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Nylon Braided Lightning Cable Charging & Sync Cable for iPhone (US $0.50/AU $0.63) - 1 Metre, Random Color @ Zapals


Its back again ..who ever missed it last week.
You have to register to zapals to avail coupon.

Note : Unbranded -Its not Apple MFI certificated so do not expect much at this price

Product Description :
*Designed for iPhone 8/8plus/SE/7/7Plus/6Plus / 6s Plus/ 6s /6/ 5s / 5c / 5, iPad Air and so on.
*Fast charge and data transfer, saving your time.
*Covered with premium Nylon Braided jacket, tangle-free, sturdy and durable.
*1 meter length for using on couch or bed, makes you easily operate your devices while charging.

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  • After applied the code, price dropped from $5.99 to $3.99

    • No.. its coming as US$0.50 after applying code. I just verified.
      Please check again and make sure you log in to account and its 1 per customer.
      Did you buy this last time ?

  • All good. Just placed my order. Comes to AUD 0.65

  • Shows as 3.99 for me too after registering/ applying coupon, did buy the audio adapter cable last week if that changes anything

  • Love braided cables

  • What's the rated amps?

  • Cheap crap, will end up in the bin.

  • +4 votes


    Shit quality.

  • It doesn't look like these are BlitzWolf, just a knockoff. My BlitzWolf cables are great but this looks like another dodgy unbranded cable.

  • I don't recommend these cheap cables. They get really hot and take for ever to charge the devices. I threw mine out after one use. My I pad showed as "not charging" when plugged in.

  • Despite all the negative comments, I bought one.
    After all, it's only 63 cents.
    This will be useful for those people who always seem to need to 'borrow' a cable from me.

  • Bought one that was DOA. Proceed with caution.

  • I've bought three braided cables in the past, from two different suppliers.

    Each stopped working within a few weeks.

    I've stopped buying these third party cables now. Will only go with Apple (despite the cost) because they always seem to work for me.

    It is annoying though when co-workers borrow cables and chargers without permission, and sometimes without returning it after. So I've started to hide my charging cables at work.

  • Thanks op, bought ten for my work colleagues.

    • nice.. an idea might worth trying at work-
      Initiate subscription for $1 who wants to use/borrow cables.. like some people do for coffee machines at office. :)

      • No need ;). Once they borrow this cable once, maybe they'll never be back …..
        Just make sure they sign a disclaimer re any damage to their phone when they borrow.

        • ohh yeah thats true..
          another idea.. put donation box next to cables with note. " Feel free to be a proud owner of these cables and donate $1 "

      • I think most people will be fine with this, though personally I'd prefer not to do it because of the impact of these disposable cables on the enviornment.

        This is still a deal though, in my opinion.

  • Both of the two in one braided cables I bought stopped working in two weeks - Pass

  • +3 votes

    This is garbage.

  • It is shorter than the last one :-( :-)

  • Coupon code limit has been reached.

  • Would rather get better quality other than this cheap crap

  • Poor quality product which can damage expensive goods.

  • the code is not working at all!!!!

    • you have to login.. i tested and its working.. if you bought before then you may not be able to order again.. or try with other account

  • I smell a conspiracy here. Does Apple allow these uncertified cables to work a few times (n where n is small) or for a limited time period (a few weeks) so that the sellers can claim they work on iPhones? Of course, Apple may say this is to improve the user experience and stop intermittent problems with certified cables causing user problems… Either a cable should work or not, excluding poor quality and rapid failure.

    • Non MFI cables work, until the next phone update and it will be blocked. So technically, if you dont update the phone it will keep on working.

  • Do yourself a favour and don't buy this cheap crap.

  • Not MFI, sorry, don't be cheap, it's not worth risking an iPhone to save 5 dollars.

  • So where can you get good quality MFI certified cables at an Ozbargain price?

  • UPDATE 1 MAR: Cable arrived, and as others have posted, it's CRAP. Did not work out of the box to charge an iPhone 7. Oh well, 63 cents down the toilet.