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Corsair Void Pro Gaming Headset $64 US (~ $84.29 AU Delivered) @ Amazon


A very cheap price on a high quality headset… local prices are around $130 delivered so this is saving $45.

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  • It’s not recommended to get one of these since they usually have subpar audio due to ‘gaming’ gimmicks and marketing. Better to get separate headphones and mic. The HyperX line of headsets would be a better buy around this price

    • My HyperX 2 didn't last a month after the cable tangled and ripped after trying to untangle it. :(

    • I have a Hyper X Cloud II that I bought for $59 and it's really terrible compared to my previous $25 Gamdias headset. Only thing that is better is the looks (by far), lightness, is much more comfortable and mic quality (don't care about much). Audio quality can be improved by using an Equalizer but still far from decent. I honestly don't know why people keep recommending this headset, maybe the newer ones are better??? I think the big brandname headsets are just overpriced and focus all their effort on "optimizing" for surround gaming that they completely screw over audio quality in everything else.

      Having separate headphones and mic is much more expensive and far less convenient.

  • $130 :/ bought a wireless set from Msy for $119
    couple of months back.

  • I found this Jim's review very helpful in understanding what the quality and experience of this headset is like.

  • I used to have this headset and parted ways with it very quickly due to a design flaw. The mic is hardware limited to just "20" input gain in windows. This caused the mic to not pick up talking even when the mic is mere centimeters from your mouth. The mic usually has to be almost IN your mouth for it to pick up your voice.

    I went for a USB Rode mic and Audio Technica headphones instead.

    I would recommend the HyperX Cloud headsets over these.

    P.S. I currently use several Corsair products in my PC (Mouse, KB, PSU etc.) and usually find their products very good. This headset was not however.

    some light reading: https://goo.gl/y4QEiN