day
  • 15
    Greater than 3 per day


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    Once a fortnight.

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    I don't make a lot of purchases or have any other income but I just like monitoring it in case there are any surprises.

    That's bordering paranoid

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      lol yep!

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      Bordering? Waaaayy over the border…

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        That's "bordering" paranoid the same way Uluru is "bordering" Australia.

    • nope, i agree with you. Should be checking once every few days to make sure there are no unexpected transactions.

      • read the post before it was revised

    • Extremely paranoid.

  • Less than once a week, but I go over the whole month's transactions when I get a statement.

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    I check it as I need to.
    EDIT: I think this poll needs options for weekly, fortnightly, monthly and less often.
    I guess you were expecting everyone to check multiple times per day.

    • Good idea, I've made the change

    • I thought I changed it but how come it didn't reflect the change?

  • +7

    Once every couple of days. The more I spend the less I check - ignorance is bliss.

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    Once a month, when I pay off the credit card.
    If I can't see evidence of my spending problem, it doesn't exist.

  • I schedule a check in my calendar before any large direct debits. Otherwise I leave it alone, there's enough buffer for day to day purchases.

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    All of these options are too short - Why would you keep looking at your bank account all day……don't you have things to do in life?

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      It because it's so easy to do it on your phone - especially with a fingerprint login option. It literally takes 7 seconds and I'm done.

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        But not looking takes 0 seconds……that's 7 seconds you can use for anything else in the world.

        What do you do when you check it? "Good I still have the same amount of money…..I can now move on with other things….but before I do, better check again!"

        • I check 2-3 times per day maximum. Some days none, some days once. I might check in the morning when I'm at work on the crapper and then later at night in front of the TV. I hardly think it's taking over my life.

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    • Interesting poll results don’t you think?

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    Why would you want to look? If you look once and see you have $X and you don't intend to spend more than $X in the next week why do you need to look again? This reminds me of OCD people that need to return to their house 5 times before they can leave to check they didn't leave the iron on.

    Tip: set all your direct debits to the same day (day of your payday or the next day) then you'll never have any worry of them bouncing (if that's what you're worried about).

    • set all your direct debits to the same day

      But you don't get a choice of the date if it's an automatic DD.

      • +1

        What company is that for? I am sure you could call them and change it and pay the difference (if being pushed forward)?

        • Credit cards, utilities. No reason to bring it forward, would waste more time than it's worth instead of being aware of the upcoming DD.

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          @greenpossum: If the alternative is to obsessively check your account balance several times a day?

        • +1

          @Quantumcat: That's the OP, not me. I just schedule a check before the DD is due, see my post before yours.

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          @greenpossum: Ah gotcha. My tip was for the OP :-p

        • @Quantumcat: But surely you thought others could use the tip too.

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          @greenpossum: True. I didn't realise it would be tricky to change days for some things. I was thinking of mortgage which I was allowed to choose any day for

        • @greenpossum: you can change the billing date in credit cards, so can essentially control the DD date too, call up your bank and they'll sort you out.

        • @ely: It's no biggie, I'm paid fortnightly so it won't stay lined up. Anyway CC are not the biggest component of my spend, some months there is no balance to pay. Rather the biggest spends are on utilities, and the $^&%%* strata levies.

        • @greenpossum: Fair enough, but it can be handy for some and many people are unaware that you can reschedule these. For the true ozbargainer at least two of banks I've done it with (ANZ, NAB) just extend your billing period instead of giving you an extra short one, so you end up with a longer interest free period that time ;)

          I spend everything on credit card but pay in full to avoid interest, so the family credit card spend dwarfs my annual strata fees :D Pay goes directly into the mortgage, so I leave a bit of padding in to give me time to redraw and pay things off safely.

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    Once every few days. Gotta make sure all the automatic transfers and so forth are going where they should. The occasional time I forget to top up my daily spend and have my card rejected awkwardly.

  • +3

    every 6 months when my bank statement arrives in the mail

  • On my main transaction account I can have a look a few times a day when I'm waiting on a refund from a price error on this site - otherwise once every couple of days to make sure automatic payments and scheduled payments have gone through, and to make sure nothing dodgy has happened.

    On my other accounts I'll just have a look when I need to, maybe once every few months.

    I rarely ever look at bank statements until it's tax time.

  • +20

    my wife never answers her phone, but it easy to work out where she is by checking my bank account.

  • Do any AUstralian banking apps give mobile push notifications for every transaction?

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      ING doesn't do push, but you can set SMS/email alerts for various things.

    • Comm does I thought.

    • Commbank does.

    • Citibank AU, Macquarie, CommBank

    • St George.

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    I need to keep an eye on my wife and make sure she is not making us go broke so I check at least once a day Monday to Friday.

  • +1

    every 5 minutes, with alerts sent real time
    just in case my bank gives me a 20 million dollar overdraft then I can transfer my money to an off shore bank account, buy an airline ticket immediately and off I go

  • Maybe once a week if that.

    I get paid fortnightly so I check to make sure my pay has gone in and transferred and been distributed to my spend account and save account.

    After a night out in town to see what I spent perhaps.

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    You need another option between 1 per day and 1 per week. I'm usually 2-3 times a week.

  • Credit card, easily 4-5 a day. Other accounts just as much if not more. I do work for myself so I tend to check if payments have come through. But in all honesty, probably to many times, lol.

  • A couple of times a week.

    I haven't got enough money in the bank to be paranoid about it and I know roughly how much is in there.

    I have better things to do with my time.

  • potato poll

  • What's a potato poll?

  • I don't "check" it, but I'll see it when I use it to perform a (direct deposit) transaction, pay a bill or move funds around about once a month.

  • Reading the poll answers forces broken English
    One per day

  • +1

    When my partner has the mastercard, before and after

  • Every 2-3 days. Pretty consistently.

  • Once or twice a day. I like to make sure transactions go through and that none are made without my consent. Also like to calculate how much I'll have next pay if I make certain purchases. I like to stay above a certain amount and not go below it. Also make sure all my bills are paid for and how much I'll have once things like council rates and home insurance are paid. I'm quite budget conscious. Call it OCD or frugality.

  • +4

    400-500 times a month but only in the few hours leading up to when I'm usually paid

    • This.

      I just have the app open and refresh constantly. I wish Commbank had notification feature of when money is put into your account.

    • It was worse when daylight savings took affect, for a big chunk of the year the wait was an hour longer

  • Every 2-3 days. Then I classify each individual transaction into my homemade excel spreadsheet budget planner so I know exactly where every dollar of my money goes. I have done this for the past decade. This is my idea of a good time.

  • I don't really deliberately check it very often. But I do bpay regularly, so ended checking roughly once in 1 to 2 weeks.

  • Once per day. Still waiting on that deposit from the Nigerian prince. Any day now…

  • Whenever I need to check there's enough to cover a Paypal purchase.

  • I use to check it every couple of days but I check it about once every fortnight now since my CBA app notifies me everytime a charge is made

  • I have to check my blockfolio about 8x / day, and 1 or 2 times during the night!

  • only to make sure i got my pay!

  • i check maybe 5-10 times a day. i have maybe 5 transactions coming or going a day. Not sure why i always look

  • About 10 times a day. It’s a habit since I’ve been saving. It’s a nice feeling to check it and see the money’s sitting there.

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