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SteelSeries Nimbus Wireless Gaming Controller $51.48 (RRP $99) @ Catch on eBay


iOS gaming controller for Apple TV/iPad/iPhone. Charges via lighting connector with 40 hour battery. Apple sells these for $99, great deal I found when I was looking for a controller to play GTA on my iPad.

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  • $51.17 with $9.99 postage and less PRESENT20 discount

  • Store in title?

  • does it work with PC, games like rocket league?

    • From the listing on eBay;
      Please note: this device is compatible with iOS devices w/ Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity

    • My understanding is the controller is Bluetooth and compatible with games that support Mfi controllers. Best to find out from Nimbus if it will work with PC also.

    • You need to use this: https://axadiw.github.io/MFIGamepadFeeder/
      It doesn't work native but it works. It's a nice quality controller if you plan on using for both iOS / PC but if it's just PC I'd spend the extra for an xbox / ps4 controller.

  • For PC an Android combined, get the Steelseries Stratus XL. Got one from Amazon AU for $63 inc postage. Great pad and also works as a remote for the TV.

  • I got the mini version of this. It's too mini for me.

  • This is the best controller by far for iOS devices.

    Highly recommended if you're not much of a gamer but have an Apple TV at home. Literally transforms it into the casual console you need.

    • Any games worth playing? I tried real racing on the 4k apple tv and it was laggy and stuttery… horrible experience. And that was on display at the apple store!

      • a bit late to the post but…

        Honestly if you have a decent steam library and you're looking to use a controller on a portable device, you can stick with a laptop or 2in1 win tablet.

        I've been in visiting the /r/iosgaming subreddit and there's stuff like the final fantasy ports (bloody expensive), the binding of isaac, bastion / transistor, don't starve, space marshals 1/2, xenowerk… hit up the subreddit for more e.g. https://www.reddit.com/r/iosgaming/comments/7knqvw/mfi_game_...

        More recently I played just a bit of the beginning of Jade Empire on iPad with the Steelseries Nimbus