Daily Supplements: Do You Take Them? Why?

Interested to hear the consensus on here regarding supplements.

Fish Oil, Vitamin B, C, D, probotics, strange herbal concoctions, multi-vitamins.

I feel like at some point we all feel some sort of mild ailments, whether it be joint pain or general lethargy/lack of motivation or energy.

The supplement industry has done well to condition us to think of them first as the quick and easy fix, rather than other alternatives like fixing your diet.

So do you take supplements? What do you take? Why?

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    I take supplements, my diet is in check.
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    I don't take supplements, my diet is in check.
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    I take supplements, my diet could probably be better/isn't great.
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    I don't take supplements, my diet could probably be better/isn't great.


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    I take fish oil and magnesium supplements and eat a fairly healthy diet.

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    I know some supplements are good when required, but I really dislike the self-medicating alternative medicine craze we seem to be in. I prefer trying to get most of what we need in our diets.

    “You know what they call alternative medicine that's been proved to work? - Medicine.”
    ― Tim Minchin


      I'm in the same camp as you, that's why I stopped taking a multi-vitamin. I stopped taking fish oil due to it being linked to prostate cancer, but then I've read again that the study wasn't really conclusive. There's always conflicting reports!

      I love fish but don't have the opportunity to eat it often, and I've heard from friends that magnesium supplements were recommended by doctors.

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    B12 because I follow a vegetarian diet

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      Certainly B12 must be considered by anyone abstaining from animal products, but plenty of research suggests B12 deficiency is a widespread issue affecting all walks of life, particularly the elderly. (some reports >40% of Americans).

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    Supplements for what?
    Eat all meats
    Some fruit
    Some veg
    Milk and eggs
    And you’ll be fine

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    I take them because I like my urine to be fortified.

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    Might need to consider some supplements, as this post is deficient in bargains…

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    Biggest scam industry there is. Its all a placebo


    I take a heap for different issues, slowly weaning back on some, rotate others, others maybe once a year for a month or so. Things like alpha lipoic acid, ALCAR, ubiquinol which the body makes but reduces with age are fine to take for extended periods. Have also discovered Chinese herbal tonics (not medicine) and they seem to be having a good effect as well though too soon to tell for sure (Dragon Herbs). I'm trending more towards herbs and powders lately rather than pills (moringa, amla, ashwaganda, cacao etc) and as they foods rather than isolated vitamins/minerals it 'feels' like they are more effective. Luckily at this point in history we have available to us a LOT of top quality natural products from all over the world (as well as cheap and nasty stuff DYOR). This is on top of a healthy diet of course, no point trying to get healthy if you still smoke, drink use stimulants and soft drinks and fast food. :) (Just saying, been there, done that.)



      Do you feel that if you dropped everything tomorrow, your health would deteriorate considerably?


        I have gone cold-turkey in the past and do notice the difference. Not enough to make me sick per se but enough to slow me down a fair bit. The end goal is to get all nutritional requirements from food but that's not always possible. It's a long-term project. :)



    • 1x Multivitamin

    • 1x 500mg Vitamin C

    • 1x Magnesium (can't remember strength)

    • 2x 2000mg Fish Oil

    • 2x 1200mg Lecithin

    • 2x Aspirin

    • 2x 1000IU Vitamin D

    • 4x St John's Wort 2000

    Diet is varied:

    • I sleep 4-7 hours a day.
    • Train BJJ, powerlifting gym routine, walk about ~15,000 steps/day.
    • I go through days where I'd just eat sashimi, days where I'd have a dozen tacos, burgers, hotdogs and a pizza, and days where I just drink.
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      And what does your body look like? Are you ripped?


      2X Aspirin is a lot!!

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      I know most people don't turn to ozbargain for medical advice, but i have concerns about the above list and am commenting to both encourage you to speak with your doctor about it, as well as to attempt to dissuade others from taking the same doses. In particular, in most cases two aspirin per day is more likely to do harm than good (e.g. stomach ulcers and gastrointestinal bleeds), and four St John's wort tablets per day can also potentially cause serious harm (e.g. serotonin syndrome - particularly if combined with medications that affect mood). Other forms of treatment could be helpful to manage the symptoms that the St John's wort is being used for. Again, I would suggest discussing these with your doctor.


        I'm not taking NSAIDs for fun, and not for extended periods. That list is just what I'm taking right now. It's been a week with the aspirin on advice from a doctor.

        Re: St John's Wort, it's a pretty standard dosage. I'd understand there would be an issue if I was combining it with something else but I'm not. Otherwise it would be on that list :)


    Fish oil as my cholesterol level is climbing rapidly

    Calcium & Vitamin D as I stay indoor a lot and not getting enough sun

    Vitamin C for general health and well being

    I am waiting for a 50% glucosamine & chondroitin as I do have some arthritic problem


    I take multivitamins. Regardless of whether or not it works, it makes me feel better about myself so that's all that matters.


    Because I want to get


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    Supplements are a waste of money if your diet is anywhere near decent. The exception for me is Vitamin D as many people don't get enough from the sun. My low level was indicated in blood test results.


      Yeah, same, just found out I'm low on D (and triglycerides).


      Yep. Instead of spending a bucketload on vitamins/"nutraceuticals" straight up, invest in a blood test and see what you really need.

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        Blood tests are not always good indicators for that kind stuff. They might show blood serum levels of some things but not tissue levels. I've found it's a bit hit and miss. For example hair tests seem to be popular for showing mineral levels but they tend to lag a bit.


    This doc is quite interesting, regarding supplements - PBS Frontline - Supplement Safety Documentary

    I still take now and then, stuff like calcium, vit D, omega-3 but not regularly.


    Blood tests showed I was severely Vitamin D deficient, so I'm on Vitamin D supplements for the rest of my life as it's the only way to get normalish levels…
    A mate is in the same boat with B12 - for some reason just can't produce enough from food.

    If you think you're off, get a test from your doc - then just take what you need. Results may surprise you - I would never have guessed Vitamin D was the issue…


    I've found probiotics to help gut health ,
    where eating lots of yoghurt wasn't,

    baby aspirin also ,
    as I've heard (studies) it can prevent some cancers ,
    and it's the most commonly used medicine taken by doctors ,
    also it's cheap.


    I take C.D, concentrated krill, COqu10 and drive around a race track every now and then to get my body pumping.
    I was on STATINS and quit, it as it was weakening my muscle in my body, told my Doc and he tore a strip off me coz I just quit, but hey 12mths down the track i'm way better.


    Gingko Biloba


    Astaxanthin for a variety of benefits - https://examine.com/supplements/astaxanthin

    (Lots of other research that they haven't added to the examine article yet, such as reducing cognitive decline in aging, oral supplement that provides basic UV protection etc)

    Astragalus to boost the immune system - https://examine.com/supplements/astragalus-membranaceus/

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