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Claim a $20 Coles eGift Card on Completing 4 Product Reviews in Selected Categories @ Product Review


Greetings everyone, just noticed that this deal is back once again. I had no problem at all last time in getting the gift card. I would highly recommend that you put a bit of effort into the reviews and make sure you actually own the products and are posting a legitimate review. Otherwise, PR might deny some of your reviews and it will take longer to get the gift card.

Please note, the gift cards are delivered on the 1st day each month.

Promotion Notes:

  • All four reviews must belong to one of the categories mentioned above in order to be eligible for this promotion.
  • The products reviewed should be currently available for sale from an Australian retailer. (Tip: If an item has a yellow notice saying it has been discontinued or replaced, it is unlikely to be eligible for this promotion).
  • You may be required to provide proof of purchase for the reviewed products.
    Please be detailed in your review! Your contribution will help thousands of consumers to be more informed in purchasing these products.
  • Each individual member is eligible to receive one gift card for the duration of this promotion. Gift cards are not stackable unless otherwise specified.
  • You will not immediately receive the gift card. Gift cards are sent out at the end of each month.
  • This promotion is open to residents of Australia only. Any reviews written by members outside of Australia will not be eligible for a reward.


Fridges / Refrigerators
Air Fryers
Coffee Machines
Washing Machines
Clothes Dryers
Vacuum Cleaners
Air Conditioners
Mobile Phones
Wearable Tech
Modems / Routers
Internet Service Providers
Hair Dryers
Hair Straighteners
Prams & Strollers
Baby Formulas
Car Seats
Breast Pumps
Lawn Mowers

As always, enjoy!

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  • Ripper deal doweyy. Thank you :)

  • Got my gift card at the start of the month and used it yesterday. Only takes 5-10mins to leave some reviews. Would recommend!!

  • Can we do this again, using the same account from the last offer?

  • Thanks, Broden.

  • Thans Doweyy! Yo, so i had an existing account from the previous $20 Coles campaign, i signed in and entered my first item, I only ended up having to enter 2 items and it said i was complete….idk what happened there but it's in my favour so all g!

    • Interesting, same boat from doing the last offer except my landing page just congratulates me with a "Awesome, You've done it!" message when signing in and tells me I have already received my gift card.

      Guess I'll just make a second account.

    • I got a $20 gift card from the previous campaign. I signed into my account today and it said I only needed to do 1 review to get one from this current campaign.

      I did that, and it said I was successful. BUT just to double check I sent support an email. They told me it is limited to one gift card per person and that I already got one from the last campaign. To be honest I thought this was an entirely separate campaign and that it just means we can only get one per campaign. They should word it better, or at least not have the promotion visible to people that have already participated.

      So wasted my time. This is only for new accounts..

      • +5 votes

        Just to clarify this for anyone else reading:
        This promotion technically isn't "back" as it never went away, it's been running continuously since July.

        Accounts that have already redeemed a card aren't shown the incentive offer organically, and if you have already been sent a card you should see a message saying so when visiting the incentive page. However, if in the time in between being emailed your gift card and visiting the incentive page one (or more) of your reviews has fallen out of eligibility (either through being unpublished, or a product becoming discontinued), then the incentive page will prompt you to write X amount of reviews. Normally you would not see the incentive page after you have been emailed a card because you would never be prompted by us to visit it. The page does still exist, so you can "force" yourself to see it by either manually entering the URL or clicking a direct link like the one in the OP. I hope this makes sense, and I believe this is what happened in your specific case. The best place to check your counter is on the homepage. If there's no counter there, it means you've already been sent a card.

        The incentive is open to both new and existing accounts, provided those existing accounts haven't previously redeemed a gift card.

        • Can we review the service "ProductReview.com.au " on product review.

          While you guys accept any $H!# about any other business or product, you seem to have a very hard hand on the censor button when talking about product review itself.

          Especially if anyone complaining about the hard handed censorship and restricting negative reviews on certain products / categories.

  • Done, thanks!

  • Great deal OP

    But can only get one $20 gift card, even if you write 8 reviews.(Or maybe I was unlucky last time, as after the first one, i wrote comprehensive reviews, but was turned down the second time :(

  • There's a field:
    Have you been offered a reward for this review?

    Should I be putting yes?

    • No, put no, it’s just asking if you’ve been paid to post (which you haven’t).

      • Cheers!

      • You kinda are though, with a gift card?

        • +3 votes

          You only have to check 'Yes' if you've been offered a reward by the business or manufacturer you are reviewing. Businesses will commonly offer something like "Get $10 off your next order if you review us", which is totally fine as long as you get the reward for both positive and negative reviews.

  • Thanks Op! Great way to both help community and get credit.

  • purchased in the last 12 months from the following categories.

  • Do we need to provide proof of purchase? Finding four piece of paper I don't even know if I have anymore isn't exactly worth increasing the likelihood of me getting $20.

    Also - are our names and emails published?

    • Proof of purchase isn’t required but they might need it to verify a review that looks fake from what I can tell, I didn’t need proof of purchase at all. Emails aren’t published but I think first names are.

      • Yeah "nicknames" are purchased so I just made up a bogus name :)

        I'm getting the proof of purchase page, but when I went skip it seemed to have counted.
        I'm an Ozbargainer though! I haven't bought 4 new things in the last 12 months!

    • +1 vote

      Your screen name will be public, but your email and real name aren't. Any proof of purchase documents you upload are also kept completely private. You can read more info here: https://www.productreview.com.au/i/privacy.html

      Please note that if you use your email address or phone number as your screen name then it will be visible to anyone reading your reviews.

      • I was asked for a proof of purchase for comtempo big w vacuum cleaner but when i sent it they say can u please send any other proof of purchase where the invoice has ur name or email address on it!!!!! Now who has ever got a receipt (invoice) from big w for just a $48 home brand vacuum cleaner with their name on it??????


          If you believe we have no legitimate reason for not publishing your reviews you are welcome to contact me privately at [email protected] for more detailed information.

        • @nsta8487: its not about u dont have any legitimate reason, what i said was that what else proof can i have for a vacuum cleaner bought from big w??? All i have is the reciept/invoice. But product review is asking for any other invoice with name, ???!!!


          @Hunt1: In most cases a picture is fine, there's no blanket rule that we don't accept them, and we are happy to assess proof of purchase documents on a case-by-case basis. In this specific case, our Moderation Team had other concerns about your account that led to them rejecting a number of reviews submitted by you. If you believe they have made a mistake you are welcome to email us.

    • I think you need proof of purchases for most of the items you have reviewed. I had done 5 and only one was just uploaded with no request for anything.

      Right now my account says I need 3 more reviews to do.

      I'm tempted to just send a picture of my iPad Pro (in it's Case which I also reviewed as a bonus), next to my iPhone X and send the email via my TPG email (which I also reviewed).

      I just don't want to release too much of my personal information like account numbers etc so I'm just deciding if participating in this just for $20 is worth it considering the effort involved in trying to find my receipts and sharing more information than I would like.

      • Same here, I've written 4 reviews and haven't heard anything let alone seen a $20 voucher. I wish I hadn't wasted my time. They don't even have contact details on their website, just a long list of FAQ's

        • +1 vote

          You can see your counter on the homepage www.productreview.com.au - if it says you've completed 4 eligible reviews then you'll receive a gift card.
          Gift cards will be sent out on Thursday, please wait until after that day to contact me to say you haven't received one yet.
          I can be contacted at [email protected]


  • $20 is $20 buck amirite ZZ?

  • Still awaiting to receive a $20 voucher from the last time they were running this promotion.

    • Send them an email about it, mine came swiftly last time.

    • Edit: I contacted ProductReview support and it seems one of the reviews I submitted was not in a valid category, therefore I was not eligible.

      Just finished a fifth review and am awaiting a voucher.

  • Whee, signed up for my partner and had a dig through our receipt box :D Thanks for the share OP.

    Note : Signed in my previous account that had a gift card sent to and it just brought me to the screen that says 'Awesome, you've done it' right away

  • Thanks! done it and looking forward to getting my $20 coles voucher.


    Is it 4 review statement for one product only to be eligible for the gift card?

  • Already spotted a few OzBargainers with 4 reviews.

    • I also did one for an item which is no longer 'current' and didn't count towards the 4 :(

  • Thanks, done and actually had 4 products to review. Only had proof of purchase for 1 which I submitted so hopefully I get the voucher!

  • I have a feeling there's going to be a whole bunch of iPhone 8, 8s and X reviews :)
    (Not that the buyers of those phones need to read reviews, not sure why it's even on productreview :p)

  • Voucher comes at the end of the month…

  • nice one OP

    Can't wait to spend my $20 on half price ice cream!

  • New account, not receiving confirmation email , any one else facing same issue?

  • thanks, worked. 4 reviews, 2 with receipt.

  • I did 4 last time this offer was available, and this time it said write 1 review to get a gift card so i only had to submit 1. Lets see if i get my gift card at the end of the month.

  • Thanks OP. did a few extra and discontinued products to be more legit.

  • I haven't purchased anything from that list in last 12 months

  • Just remembered that I haven't received my $20 voucher from last time.

  • Do people actually review products they own or write random ones? I rely a lot on community reviews when choosing product! i fell ive been cheated this whole time! mwa

    • I write legit reviews because it's a good offer that should be respected so it can happen again next year and the year after. I also use this site when checking reviews so I wouldn't want to see fake reviews.

      TLDR: Don't be a 🐶 and write fake reviews.

    • That’s why I put that disclaimer in about posting legit reviews, I would hate for people to write fake ones and I hope no one did, mine were completely legitimate and I urge others to do the same.

      I believe a majority of the reviews on there are legit.

  • Do you need to attach a receipt for verified purchase to get this offer?

    • No you don't, you can select 'skip this step'. However if your review looks dodgy they can request proof of purchase.

      • Thanks I found a bug when I finished writing 4th review, it still thinks I have only done 3….

        • Make sure all of your reviews are in valid categories, otherwise it won't be included and counted towards one of the four reviews.

  • Haven't bought 4 eligible products in the last 12 months… time to hand in my OzBargain badge?

    Or could someone suggest 4 eligible items under $5 each so I can come out ahead? ;)

    • If you go into any category there is an option on the right for "add a listing and write a review". This allows you to add products you've bought which aren't already shown

  • +8 votes

    Hi everyone,

    I'm with ProductReview.com.au and running this promotion, so I'm happy to field any questions about this or any general questions about the site.
    We have an FAQs page which may help some of you, I promise it's only a short read.

    I'm contactable at [email protected] if you have specific questions about your account, or else feel free to post here.


    • Thanks I found a bug when I finished writing 4th review, it still thinks I have only done 3….when I go to my Account still shows write one more review to receive gift card! I assume this is the category, it has to be one of them…

      • +1 vote

        This means that one of the products you reviewed is either not in an eligible category, or is marked as discontinued (i.e. not currently for sale from Australian retailers). If you let me know your username I can give you specific feedback (you can email me if privacy is a concern).

        • No worries I fixed that.

          However I found another bug. Your email confirmation never sends through to Yahoo! email address. Its not in junk or spam folders.

          I had to resort to Gmail address, by changing under profile.

        • @neonlight: same here. I thought something was wrong with my id, had to revert to outlook.

        • I reviewed a product in an eligible category also not discontinued but it didn't count towards my 4 reviews. Could it be as I was the first to review the product (no prior reviews of the product) that once approved will count as part of my 4 reviews?

        • +1 vote

          @adr8: If the product already existed in our database but had no reviews, then it should already be in a category. If you had to submit a form for a new product then that will have to be manually checked and categorised, in which case your counter won't include it until the category is assigned.