This was posted 4 years 3 months 30 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Yamaha ATS-1060 Soundbar $150.40 C&C/ $162.40 Delivered @ Bing Lee eBay


Cheapest I've seen so far & just bought one.

Original PUPIL deal -

Edit - Friday 10.53pm - Just noticed that Bing Lee have dropped the price back to $188 again

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    Not sure how a soundbar is a 'back to school' item, but okay.

    I have very little experience with soundbars, I take it this is good for the price? I'm not big into audio, but have just bought a new 55" OLED and am looking for something better than the inbuilt speakers. Would this be a good choice?

  • I have the old yamaha and its a great little unit. For thr price this is a no brainer CarbonTwelve (IMO)

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      I have the old model yas106b it’s excellent. I got rid of my ht speakers and amp and just use this now. It’s not as good as my old ht setup but it’s so compact and easy to use. I still have a sub connected to it which I turn on for movies or if I want to listen to loud music

      I have hdmi cec issues sometimes but I think it’s more my hisense tv than the soundbars fault.

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        ATS1060 is the same as YAS106

  • I had the YAS-101 for my bedroom TV and thought it was great. Yamaha hit a good value for money sweet spot where sound bars are concerned IMO. I bought this just as I thought it was a great deal - I’m getting ready to move so I don’t even have a TV to attach it to right now… (I’m really hoping for some good Hisense N7 deals soon)

    • Make sure you read about cec and Hisense issues.

      I have an N7 and if I could go back in time, I wouldn't have bought it.

      • Cheers. I just picked up a 43N6 so I'll see how it goes - so far so good. Only using raw digital audio out to playbar tho'

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    Uses outdated bluetooth 2.1 but that might not matter to some

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      it does matter, it means its more compatible compared to the new BT version

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        Newer iterations are all backwards compatible with older versions, so not sure why this post is being upvoted…unless I'm missing something peculiar about the Bluetooth implementation in this device?

        • I think "more compatible" in terms of a lot of older equipment can use it too, not just something that has latest v4 BT or whatever it is these days

        • In theory what you say is true but in practice ask millions of people out there with Sony and Apple implementation of bluetooth and compatibility issues will be clearer to you

  • Great speaker bought another one for parents

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    I had no idea this is something that I wanted to buy.

    Noob question: is it possible to set this up to your computer? If so how? I looked at the listing and the only thing mentioned was bluetooth and HDMI, but how would this physically connect to the computer and the monitor?

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      Video pass through via hdmi.

      Or optical cable to the sound bar.

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      Sound bar seems to have a 3.5mm input. So you’d connect the sound bar to an audio out socket on your computer.

      I don’t know what sort of computer you have so…some computers have an audio out socket on the back. If not, you can simply use the headphone socket (which is also audio out).

      Hope this helps.

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        Yeah awesome you've convinced me, buying one!

        • It’s a Yamaha. You can’t go wrong.

  • Is this better than yas 106

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      This is the YAS 106. Slightly different name but the exact same unit.

  • For this price. I'd rather get the Sony HTXT1…Looks like a better speaker than this and is better made with more features/

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      and where would one be able to buy that? I tried googling and it seems nice but no where to be bought.

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      From a brief comparison, it appears that feature wise, the Sony comes with subwoofer, Yamaha doesn’t. Connectivity wise, Yamaha is more comprehensive.

      Is that what made you say Sony has more features?

      I’ve set up one of the higher end Yamaha sound bars (2700). They are an excellent replacement for an amp, speakers and subwoofer. They use a military technology to project sound with some fairly advanced signal processing. They’re in a separate league to these other sound bars that are made to a price. These budget sound bars are not bad for the price. They’re competing with multimedia speakers and they do a good job (based on the reviews).

      • Thanks for sharing that, I as looking at the YAS 207 and this but after your comment on the YSP-2700 I'm now considering this instead.

        Used to have a BOSE soundbar that worked great for 4 years then just died on me so looks like its time for a replacement.

        Do you use the ARC technology on your soundbar? I still use my older tv so not sure how useful that will be for me.

        Also, do you use the soundbar in your living room? Read a few reviews saying that you need a pretty empty room for it to work well.

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    Bought. Thx OP

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    Looks like Bing lee are offering an Australia day sale of 20% off any Soundbar.

  • how are you getting $150?
    The coupon gives 20% off and its $199 normally

    • Price just increased by $11.

      • how annoying…

    • Was just about to ask too… But yes it seems they increased price by $11. Still showing $188 on Bing Lee website

      Edit: 199 now on Bing Lee too

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    For those hedging on whether to get one or not just do it if you're coming from inbuilt TV speakers. I've had this for maybe 6 months and the difference is phenomenal. It doesn't need an external subwoofer, enough ooompf to make the couch vibrate. Clear middle so you can actually hear what people are saying instead of the usual mumbling with crazy loud effects etc. I'm sure there are better ones but if this is your first one just buy it.

  • I got this for my parents for Christmas and it made a DRASTIC difference over their bad built-in Kogan tv speakers. Turned on clear voice, completely turned down the bass, and suddenly my parents could hear the dialogue in movies again.

    Recommend it for the specific use case of bargain speaker that will improve on the dialogue clarify of shitty Kogan built in tv audio.

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    Cheers been looking out for one for a while to get better sound for our tv. Sounds like this one ticks all the boxes, like that the subwoofer is built in… saves from keeping it out of a one year old hands.

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    It’s also the same price on their website in cart if the eBay site sells out. There’s a further 20% off all sound bars and Blu-Ray players in cart.

  • How long is it before you can collect usually?

    • Depending on store. Mine was within two days.

  • This is available in store as well (confirmed Albury NSW)

  • Thanks never bought a sound bar before but picked one up. Cross my fingers it was right decision :D

    • Using it now watching the Grammy Awards. Its awesome!

  • For any one who missed out on this. There are 3 remaining manufacture refurbished for $155 (graysonline with 1 year manufacture warranty) Use code P20TECH

    Absolute bargain, I got one on this deal and today brought another one for my parents. After watching a movie with this, you realise how poor TV speakers are, you hear stuff that you don't with the tv speakers. Inbuilt sub is great so don't need any other unit. Bluetooth speaker as well.

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