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Blitzwolf BW-MF5 USB-A - Lightning Cable 1m 2.4a $6.49 USD / ~$8.13 AUD @ Banggood


Remember to select CN warehouse for best price. Cheapest yet.

Do not use cable to charge Android phones, assassinate PMs or as skipping ropes.

As seen in Fifty Shades of Grey.

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  • gotta love the description

  • Hi. Does this lighting cable work for ipad 4 and ipad air 2?

    • Yes.

      • Thanks mate.

    • Yep. It's MFi certified unlike cheaper $1 cables. This means it's going to work just fine.

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      According to many more knowledgable then me~, they're even better quality then the Apple cables.

      ~Missus & kids who love trashing these things.

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    if in a hurry you can spend $3 more and get these from the AU Warehouse


    • +2

      Actually thats a better Ampcore version of the cable (a lot stronger/durable). Well worth the $3 IMHO

    • Thanks. My kids laughed when I bought these the first time, but they have performed well and are priced so much better than the genuine apple version.

    • -1

      Only getting CN direct and US direct options :(

    • No AU warehouse. Only CN and US :(

    • +4

      Confirmed coupon works with this AMPCORE version. 7% off sitewide: aff7off

      Ordered 2 cables just then!

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    if you were a little person you could possibly use as skipping rope

  • says for iPhone 8 plus X only

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    Any vouchers for a 1.5-2.0m long version?

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    Found the code "affiliate6" in another deal. Saves 6%

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    7% off sitewide: aff7off

    • This coupon is not available for limited offer products.

      • It works for some of the other Blitzwolf cables that are currently on sale though!

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          try: "12blitzw"

        • Use code TOYSHO to get it for $6.49

          EDIT: Removed my promo code on checkout… :(

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    Okay people always ask and now I’m ready to report that the Anker cables are much better than the Ampcore, they last 2-3 times longer.

    Forget the pointless bulletproof braiding, the weakpoint and stress point is the join/bend/connection to the lighting connector. Ampcore seems to just have a dot of glue joining it together whereas the Anker is moulded together.

    • +3

      Could you show us the link of the Anker cables?
      How much it costs?

      • They seem to be 2-3 x times the cost (at CableGeek) of the Blitzwolf ones.

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    I wish the longer cable
    1m is too short

  • +1

    Which is the 1.5m or 2m equivalent? There are so many different BlitzWolf cables it's confusing, most does not state is MFI.

    • +2

      All are MFI certified

      In order of quality:
      MF9/10 ampcore plus
      MF7/8 ampcore

  • I need a 3m long cable please :O

    • Try your local Chinese $2 shop. That's where I got my last two from for about $8 each. The first one has been working for at least 6 months.

      • I got a cheap one from aliexpress for $1 but the price unfortunately does reflect the quality

        • The Comsol one below is very sturdy, $30 is a lot though so what for it to go on special.

    • I also got this one for $5 from OW. It goes down to $15 occasionally and I used a $10 off student voucher.

  • I've got a Blitzwolf MF6 1.8m from Banggood for $9.49 US. The first cable didn't work but was replaced by BG without hassle. The second cable has been great since May.

  • +1

    love this cable! i've bought dodgy cheapo cables from ebay, all eventually failed and when this cable was on sale before I purchased it and its been awesome. love how its red so people can tell which cable is mine as well too haahah sadly the missus bloody bunny had to chew my specific cable when it was roaming around my room grrrr so goodies this deal has come up, i might buy a red and grey one :)

  • The code aff7off is working on the 1.8 m one when you select AU warehouse https://www.banggood.com/BlitzWolf-BW-MF6-2_4A-Lightning-to-...

    Just got one for ~ AUD 11.68 using 28 degrees card. Unfortunately only 1 more left

  • So the AMPCORE 1m comes down to $10.78AUD (with the 'aff7off' coupon). Apparently a much stronger/more durable cord.


    • sold out though

      • Seems to be available in Grey for me from the AU warehouse. If choose USD, comes down to $10.49AUD

      • Doesn't show out of stock for me - grey only from AU, both colours from US and CN.

        Also, $10.43 each with 12blitzw

  • Thanks OP, Procyon and Arsi - got the last 1.8m one from AU warehouse.

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    Make sure to change to USD for the lowest price

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    guys Kmart has iphone cables for $8 and so far have worked well
    they also have 2 meter ones for $10

    i havent had any issues with them yet

    • assume its a generic brand though?

      • My Kmart ones didn’t last too long. I bought five, four had issues and one seemed to work well with an old 5s.

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    Any deals for USB-C cables? I bought a OnePlus 5t on the eBay sale and need some new charging cables.

  • Code CELLAC seems to take 10% off on the US warehouse, not on Aussie though

  • Sorry does this work for iPhone 7plus and new 2017 iPad?