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Samsung 850 EVO 500GB SSD $188 Shipped @ Shopping Express eBay


2.5" 7mm SATA III Internal SSD.

1% cashback available through Cashrewards/PricePal.

Code PCTECH should also work till 22 Jan.

Original 'PRAWNS' 20% off Selected Stores on eBay Deal Post

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  • Might pick one up for the missus laptop. Cheers

    or Ill get the 960 EVO and give the missus my 850 Evo HMMMM

    • Probably better off with the 960, they're much faster.

    • +8

      is the missus worth it?

    • +4

      Let me know what you do

  • +1

    Good price for 500GB samsung 850. Thx OP.

  • Tossing up between this as a main drive or a 500GB 960 evo as my main for an extra $130?? Or buying a 250GB 960 for boot and 500GB for other storage. Decisions!

    • Yes.

    • +2

      Keep in mind that larger capacity SSDs generally have higher performance:

      With a hard drive, data is basically written serially, down a single channel. The stream may be interrupted by existing data, but ideally it's all written in a neat, uninterrupted line. Inside an SSD, data is written in a scattershot, parallel fashion down multiple channels to the multiple NAND chips at once. The more NAND chips an SSD has, the more channels it has to write/read across, and the faster the drive will be.


      So check the read/write speeds not only for the SSD model you’re looking for, but also for the specific capacity.

    • +4

      The 250GB 960 evo isn't a very good drive, it's too small to fill the controllers channels and performance drops off after about 2 seconds of solid writes.
      500 is better, 1tb is better again and the 950/960 Pros don't suffer from it.

  • +6

    Does this SSD work on 2013s Macbook Pro 13"? Any advice will be appreciated!

    • +18

      Does Google work on Macbook Pros, seems to be a common fault on all models?

      • +4

        Refer them to an Apple 'Genius' instead of google.

    • +3

      Nope, 2013 Macbook uses some weird proprietary SSD

    • +5

      i hate when people -1 legitimate questions. have my +1, stay curious :)

    • -2

      Should work. I replaced a 2009 MBP's conventional hard disk with SSD a few years ago and it worked fine.

      • +2

        They were very different machines back then, it will most certainly not work in this case or any other more modern Mac

    • danthemanz is right. A quick check of the iFixit guide shows something that looks much smaller than a 2.5-inch form factor SSD enclosure.

    • Apple stopped allowing you to change out drives after the 2012 model. That's why I'm not parting with my Macbook Pro 2012 15". If I want a retina screen, I'll just pickup a UHD monitor.

      • Well, in 2012 there were 2 models around. So, yours must be the one with the CD/DVD drive?

        • That's right.

  • Any deal for the 1TB?

  • Hi guys, will this work on a MBP Mid 2012? Asking for a friend.

    • If it has room it will. Not sure if Macs have that as a luxury though.

      Google says yes: https://www.cnet.com/how-to/upgrade-your-macbook-install-ssd…

      • Yeah the mid 2012 was the last model that allowed for hardware upgrades! Thanks mate

        • +2

          got my mbp 2012 mid, upgraded a few month back and it is simple best upgrade for a mac. highly recommend!

        • You can upgrade later ones (see my comment a couple posts above), but you're right, it's not as simple as the mid-2012s that prolly used a standard 2.5-inch form factor drive.

  • +2

    Wow I remember paying this price for a 120GB was the norm.

    • My first SSD was $160 for a 60GB.

      • +1

        I spent extra and got the 120GB. It definitely was enough.

  • Been waiting for this to be at around this price, a nice steam drive

  • Time to upgrade the 120gig SSD as it's running out of space.

  • How does this compare to MX500?

    • This is better

    • Reviews suggest the MX500 is better.

    • MX300 is the equivalent drive at a similar price point. Reviews suggest the Samsung is better and worth the extra expense.

      • The MX500 replace the MX300 at the same price point. MX500 is actually slightly cheaper than the Samsung EVO 850 and according to reviews has slightly better performance and the same 5 year warranty. Performance difference in day to day use is probably negligible but still it does make it a cheaper competitor to the 850 EVO.

        • So would you recxomend a MX300 525GB for $179 or an MX500 500GB for $188?

        • +1

          @sween64: MX500 for sure but honestly in regular usage you won't notice a difference. The MX500 comes with a 5 year warranty compared to 3 years for the MX300. That alone is worth the extra $9 to me.

      • And just as a quick compare, the MX500 is on Amazon US for $140.76 USD shipped to Melbourne (or ~$177 AUD).

        If they're about equivalent drives (for most people / uses), doesn't that make the MX500 at $177 AUD the better buy?

        • I bought the MX500 500GB for $188 at MSY. I didn't want to wait for postage but yes the Amazon prices is good.

    • +1

      Same 5 years warranty, on par performance, I will get whatever has the cheaper price tag.

  • Got one thanks

  • I did some searching on eBay for sata cable & enclosure for clonning hdd to ssd.
    But just wondering if someone has recently bought something similar might share or recommend any good ones probably at lower price.


  • last time i saw this price was back in Aug 2016. good find op

    • +6

      You do that. SSD probably wouldn’t be any useful to Pentium 4 on xp OS.

  • "This code can't be applied to your order." damn

    • Still works

    • Only good for 3 transactions per account.

  • Thanks, had my eye on another one of these SSD for a while. Got the 950 M.2 SSD but its running out of space.

  • I just bought a Dell Optiplex 9020SFF from another deal recently
    Can i use this SSD in the desktop? It says laptop SSD and I wasn't sure…

  • +2

    Down voting due to major issues with seller.

    Emailed about a warranty claim 2 months ago as a router wasn't working in AP only mode (random drop outs). Maybe DoA, maybe not - hadn't ever tried AP mode before then.

    Received a really delayed reply which basically said "send it here" and that's it - no further information.

    Asked if they could provide shipping labels (cheaper for them usually + easier for me), they instantly replied quoting their terms - apparently they have a strict policy that they do not compensate shipping costs.

    I explained it's a legal obligation under consumer law that shipping is compensated.
    They replied claiming this isn't the case as it's not a bulky item.
    I explained this isn't at all true, they're referring to how bulky items must be collected by seller (ie Harvey Norman may need to organise a plumber to assist in collecting a dishwasher, etc)
    They claimed I accepted their policy and therefore won't get any compensation.

    Asked if they could refund in cash if this is the case as I don't want to shop any further with a seller who doesn't meet their basic legal obligations. Haven't received a reply since other than them forwarding their original message quoting their terms and conditions.

    Don't get bamboozled - there's no consumer guarantee on the products they sell, even though they trade in Australia. You will basically have to take them to court for even $100 refund. In this case Samsung may cover repairs under warranty, though you'll be waiting for ~1month turn arounds rather than a week to switch out parts if you bought it elsewhere.

  • They price jacked the 1tb 850evo, no thanks.

  • The new 860 is available now so I suspect we will see run-out specials on the 850 soon.

  • Can i use it in a usb3.0 external case… will its performance be similar to a normal usb stick?

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