Setting up home office

Hi all,

Looking at setting up a home office, specifically looking for a desk and ergonomic office chair.

I spend around 2 to 4 hours a day on my PC which isn’t an exorbitant amount but I do suffer with some back issues so would like a decent chair.

If anyone could make any recommendations for chairs/desks or provide some tips or ideas for setting up a home office that would be great!

I am planning on going to try a few chairs and look at some desks over the weekend. I’m in adelaide so if anyone has any recommendations for places to visit or avoid that would also be good.



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    Hernan Miller

    • Yep plan on trying their chairs! Provided the stores I visit stock them!

  • I've been using the Ergohuman V2 chair at home and the office for years. Great chair.

    • Thanks, it's come up a fair bit in my research but would like to try it out

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    Height adjustable tables seem to be good too! Electric ones seem to be around the $700 mark

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    Buy a chair. If you can transport it - look on gumtree for a free desk setup. Don't skimp on the monitors or mouse. Put your printer on the other side of the room so that you have to stand up to get to it. A long network cable or wifi printing will do the job. I just bought a $200 pago high back chair from officeworks - very happy with it.

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    If you sufferer from back issues set up a sit/stand desk. It gives you options for when your back is being difficult.

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    Definitely try to get an adjustable height desk … even if only to get it to your preferred height. I know "standard height" are bit too low for my preference.

  • My suggestion would be to look for auction or office relocation type sales for a desk.. I've snagged a couple of very high end corner desks for ~$50 that would have been thousands new, and because they're designed for it they still look perfect.

    I'd also suggest (if you need to print) not to skimp out on a printer - I ended up getting a FujiXerox CM315Z, it's high speed, colour duplex laser, with wifi. This model is what FX puts in offices when they can't have a large multifunction copier style printer - for me, it means "it just works" (and it's also useful for the odd printing from mobile phone, tablet, iPad etc.).

  • I got this chair from IKEA and it pretty much does the job..

  • Don't think ergonomic chair will fix your back issues.

    Deadlift if your doctor permits. It appears there's a PTC in Adelaide with equipments and guidance you need.

    Have a separate meter for electricity and separate internet/phone line. Helps during tax time.

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      No of course not but I just need a chair that'll be comfortable for a few hours at a time and that wont aggravate the issue.

      Deadlifts and gym are the reason for my back issues! haha

      Thanks for the tips!

  • I have an app on my PC that flashes a "Take a break" warning on my screen every hour.
    Once you get underway you'll be amazed at how long you actually spend sat down; and there are so many things more important to look at than boring work!

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    Be careful of recommendations from ozbargainers. I think price is a major factor?? I got a chair I found here once and have to use a car lumbar support with it.

    Not a criticism guys, just an observation. I tend to think if 100 others love it I will too, but it's not always the case.

    • Yea I agree! I was tempted to just buy a chair online based on some of the more popular recommendations on here but it's better to try them out in person

      • I suffer from sciatica & MUST move around in order to not lock-up.

        I ended up buying a good quality, ergonomic kneeling chair & I have an old (but great) armless chair OW used to carry which has foam rubber seat & back. After 10 years, it's as good as it was when I got it.

        I switch around to keep things right for my back, but definitely recommend the kneeling chair. Try it out & then ask what the cushion is made from & do some research on it. The cheaper ones squash down too quickly.

        Good luck!

        • Thanks I will look into it!

  • Try Based in SA and awesome ergonomic chair range I have not seen elsewhere- especially for sit/stand

    • Website is undergoing maintenance now but I will check them! Thanks!

  • Be ready for a long read -

    I ended up buying the Buro Metro, very happy with it (I work from home, 4 days a week).