Best Credit Card (Non AmEx) to Accumulate Velocity Points?

Hey all,

I have an AMEX Velocity Frequent Flyer CC which I use to accumulate points but there are some instances where AMEX cannot be used.

I am looking for a suitable VISA CC that will also accumulate velocity points. Not so interested in any perks as the AMEX card comes with lounge passes/flight credit.

Thanks in advance :)



    Without doing any research for you, this article may put you on the right track. Only real sticking points are if you are happy to pay for the annual fees on some of these cards.

    Ok, I did a little research, if you’re happy with a $289 annual fee and a $89 additional card holder fee, the Virgin Money High Flyer Visa may be your best bet.
    16000-80,000 point sign up bonus depending on how much you spend over the first 5 months, 1 Velocity per dollar up to $8000 per month, then 0.5 thereafter.


      Thanks for the reply! Annual fee is a little steep I think especially taking into account the AMEX fee too. I’ll have a bit of a search thanks!

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        Why recommend him the High flyer when the baby brother "Virgin Australia Velocity Flyer Card" earns the same. And annual fee is half $64 for first year. Sell your $129 Virgin credit on Classifieds for $90 and you're already ahead.


        You can actually get 120k with the Virgin High Flyer


    My coles mastercard has earn me about $550 in 8 months via flybuys to Coles gift cards

    Annual fee is $79 now I think for the top tier one. Good benefits 24 month price protection and 6 months insurance on purchases


    Velocity Prepaid VISA card gives you 1 pts every 3 dollars domestic spend,better than nothing.That's just your Velocity membership card.

    And also take advantage of Prepaid card Promo in Coles/Woolies,e.g..That's the best way to convert AMEX credit to VISA/MasterCard/EFTPOS credit.

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    Id suggest going with the ANZ black VISA

    $0 for the first year and 75,000 ANZ points (equivalent 32,500 Velocity) when you spend $2,500 in the first 3 months. This could potentially be more as a few times per year they run special offers like extra 50% when you transfer to velocity.

    ANZ REWARD POINTS tranfer at a rate of 2:1

    $1 spend = 2 ANZ reward points upto $5,000 per month
    then 1ANZ reward point per $1

    So essential 1 velocity per $1 spend.

    Your other option is the ANZ Travel Adevntures card.

    $225 annual fee but with this one you get 40,000 velocity points straight up after $500 spend plus you also get a free domestic return flight.

    Point earn is slightly less though

    $1 spend = 1.5 ANZ Reward Points upto $2000 per month then only 0.5 per $1 after that