expired Air China Sale Fares to Europe - Melbourne to Milan from $736 Return / Sydney to Milan $750 + Many More via Flightscout


We just scouted these bargain return fares to Europe including Barcelona from $726, Rome from $756 and Paris from $770. Travel dates vary through 2018 depending on route however most are between March - June 2018. Flights will be via Shanghai or Beijing.

Air China are a full service airline so luggage and meals are included. All prices quoted are for return fares and include taxes.

Flight Scout, powered by Skyscanner, searches for the best fares on any route. Looking for something else? visit http://flightscout.co/au/ and search for your preferred destination.

Below is a sample of the best fares currently available.

Happy Scouting :)

Europe fares departing Melbourne from $726 Return

Melbourne to Barcelona - $726.00
Melbourne to Madrid - $731.00
Melbourne to Milan - $736.00
Melbourne to Rome - $756.00
Melbourne to Paris - $770.00
Melbourne to Frankfurt - $817.00
Melbourne to Geneva - $822.00
Melbourne to Copenhagen - $825.00
Melbourne to Vienna - $852.00
Melbourne to Budapest - $860.00
Melbourne to Moscow - $863.00
Melbourne to Stockholm - $870.00
Melbourne to Munich - $892.00
Melbourne to London - $898.00

Europe fares departing Sydney from $750 Return

Sydney to Milan - $750.00
Sydney to Budapest - $753.00
Sydney to Madrid - $766.00
Sydney to Rome - $771.00
Sydney to Vienna - $783.00
Sydney to Warsaw - $786.00
Sydney to Paris - $788.00
Sydney to Frankfurt - $833.00
Sydney to Barcelona - $841.00
Sydney to Moscow - $886.00
Sydney to Zurich - $891.00
Sydney to Munich - $901.00
Sydney to London - $915.00

Europe fares departing Brisbane from $774 Return

Brisbane to Rome - $774.00
Brisbane to Budapest - $780.00
Brisbane to Barcelona - $803.00
Brisbane to Munich - $818.00
Brisbane to Milan - $818.00
Brisbane to Copenhagen - $841.00
Brisbane to Madrid - $845.00
Brisbane to Paris - $889.00
Brisbane to Stockholm - $892.00
Brisbane to London - $919.00
Brisbane to Geneva - $980.00

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  • +2 votes


    Just got back from Italy, at these prices i think i will book again


    Thanks for sharing. Great find.

  • +2 votes

    Worth to mention most flights include a full day stopover in Beijing

    • +5 votes

      Note it takes a minimum of 2 hours to do the visa on arrival paperwork and get through the two immigration queues. Beijing is the worst of the Chinese airports, the police haven't been told to turn on speed and customer service. In other provinces this works much better.

      Even if you are transiting without leaving the airport expect a queue of 1 hour.

      Air China provides you a free hotel for long layovers. However you must contact them at least a couple of days before your flight to arrange. Luggage can be checked through or not at your request.

      The weather in Beijing is probably worse than wherever you are going - particularly right now!


    Flights will be via Shanghai

    BNE flight are via Beijing (PEK)


    Better have a look at air china reviews. For my purpose it wont fit as i cannot afford delays or cancellations in beijing.


      The best part about Flight Scout is it finds the best fare on any route for any airlines offering sale fares, so if you can't fly Air China you will probably find the next best deal for you :)

      • +1 vote

        From what I can tell you just hook into what's likely a SkyScanner API. What are you actually offering?

        • +3 votes

          Flight Scout, powered by Skyscanner

          They don't try to hide it, they claim it in black and white in their post.

        • +1 vote

          Not saying they are hiding it but the rep is talking about the "best part about Flight Scout" but I'm not sure what Flight Scout offers that SkyScanner doesn't. I appreciate the deal post but it just seems like a nice way to get some affiliate commission.

          You wouldn't be able to post a SkyScanner deal with an affiliate link but by creating a site like Flight Scout which is just a wrapper for SkyScanner then you can? Doesn't seem right to me.


          @uder: Well, that's 90% likely just to be marketing talk but I would see for myself rather than asking a random person who hasn't heard of them (me) or a store rep.

        • +1 vote

          Hi uder, as pennypincher98 highlighted we are powered by and partner with Skyscanner with the sole focus on finding the best airfare deals available.

          The site itself finds these deals and brings them to the homepage - http://www.flightscout.co/au/ - there aren't many, if any, other sites on the internet that do this.

        • -2 votes

          @flightscout: So basically you are a Skyscanner that can't lock in dates, need to put an end destination in (no 'Everywhere' option) and have prices and results from what other people have recently searched.

        • +5 votes

          @pennypincher86 We partner with and are powered by Skyscanner with the direct purpose of finding deals millions of recent searches. If you aren't interested in opportunistic deals and want to choose your own dates you can do that on Skyscanner :)

        • +3 votes

          @pennypincher98: Seems like an unfair criticism, to me. The point is that FS 'scouts' cheap(er) deals, in a single click, with the convenience of the user not needing to hunt down specific combinations of dates.

          FS is offering a different/differentiated service. If what you actually want is Skyscanner, then use that.

          I could say "Coles Express/Shell shops are basically Coles supermarkets that have poorer range; mark up prices more; and don't have good parking". People use them because they offer a unique proposition (whatever that happens to be for them) for what they need - such as convenience while buying fuel; longer opening hours; shorter distance from home; quicker service time.


          @giles: @flightscout: woah, things have been misinterpreted here. I wasn't saying that the alternative was bad, in fact I was saying it was good but highlighting the differences. Maybe I shouldn't have made the differences all negative, but that was unintended.

          What I mean to say was that is was a search engine based on flights people have just found, which is by all means not a bad thing. It's good. Would save plenty.


    Any business class offers?

  • +1 vote

    How much if you need to cancel"?


    isn't Paris flooded atom?

  • +1 vote

    hey rep. i've been looking for deals to europe for school holidays at the end of this year. your website still doesn't show anything. are these flights simply not available yet?


      Often school holidays can be expensive to fly, especially christmas and easter time so we see limited deals. Best advice is keep watching to see what comes up.

  • +1 vote

    OP, how can there be no deals on your website from Kuala Lumpur?

    Or, from Singapore?

    It would be handy to those of us who buy air Asia or scoot cheap tickets…. with a view of flying elsewhere….


      Hi Eeples,

      I am very glad you asked this.

      We do already have these. Here is our Singapore site, as well as United Kingdom, New Zealand, Hong Kong, United States, India, France, Thai and Russian sites … with more to come soon.

      These are accessible via the flag in the top menu.

      You could effectively search any route on any site, but the best deals are always available searching on a site for the country you are departing.

      If you can think of any other sites that would be useful please let us know :)


        Lol. Thanks.

        I’m a bit embarrassed; didn’t see the flags.

        Oh okay.. Malaysia. Thanks.

        And maybe the first ‘everywhere’ box could jump to the correct flag site?

        Thanks again.

  • +2 votes

    Just the usual PSA:

    If you're planning a multi-country trip to London and Milan, for example, then don't book a separate return trip but a multi-trip (SYD -> LON, MIL -> SYD). You'll pay Milan return prices rather than London return prices AND save the cost of a flight with checked-in luggage.


    Praise the Sun!


    any cheap airfare to china?


    store-rep ; do you guys do multi city? couldn't see it on your website


      At the moment no, they are a bit complex for the type of deals we are searching for. You could definitely use the site to discover a multi-city itinerary though.

  • +1 vote

    Any likelihood of some deals coming up, to Europe from Perth?


    Is it possible to stay in Shanghai for an extra day? 10 hours+ layover is terrible, but if you add an extra day to it, it becomes quite appealing.

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