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Personalised Hard Cover Photo Books 8x 11" 60/80/100 Pages $30/$35/$40 (Save $58) @ Big W


Buy now, create later. After paid, you have three months to create your personalised book.

Also on sale is the 12 x 16" book.
60 page - $40 (save $68)
80 page - $45
100 page - $50

Prices do not include delivery charges which are additional when home delivery is selected. Standard delivery charges of $6.95 for the first Photo Book ordered and $1.95 for each additional Photo Book ordered delivered within Australia, or $69.95 for the first product and $9.95 for each additional product when delivered outside Australia

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    Seems like a great price. Can anyone vouch for the print quality of Big W photo books?

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      just be extra careful with the images you upload. A family member ordered through them and it came back terrible quality. They told her it was due to the images used. When she tried to upload the images to another company to make a photo book it gave her a warning that the photos were unsuitable. Big W systems did not give the warning.

      • do you know in which way were they unsuitable, i.e. low resolution or wrong ratio of width/height? Thanks

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          i think hers were low resolution as they looked absolutely awful. They may have been downloaded from facebook in error instead of using the original images.

        • @loulou1: thank you!

        • +5

          @loulou1: probably best to upload actual photos, not thumbnails 😂

        • +1

          @muncan: yes it was done in error. most companies have an inbuilt thing to warn you about it though

      • I've just tested their system using their own photos to get a sense of how simple it was to use.
        They have a picture of a pelican, i made that full screen and a large flashing graphic appeared in the middle of the image saying "Low Resolution" with a big exclamation mark.

        So yes it appears that Big W does provide these warnings, although they may not have in the past.

        • +1

          Might be new as it definitely didn’t appear for my sister. Glad to see it implemented after we provided feedback.

        • @loulou1:

          Might be new as it definitely didn’t appear for my sister. Glad to see it implemented after we provided feedback.

          Those warnings have been in place for years. It seems that your sister ignored them because I don't see any other way they wouldn't appear unless there is an option you can select to ignore warnings.

    • +2

      100% recommended and can vouch for the quality. We made three books - wedding, honeymoon and just general travel - they all came out amazing! I truly was impressed with the quality.

      Yes, you'd need to use a high resolution image to get a high resolution photo print, but to me that's common sense. Big W isn't going to improve your image quality and then print it!

      I personally found their platform to make the photo-books quite user friendly too. Takes a few minutes to get used to all the options but once you know how to navigate, it's pretty awesome!

      Of course full price would be ridiculous to pay! So great bargain here!

      • Big W isn't going to improve your image quality and then print it!

        What shitty service then :P

        • +1

          Well, if one puts garbage in, that's not much other could help.

        • @epaqgz:
          Yah was a joke

      • Hey man do you know if they have an option to pick up instore to avoid delivery charges

        • +1

          Yes. That's what I did. From memory it's pick up from a selected store.

    • +2

      Make sure the photos are in sRGB and not AdobeRGB and they look ok.

      • Interesting tip, thanks.

        • Yeah, i process all my images myself and used to always use AdobeRGB because it was superior.
          Big-W, Harvey norman etc, all my prints were always washed out and a little warm.
          Calibrated monitors and everything.
          One batch i did a test of both and the sRGB looked like it should.
          Given the internet and everything ive just stopped using AdobeRGB altogether.

        • The site tells you to use sRGB under Technical Help.

    • Every other type of photo & canvas printing I have done with them has been good, so I expect their photo books will be too. See my comment below.

    • +1

      From my experience the big w program does tell you if the photo is too low resolution. I've been very happy with my photo books (always got it at this price!) I've ordered around 3 or 4 now, ranging from 80-100 pages. They do take me a while to make though, so usually if there's no deal on, I make one over the course of several days/weeks, save it, then jump on when there's a deal.

  • I wish they also offered one in a square aspect ratio

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      they do, it's also on sale at the mo: 8x8 $16, but only 20 pages.

  • anyone know how long it takes for a photobook to be processed by Big W?

    • Approx 10 working days

  • +1

    Both Harvey Norman & Big W use the same FUJI Site

    • +2

      Yes they do, and I once tested the same sample batch of photos in the past at multiple (commercial but non-professional) photo printing stores, and HN and Big W were easily the best colours.

      So as a photography enthusiast I only use those two stores now, and have done numerous canvases and large digital prints made at both of them, and been very satisfied with the quality and results. I recommend those two stores to all my friends for printing. They have good sale prices too if you are patient for them.

  • Does anyone know if you have to use their software to design the book, or can you upload a PDF created in InDesign / Lightroom?

    • looks like the same software service as hardly normal, in which case no pdf. THe only place I've found that accepts PDFs so far is blurb would also love to find an alternative

    • I have previously designed a book in Apple Photos, exported to PDF, exported the pages of the PDFs to JPGs, and then uploaded the JPGs to Big W.

      It worked ok for the relatively unimportant book I was doing, but I'm sure I lost little bits of quality along the way.

  • Any comparisons of this to Snapfish? I was looking at them. This is a compelling offer though, particularly buy now and create later.

    • Haven't tried Snapfish for years, but when I did, their print quality was not as good as Harvey Norman's, and HN's is the same as Big W's.

  • +6

    The photobook club have arguably a better deal with 60 pages $25, 100 pages $35 including delivery. Page sizes are A4 (slightly larger than 8" x 11"). 6 months to create instead of 3.

    • Ahrgh! Now I have buyer’s remorse.

      • so do I lol..just bought 2 x 100 pg books from big W.

        But in the end.. once the books are done, I know it will be worth it.
        $100 for something that will most likely last my lifetime.. I'm ok with that.

    • 6 months to create instead of 3

      What does this mean?

      • +6

        You can procrastinate for twice as long before you need to make your photobook.

        • +1

          Procrastination is the mother of all invention.

        • -1

          @BartholemewH: Agreed.

          I back myself SO far into a corner, but then come out with my best work… and a feeling of stupidity & a promise I'll never do it again. But it works LOL.

        • +1

          Yes, I remember coming up with HD material between midnight and 7am on the morning assignments were due at uni. It's the work you pull out of your arse that succinctly gets to the point.

    • How the quality compares to Bigw?

    • I'm also wondering how's the quality compared to big w's

  • I printed a photobook with them this time last year. It was reasonable quality, same printers as HN. Value for money!

  • what aspect ratio do the pics need to be in?

    if they are not right ratio what happens?

    black boarders?


    anyone can post actual pics taken of a photobook would be great!

  • Purchased a 60 page 12 * 16.
    They sent me a voucher code however I can't find where to create it.
    Any link or ideas?

    • Worked out that you create a 20 page book and then add 40 pages apparently.

    • From the email I received with the voucher:

      To get started, simply go to www.bigwphotos.com.au and use the BIG W photos online software to create your very own photo book.

  • thanks

  • I have bought a 100 page 12 x 16 but also cannot figure out how to select 100 pages, it gives the options 40 or 120 pages.

    • +1

      There is an asterix note to "Create 20 page book and then click arrange pages to add additional pages."

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