What Is Your BMI and How Are You Going with Your New Year's Resolution?

Seeing as how moderators have decided discussing other people's BMI is inflammatory, I figured why not open a can of worms and let's discuss everyones BMI and what we're doing towards maintaining (or aiming to be in) the healthy range.

My BMI is bang on 24.0 which I'm pretty happy with. Mid to late last year things were getting out of hand with it heading up towards 26.

My goal (though not my NYR) is to get it down to 22ish. This will require constant diet maintenance, a lot less drinking than what took place in 2017, and cutting (or heavily reducing) key things out of my life like milk and bread.

My 2018 New Year's Resolution is to try and do push-ups every day. I've currently only been able to do them about 60-70% of days though due to my right arm playing up on me. I did however reach a milestone of doing 100 on one of the days, although most days I'm happy with 60-80.

So what's your BMI and New Year's Resolution? I hope all OzBargainers are actively trying to be healthy and live a lengthy life.

You can calculate your BMI at the Heart Foundation website.


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    "Save money. Eat less food." OzBargain 4 health.

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    40 odd, eat burgers ever day , rather live short life enjoying it, than a long life eating salad and things I hate . Many will hate this post, but it’s my way

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      As long as you go out with a bang and not a burden on the public health system.

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        People living longer with dimentia cost more , unless you go out with a bang, a human will cost on the public health system. But I’ve paid 25k + tax year in year out. Not like I am sitting on my Jatz cracker

        My bmi is actually 34


          Eating shit like you are is the CAUSE of dementia.

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          @KLoNe: rofl, nothing to do with genetics, just food

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          @unclesnake: Obviously haven't heard of vascular dementia whichc is caused by an unhealthy lifestyle https://www.dementia.org.au/about-dementia/types-of-dementia...

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          @synergy: true, but i don't know what the argument here is anymore. I am copping it for eating unhealthy and maybe using the public health system later in life which i contribute towards running through taxes, so I have a right to. I bet plenty of the haters here have received family tax benefits, centerlink, child care rebates in some form, something I can't get, despite paying the taxes for it. I would happily opt out of paying tax and putting it in my own account and look after myself in that regards.

          Either way someone will more than likely need the public health system, at some stage of there life, and dementia patients along with the very oldest have proven to cost more than smokers as smokers die quick and young, there is no OAP to pay for. The exact reason the government will never ban smoking, because they get the tax and i'm sure enjoy the fact people die quicker once they get to OAP age.

          Its quick hypocritical given the top bargains last few days were McDonalds. That makes me laugh.

          Anyway out of my own desire, I have eaten healthy this weekend and am back on Ketogentic diet again, and went for 12 km job (2 x 6km) yesterday. My BMI is down to 33, and I will get it to 30 by February 28.

          and now I'm off to the surf club to sip water and have a steak.

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          @unclesnake: as a doctor, holy crap are you wrong dude. You should seriously get to a GP to discuss how wrong you are about your perceptions on health. It likely won’t be quick and you’ll regret it later.



          His perceptions is about eating healthily or not…which seem spot on.

          I mean u can’t really do much about the genetics.


          @blergmonkeys: what perception exactly.


          Very. I wonder if they adjust those for NPV and additional earnings from living longer, you’d hope so as it was done by an economist. You’d probably also find significant differences in earnings rates between the groups.

          Having a quick and fatal heart attack would indeed be cheaper than someone who lives another 30 years and requires more care later in life. But potentially offset by higher contributions for that care.

          My BMI hit 37 ten years ago, I was very unproductive in all aspects of my life. now I hover around 27 with lots of muscle mass (exercise 5 times p/w for ~13 hours total) and I’m far more productive at work. I never saw a problem at 37 BMI, but I realise how bad it was now.

          34 BMI is very big. You have a serious problem. Unless of course you are a very muscular weightlifter or something


          @ChickenTalon: if only we could give heart attacks to people right when they started to burden society. Efficiency would go through the roof

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        And as a healthy eater yourself you won't require to ever be a burden on the health system. You eat salad till 90 then gracefully die.

        I am happy to get all my tax back that goes to the public health system, as I never use it, I have private health, because without it I have to pay another 3k tax a year. Its cheaper to have private health.


        you say that.. untill your actually in hospital with a life threatening whatever.. and the come out of it..

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      Do you have any kids?

      Kind of a sad outlook to have in life.


        Not really

        Do you think I tell my parents to eat salad so they can survive eternally for me, or to eat and enjoy life.

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          I'd be surprised if you told your parents to go eat salad considering you're obese lol


          I dont know…. many people enjoy their old age, but you will probably be dead before then. Why not start smoking and doing drugs?

          Life is good when you are healthy.


          Enjoying life is one thing but why is that tied to excessive eating lol.

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      Sorry but when you're in your 60's, finding it hard to breathe, and taking a handful of pills to maintain everything… you're going to regret your past decisions.

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      You're eating the wrong salads.


      I hope you enjoy not moving and difficulty breathing when you're old. I suggest off yourself before that happens so you don't have to struggle

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      Same attitude as a pack a day smoker, or any heavy drug user really

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      Check out the keto diet man. You can eat high-fat food and lose weight
      You don't even need to eat salad and are discouraged from eating food, plus you lose weight and live longer.

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        I am doing this one now. I eat steaks, bacon, eggs and cheese along with cabbage and few other vegetables.

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      Food doesnt have to be the 'make or break' of an enjoyable life. I used to eat to feel good but somehow i have shifted away from that over time. Now its just fuel. Everything tastes good if it is salted perfectly.

      Counterintuitively I think it was actually introducing sugar back into my diet in the form of sweet fruits and juice to satiety and i find that I always feel good (in a topped up sort of way) and never crave any particular food anymore. Sounds boring in a way.

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      I respect this.
      I wouldn't do the same but doesn't matter.

      People choose to speed and get speeding tickets.
      People choose to smoke and get lung cancer/heart attacks etc.
      People eat poorly and get cancer, diabetes, heart disease, can't walk if they are very obese.

      People are allowed to live life how they want it. Many don't understand the consequences but if you do then enjoy life…

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      Except having a healthy diet and active lifestyle will generally make your life more enjoyable.

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      Everyone hating on Unclesnake should just enjoy their own lives and leave him alone

      Rock on brother.


        A burden on society/economy/environment I can't think of any good reason to be that naive about your impact on others.

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          Yep. Nothing like some sanctimonious finger wagging to make one consider the error of one's ways. Your tutt-tutting is sure to make them pull their socks up.

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      shuffling from one burger bar to another really sounds like living it up.

      you can live a perfectly healthy lifestyle while still enjoying burgers you know…

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      My dad used to say that too, until he had his first stroke at 52 or 53 years old. Vascular dementia and other smaller strokes and in a nursing home by 58. Now he's 69 with advanced dementia, wheelchair bound with speech impairment.

      Is the first 40 yrs of "enjoyment" worth the next 40 yrs of "prison"? Anyone who tells me that it is, is a selfish person who doesn't care about his family.


        sorry to hear it, what were the main causes

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          He had high cholesterol and borderline diabetes, was not too overweight but had a beer belly. Laughed a lot, ate all he wanted, didn't smoke but drank beers. Probably everything all together caused the strokes and then the strokes caused his vascular dementia.

          Please take better care of your health.

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          @lenlynn: sorry to hear it, yes this forum has made me think a bit


          @unclesnake: Yeah I grew up eating everything I want to cos I believed in what you do. Now I still enjoy my food but I do it in moderation and exercise. It's scary and frustrating being locked in a body not being able to do what you want to do, and worse (lack of dignity) when you reach the later stages of dementia when you don't even know it.


      There are amazing food choices besides ‘burgers’.

      Eating Thai, Malay, Indian etc foods is reason to live….

      (Not so much burgers imo).


      Taste of food matters that much for you?

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    I have lost 5 kg since starting my diet in December.

    Been doing Bondi to Coogee twice a week. Swimming once a week. Eating sort of healthy too.

    Why do people feel they need to be in the 'normal range'. As a guy, I like to be a bit overweight to feel more solid and less frail.

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      Agreed - I remember years ago when my BMI was smack in the middle of the "healthy" range. I absolutely hated how skinny I was. My BMI is a bit high now and I definitely have to burn some fat, but I feel much more confident and energetic than back then!

      I guess the BMI doesn't take muscle mass into consideration. But honestly, I'm not muscular… so I'm not sure who that number is built for?

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      You might not be overweight, don't base it on your BMI. If you're swimming and I assume cycling or running it might be an idea to get a dexa scan done so you know where you're at.

      Being leaner you shouldn't be frail, unless you're simply unfit / completely out of shape which it doesn't sound like you are. It could just be a mental thing?

      That said in a way I envy people who don't mind being a little overweight, not to the point where there are health issues but just packing a few extra kgs of fat on them and eating what they feel like most of the time. I'm constantly manipulating my weight to get the results I want and it does get tedious.

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    BMI - 26
    Believe I'm too short.

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    BMI is not an accurate indicator of health or weight and is no longer used by any decent health professionals.

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      Indeed. Ideally you'd use blood measures and a body fat measurement, but given the latter is never accurate the best thing to track at home is waist measurement (especially for men)

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      Sounds like something overweight people in denial say. It's still used in fitness/medical tests for things like emergency services.


        Yes, it was probably a policy put in place in the 80's in those industries and remained unchanged since. As your interested in your body composition, I suggest getting a DEXA scan which will look at the muscle and fat mass, water, lean tissue and bone density. About $80 to get done.


          DEXA scan only looks at bone density for osteoporosis diagnosis. All pf the above sounds like those money wasters you buy off groupon. BMI is a guide not a gospel. It has its place only if you can interpret it correctly

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          only looks at bone density

          No it doesn't.

          Strange how all these professional sports teams are so interested in bone density.


          @Geryatric: please google dexa scan.

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          Please google yourself before spreading misinformation. I've had around 10x scans over the years for professional sports, have you had one done?

          Bone density is one of around 20 measurements, and what your getting confused with is you can get it for FREE on Medicare if you have GP referral for osteoporosis.

          Love these keyboard warriors talking smack about things they know nothing about..


          @Geryatric: not all places give you data other than bone density so you will need to shop around to find a place which does.

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          @Geryatric: DEXA looks at bone, modified DEXA (DEXA body composition) looks at muscle, fat etc.

          The latter still has to be interpreted for each individual person.

          BMI is still a good guide used by many health professionals (decent ones too), eg 22 is good, 42 is bad. The 24 or 26 is what needs to be interpreted with caution.



          -Muscle mass in each region of your body (kg)
          -Fat mass in each region of your body (kg)
          -Body fat percentage in each region of your body
          -Estimation of Visceral Adipose (fat) tissue
          -Bone mineral density
          -Estimation of Resting metabolic rate (RMR)
          -Individual Scan Summary Report that contains macronutrient recommendations, ideal weight recommendations, ideal fat loss recommendations, to help you achieve your health and weight loss goals and improved total body health.
          -Printed PDF of your report to keep

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        Yeah lol. Of course its not the be all end all, but its pretty damn obvious if your BMI is like 30+ and you are not a hardcore body builder or elite sportsmen then you are probably unhealthy and fat. Its just disingenuous for all these people to try and claim that BMI is just completely irrelevant because of the odd cases.

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        Expertise: uni grad in nutrition, anat, and phys.

        BMI was designed solely to be used in large sedentary population studies. Its entirely inappropriate that its used as an individual marker of health and the person wbo invented it is quite disappointed its being used this way.

        Its still used because the health industry (including GPs) is in many ways slow and misinformed.

        That said the push to use waist measurements as an easy marker is starting to cut through.


          Yeah, I was surprised to find that my BMI is in the healthy range, but my waist measurement is not.

          Have started walking every day and watching my intake, so slowly losing weight.

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          I mean, my argument has always been: you know you're fat if your fat. None of this "muscle weighs more" nonsense - you know if you're muscular or if you're fat.


          Big statement to call GPs slow and misinformed.

          Waist measurement still has its problems, although it is slightly better than BMI. Not everyone stores fat in their belly. A lot of people store extra fat in their thighs, hips, buttocks etc, while might not have so big waists.

          BMI is a guide, if used correctly it is useful.


          @BestofOZB: Not so big that the AMA (an organisation notorious for being very protective of their industry reputation) hasn't proactively acknowledged the issue.

          Like I said elsewhere, the BMI was never meant for individual assessment and the creator is very displeased it's being used in such a fashion.

          For those with tiny waists and obese everywhere else, feel free to do a hip measurement.

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        How about this question then: Are you disgusted with what you see in the mirror and are people grossed out when you take your clothes off?

        Rule 1. Be attractive.
        Rule 2. Don't be unattractive.


        BMI isn't accurate in athletes, people who participate in physical activities, or people with physically demanding jobs (laborers etc) due to it not accounting for muscle mass.

        In the other end of the scale it certainly is relevant. If anything it's a considerate way for a doctor to tell someone to get their shit together in regards to their health.

        Option without BMI:
        Mate, lose some weight. You're too fat, you eat too much you're going to die.
        ^It's here the patient says how dare you, this is what a real man / woman looks like and goes on to insult you for body shaming them.

        Option with BMI:
        As per this industry standard measurement, we can see you're in range X which puts you at a significantly increased risk of A,B & C.

        My BMI puts me as overweight personally, however my bodyfat is within a healthy range.

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      It is still a fast easy way to identify people who may need more investigation.

      Definately should not be solely used to make clinical decisions though… or to spout off how healthy you think you are.

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      I'm really sick of hearing this. Complex topics (such as this) are rarely 'yes it's very useful' or 'no it's totally rubbish'. I think the media must take some blame for this, after all, "BMI is still OK" is not a very catchy news headline.

      BMI works well if you use it for what it's good for: it is reliable, easy to measure and is correlated with %body fat and %body fat mass. Yes, you can use waist circumference and BMI to be more accurate. And yes, it does not work well for bodybuilders, athletes and frail older people. But these aren't the people doctors will be using a BMI measurement on to make management decisions. Any test or investigation in medicine shouldn't be ordered until the practitioner asks themselves "will this change my diagnosis or management?". You don't need a DEXA bodyscan detailing fat% and water% to tell me an obese patients needs to lose weight to be more healthy. You need a simple measurement derived from data that is routinely measured at each GP visit, and that measurement is BMI.


        BMI works well if you use it for what it's good for

        It was feedback to the OP's use case which started that - 'he/she was bang on 24.0 (decimal point included :>) and his new years resolution was to get down to 22'

        If he/she is that particular answer focused on subtle body changes would you not agree that DEXA would be a better tool for him to monitor his body composition that BMI?

        Or buy yourself a set of fat calipers maybe there are Xiomi digital ones.

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          It's really up to the individual, but this is an excellent use case for BMI in my opinion. Importantly, they can track their progress with a set of scales from home. OP has made a SMART goal because they have a starting point (BMI 24), an end goal (BMI 22), and a time-frame.

          He/she even has a plan:

          This will require constant diet maintenance, a lot less drinking than what took place in 2017, and cutting (or heavily reducing) key things out of my life like milk and bread.

          In regards to OP being particular I'm not sure they made any mention of body composition (although loss of body fat is a given). Most males want to be more muscular, why worry about muscle% (an expensive number on a sheet) when aesthetics are the end point?

        • -3 votes

          Yes it is up to the individual to waste their time using an inaccurate and atequated measurement if they so wish.

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      I am a medical professional. Can confirm BMI is a crock. It is however useful in that it can give people who are very obese an idea as to how overweight they are. When people are under 30 (BMI) it is probably less valuable as it doesn't take into account things such as muscle mass. Ie When I was at my most lean my BMI was still 27, I was like 8% body fat at the time and lifting heavy weights.

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    BMI under 20. Does not mean I am healthy. I eat responsibly around my child as I would like them to grow up eating well as a matter of habit, but other than that I indulge in sweets and far too many other treats. Like unclesnake, I would rather enjoy my life than count every calorie etc.
    We do walk the dog every day as a family. I don’t make New Years resolutions as they inevitably get broken anyway.
    I also couldn’t do a push up to save my life. I am super uncoordinated.

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    BMI 28. Lost about 3kg over a month so far, the BMI calculator reckons I need to lose 10 more but I'm not sure about that one - I remember how skinny I looked when I was at that weight!

    Lost weight so far by tracking kJ intake, though from what I can tell I could simply just cut out all soft drinks and sugary snacks and I'd be fine without the counting. But I like how the app I use also gives me a kJ burned value to exercise like jogging and swimming - lets me feel like I've earned something from that pain!

    Recently got protein shakes to partially replace a meal, in order to reduce my fat intake - I'm not losing fat % as fast as I'd like so I'm doing that and occasional strength exercises to help that along.

    To the people saying that it's a sad life and you'd have to eat salad every day… I detest salad, and I've never had one. I've had chicken or pork for lunch and dinner every day and I'm still losing weight - just walk a bit a day and don't eat the Maccas/KFC stuff every day and you'd already be making good progress!

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    Now that we're talking health,

    can someone tell me how to ease my diarrhea? Tummy hurts so bad.


      I first read "ease" as "eat" … awkward moment for me


      Take a few teaspoons of cornflower. It won't get rid of it but it will thicken it up.


      Slippery Elm Powder, found at health food stores. The chemist does sell a blackmores product that has it it the formula. Its not hocus pocus, it swells up like weetbix and firm everything in your digestive tract.

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    And why is fat considered bad. A carb free , sugar free diet with lots of fat reduces weight.

    • -4 votes

      A carb free , sugar free diet with lots of fat reduces weight.

      Say what? You're going to have little to no energy without carbohydrates. You'll also have clogged arteries.


        I did this diet for two years once and I always had energy. I lost 15 or so kg on it with no exercise, Why would you have clogged arteries? You burn the fat as you have no glucose to burn

        Do you know / done this diet

      • +1 vote

        Maybe he means the good fat found in avocados, olive oils and nuts, rather than animal derived fats.

        Can’t completely avoid carbs, they’re found in nudtrient dense legumes if you want a good source of protein


          Can’t completely avoid carbs, they’re found in nudtrient dense legumes if you want a good source of protein

          You forgot about meat…

        • +2 votes

          @owli: meat brings along its own baggage and discussion. Leaving aside pros and cons of eating meat, this is ozbargains, and legumes is an extremely cheap and healthy source of protein compared to meat.

          EDIT TO MY PREVIOUS REPLY. Didn't realise he's the guy that eats a burger a day and asks whats wrong with fat. So never mind ;)


          @Blahness: this is ozbargains, and legumes is an extremely cheap and healthy source of protein compared to meat.

          Compared to the average retail price of chicken I think the difference in $/gram of protein is negligible + any ozbargainer worth their salt is getting discount chicken 90% of the time, making chicken the extremely cheap option.

          Legumes being healthy is debatable, you have people switching to ketogenic diets because of the studies showing negative effects a high carb diet have on people.

          Carb/Protein ratio in lentil's (a protein dense legume) is something like 2:1

          I wonder if there are vego/vegan people doing keto, and how they manage it?


          @Blahness: good fat, without sugar you body burns fat as there is no glucose to burn.

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