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Baileys Irish Cream 1L $26.40 Free C&C @ First Choice Liquor eBay


Good price on the 1L bottle using code PRAWNS on eBay. This was out of stock earlier in the week, but they've added more.

$33.00 before the code, $26.40 after.

Original 20% off Selected Sellers on eBay Deal Post

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    "You're currently winning or have bought the maximum allowable number of this seller's items in the last 10 days."

    What BS is this?

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      They limit you to 5 purchases per account in 10 days I think, might have to make a new account.

    • Bloody legend

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      You're currently winning

      Damn straight you are.

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    Great price, this equates to $18.48 per 700mls!

    Also good prices on these 700mL - Tia Maria $20.00 Kahlua $21.60 Wild Turkey $31.20 Jim Beam Honey Bourbon $26.40

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      this equates to

      Hey hey hey, is your name MathNerd?

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    Brilliant price!

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    "I love you, I love you, I love you!!!!"

    Is that you or the Baileys talking?

    "Tis me, talking to the Baileys!!!" ;-)

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    Wild Turkey 700mL $31.20 is cheap
    Alcohol content: 43.4 %

    Had to add it to watch list and buy it that way as Please enter a lower number bug kept coming up

  • Damn good price for 1L.. I paid $32 or $33 ea for 2 bottles on the weekend.

    Just bought 3 more bottles at $26.40. Thats my morning coffee sorted for a few months..

  • Many thanks - due 27th (First Choice to text if in earlier)!

  • Bought 4 vodkas on the last deal. I really love baileys and want to buy, but I don't drink much… hmmmmmm

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      Do it, you only live once & it doesn't get much cheaper than this.

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        They blocked me. I ordered too many. Going to get my mum to order.

        • Mum may even share.

  • Now if only there was a First Choice near the Perth CBD!

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      There is in Ellenbrook. You order & I'll drink em? :)

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    Thanks OP. Bought 5x and get bonus free shipping with 5x bottles. Baileys and coffee. Baileys and ice-cream. Baileys and milkshake. Baileys and… well just about anything really… :)

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      Never tried the Baileys with coffee. I imagine similar to Irish coffee without the leprechaun fellows. Sold!

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        Bailey's coffee is sooo tasty.
        If you store it in the fridge, add after the coffee, and dont stir, it's a subtle taste but you get a nice hit at the bottom.

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        I have one almost every morning. I keep it out the fridge tho, add the baileys like milk but then grab milk from the fridge and add a small splash. Makes it a little more creamy and brings the heat down. Seriously, I'm addicted.

        • I have one almost every morning

          Really ? For some reason that makes me very happy… I wondered if I was the only person in Australia with a daily Baileys Coffee habit… everyone just looks at me weird when I tell them.

        • @systmworks: Absolutely. Haha… I don't normally tell people. I have converted a few though that now enjoy a baileys coffee

  • Doesn't post to QLD South East & no store near me :(

    • +1

      I found eBay won't let me click n collect if using Chrome.
      Switched to Internet Explorer and was able to pick a heap of Gold Coast stores to collect from. Might affect delivery too - try a different browser.

      • Thanks for that. Worked for me in explorer.

  • Who do they deliver through? Do you have to sign for the delivery or will they leave if you aren't home?

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    This calls for BBQ shapes and a bottle of Bailey's!

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          Still a great deal for everyone else who seems to be able to get it to work.

          Don't forget to upvote, sharing is caring.

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    Great deal just ordered one thanks!

    • That said I just got a reply to say they are out of stock. However more expected and on the way apparently.

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    Legendary post, I've never seen baileys this cheap. Cheers!

  • This Bailey is the original taste right? And not with coffee or chocolate added, unless of course we add by ourselves. How long we can keep it in the storage? Any expire date? Or the longer we keep it, the tastier it gets?

  • Purchased yesterday - got notification ~ mid morning today.

    Picked up early afternoon. Now in fridge, will enjoy a few Baileys over ice this weekend! :O]


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      Keep it in the freezer, no need to water it down with ice! Alcohol content prevents it from freezing solid. We got this tip from a friend and wouldn't drink it any other way now.

      • OMG. Love it! Can't thank you enough for adding!!!

        Many thanks :O]

  • Good for Mother's Day!

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