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Free Cyberlink Power Director 16 Ultra (Value A $70) from Giveway-Club.com



PowerDirector16 Ultra (lifetime license) is the latest and current program.

This is the daily offer from Giveaway-club.com, IT WILL END SOMETIME TODAY.

Go to the site and make sure you click the orange "GET IT NOW FOR FREE" link then enter any Auslogics licence key.

Here is one I that works for me: Q2CCB-R4VX7-H9SWW-9D539-UK3S2

Then it will download automatically and your page will have a green banner saying " Get Your Key and Activate"


You need to install program and when you open the program, it will ask you this activation key.

There you go.

Someone may find this useful.

Description from the site.
Be Creative! - Create impressive videos with PowerDirector. It’s easy for anyone – pros and beginners alike – to create anything they can imagine.
World Leader in 360º Video Editing - Bring a new perspective to video editing with CyberLink's all new True360 technology. Import, edit, stabilize and export your 360 video.
Craft Enduring Family Moments - Perfectly capture the spirit and atmosphere of family events with ready-made themed templates that come with effects, transitions, animations and music.
Showcase Your Travel Adventures - Tell great stories that people want to watch with 7 customizable design tools to help you to get your travel videos looking just the way you want them.
Build Thrilling Action Highlights - PowerDirector’s unique Action Cam Center has all the high-powered features the pros use to create fast-paced, standout action videos.
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10, 8/8.1, 7 (64 bit OS recommended);
Processor (CPU): Intel Core™ i-series or AMD Phenom® II and above;
Graphics Processor (GPU): Standard Video: 128 MB VGA VRAM or higher;
360-video: DirectX 11 compatible;
Memory: 2GB required (6GB or above recommended);
Hard Disk Space: 7GB for product installation; Download size 849 MB

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  • thanks

  • Thanks Kylo. Great post

  • +1

    expires in 15h 29min 39sec on the website. In other words - 11:59PM tonight?

    Great post though OP :)

  • installed it and all good

  • Thanks worked.

  • +1

    And done. Thankyou OP :)

  • +4

    Go to the following as this site lists all/most major software giveaways, includes description, inc long running giveaways like ashampoo


  • +2

    Excellent software

    In case anyone had a question about the licence.

    License Policy:

    ● License duration: lifetime with no upgrades
    ● Program version: v.16 Ultra
    ● Free support: not provided
    ● Free upgrades: not provided
    ● Regular price: $99.99
    ● Reinstall policy: reinstalls are not allowed after giveaway is over

    • +4

      ● Reinstall policy: reinstalls are not allowed after giveaway is over

      Yikes, free, but harsh

      • Yeah I guess they are just going to stop accepting that serial code. It's the same one for everyone.

        • May be you can change the date on your machine if u need to reinstall again unless it talks to the server when you register

      • +2

        Not harsh, draconian.

        Thanks OP but I reinstall Windows pretty often so I cannot rely on this.

  • +3

    Thanks OP.

    Brings back the memories of Cyberlink PowerDVD, oh those were the good ol'days.

  • +2

    Do we have to download from Giveway-club website? Will it work if I download from https://www.cyberlink.com/ ??

  • thanks man, it worked

  • So does this wrap in the features of Gear 360 ActionDirector?

  • Hit the get it for free button and got a prompt box: Please enter the license key from any Auslogics product you use. Does that mean only free for people with other products??

    • Use the auslogics key from the OP.

  • -1

    Free is free. But can someone tell me why I want this software?

    • +1

      Probably not.
      As far as video editing tools go, this is one of the easiest to use, but is very capable. (I have tried a few)
      If you don't have a use for video editing software though, it will only take up space on your drive.

    • Great video editing software. I bought it and have edited up super cut videos for a wedding, holiday, retirement, etc.

    • mate it does some good stuff.
      - desktop capture or window
      - comes with a sound editor as well
      - 360% video editor for those who have 360 camera

    • Been using PowerDirector 13 Ultra to edit my drone video for the past 2 years. Jumped on this free deal as soon as I saw this earlier this morning. Thanks OP.

  • Ausligic key from OP not working when hit confirm button . It says cannot find the key in the database

    • My download stuck at 84%. I wonder if they have killed the deal? Anyone got a download they could sharefor a while on Dropbox or similar?

  • Key not found on the database.. OzBargained??

    • there is 2 keys
      top one is for site and bottom one is for the app

      • Tried both keys. Neither is working

        • +1

          dmn that sux

        • +2

          Oh my, i am extremely lucky then, cos i activated both literally 2 mins ago. Probably thanks to fast internet and ssd i was able to activate in time.

        • @steven231:

          As above worked 10min ago thanks op. :)

        • @stussy: Worked for me at 10.30 am

        • just installed at 11:40 am

    • +1

      I just now downloaded it and successfully activated the software using the OP directions and keys. Where are you getting stuck?

    • +1

      It's working again now! downloading it..

  • Done Thanks OP

  • Does anyone know how to actually 'stitch' photos/video from a 360 camera INTO an equirectangular image on this software? The version that comes bundled with the Gear 360 does it automatically once you import it…

    • Have to stitch beforehand I believe.

      • God damnnn iittttt. The stitching process was the most important thing about the ActionDirector software for me; I don't have the Gear 360 app to do it on my phone :(

  • While installing, antivirus (Webroot) detected malware: pua.multiplug in "\cyberlink\shared files\interoppalette\6.0\x86\lib\imageretouch\melies5.dll".

    Did anyone else get a similar message?

    • false positive, upload this file to virustotal.com and you will see all others are reporting it as clean

  • All good here. Thanks

  • Thanks, got a copy.

  • This is a real bargain. Best editing software available.

  • Great OP, got the key. Will download and install tonight.

  • +1

    Very good prosumer editing software - I find the multicam and auto sync of audio to video really useful for editing multiple GoPro streams together

  • Thanks OP. I've been using PD14 that I got in a HumbleBundle and I love it.
    So much easier to use than Premier Pro for a casual like me. Thanks again.

  • I love the mobile version of this, very easy..does this deal work for mobile app as well?

  • Not working for me. It says the the product key has been used by too many users and ask me to purchase a new key.
    Anyway, thanks op :)

    • Same here.

    • Is that the licence key or the activation key?

      • It's the activation key.

    • same here

      • oh no…still downloading… :(

        • download is fine but when it tries to activate after the installation above error comes

  • Getting the message to say that activation code has been used too many times and I need to purchased.

  • Needs to be marked as expired, key is no longer valid, used too many times

  • +1

    Try 37X6-WL1K-58GT-345H-478A licence key.

    • +1

      No not long enough needs another 4 digits

    • You're missing 4 more characters in that key.
      Yours - 37X6-WL1K-58GT-345H-478A

  • Expired, keys used too many times.

  • Mod, please mark it expired.

  • Wow. I literally bought the software today from their official website.

    For those are interested, it's the ultimate edition with lots of extra template packs for a discount price of about AUD $50. Use code NYC20 to bring it down to $50 (apparently normal price is > $200). I reckon $50 is still good value to support the developers.


    Also included are 2 holiday template packs, wedding template and 3 premium content packs that you don't see on the above link when you buy.

    • +1

      NYC20 isn’t working.

      • NY20 works.

  • Activation key has been used too many times.

  • Registered 60 seconds ago using above serial but going via a US VPN.

    Didn't try registering from AU so they may have increased the limit coincidentally.

    • tried that but didnt work… :(

  • +1

    Bugger seems like I snoozed and loozed

  • Just a question about this download. I can see on Cyberlink site this Ultra version should include Essential and Premium content packs but I don't see those templates when I run the program. Are there different download links to those two packs?

  • key not activated as key used too many times. must purchase new key!

    • What happened to quality(ozbargainers), not quantity ?

    • Same. Finished hours before deadline. Annoying waste of time.

  • Can someone please share the zip? My connection stopped while downloading. Thanks

    • +1

      no point, expired offer

  • -2

    Thanks, I don't know what this is but I downloaded it anyway :)