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4K iTunes Movie Discounts, Including Wonder Woman 4K $12.99, Was $24.99

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  • I wonder what the Predator transfer is from. The want dnr botched remaster?

  • Is there an easy way to find all 4K movies? I know there’s a 4K HDR section. But don’t see anything for normal 4K.

    • To answer my own question, you can use Siri to “show me movies in 4K “ and it will show them along the bottom of the screen

  • La La Land isn’t 4K

    • That’s strange it’s showing as HD at the moment because it is definitely usually 4K on iTunes. Doesn’t really matter, any HD copies you buy are automatically upgraded to 4K anyway so once it returns to 4K you’ll have that for the $4.99 purchase price.

      • It’s been 4K on the US store for ages but it’s never been 4K on the Oz store.

        • Interesting, that must have been where I saw it 4K earlier. Even so, it will obviously become 4K on the AU store eventually so might as well get it cheap now and wait for the free upgrade.

        • Maybe the Oceanic Blu Ray distributor has exclusive rights for 4K La La Land. Or maybe someone at Apple forgot to tick the 4K box when going through the processing form for this movie for Australia.

      • If I searched for “4K” on iTunes, La La Land comes up, but does not explicitly say so when you zoom in…

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    Predator is a good transfer. Very grainy.

  • Is the only way to watch them in 4k with the new apple tv?

    • 'fraid so

    • You can play HDR content, with a slightly higher than HD resolution on the iPad Pro and iPhone X, but only the Apple TV 4K can currently play 4K HDR. Most likely updates will come to iTunes later this year to allow 4K playback on Mac/PC though.

    • And I believe you have to have internet fast enough to stream, as you can't download to the Apple TV first and then watch.

      • The quality of the video will scale to accomodate your Internet speed, or you can pause and buffer for better quality on slow connections. Generally speaking though, you need at least a 25mbps connection to stream at best quality.

        • 25mbps connection to stream at best quality.

          in comparison, to just under 40Mb/s for worst quality consumer UHD Bluray.

        • @AlexF: That’s an oversimplification. Physical media is obviously superior to streaming but Apple’s compression technology and standards are more efficient than 4K Blu-Ray. Most comparison reviews have rated iTunes 4K very highly, with differences in most films only being noticeable if you’re choosing to sit at closer than average viewing distances.

        • @mr_me450:

          Apple’s compression technology and standards are more efficient than 4K Blu-Ray

          both use h.265 for video with (I believe) 4:2:0 chroma compression.

        • @AlexF: Again, using those terms alone as a basis for quality is an oversimplification. There are many different ways to encode the H.265 file using different technologies to preserve or discard information that contributes to the overall compressed file. I’m not saying 4K iTunes is as good as a 4K blu-Ray, it’s not, but twice the bitrate does not mean twice as good quality in this case.

        • @mr_me450:

          Again, all things being equal, higher compression results in lower quality; and, Apple "magic" isn't an algorithm.

        • @AlexF: That’s the point. All things are NOT equal. And of course the quality is lower, just not particularly noticeably so.

        • blurays can be losslessly remuxed into a lower file size even still.

  • How big are these files? I will not accept compressed rubbish under 40Gigs

    • The size will obviously depend on the length of the movie. I think they’re encoded at 25mbps using H.265.

    • Hard to say since they don't let you download 4K movies onto any device. The only way to watçh them is streaming which makes me think they'd probably be a not very good bitrate.

  • Didn't realise that iTunes did 4k. Cheers.

  • Home Alone is in 4K?
    I got this years ago in HD from iTunes (For free)
    How do I get the 4K copy on iTunes?

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    This thread made me installed my 4k apple tv I bought months ago.

    • Lol the true OzBargainer. Buy stuff and then get around to it later. Like a good Steam sale buy and never play.

      • Tell me about it. I got so many steam games and actual hard copy of PS4 games sitting around

  • How these compare to Ultra Blu-ray 4K Discs ?

  • Does the 4K file work for iPads or just for Apple TV?

    • iPads don't have 4K screens so the film will just playback in HD. The iPad Pro and iPhone X have HDR capable screens though so any 4K films with HDR will look great on those.