Is It Worth Getting Personalised Number Plates?

At a cost of $200 plus $105 a year,is it worth getting personalised number plates?


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    How is it worth it? You are paying money and getting nothing in return. For those who want personalised number plates it's a purchase of passion, nothing to do with being "worth it".

    Also, side note, I think personalised numbers plates are generally very pretentious.

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      Not quite true some people do buy up the plates of cars that are coming out or new brands on the rise and sell them for a profit, private plates for some of the old classics can go for a fortune.

      Footy clubs go for a good price too, ones that are not the official club plates

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      I'm sure you think wearing any clothes other than block standard colours from Kmart is pretentious too? Buying a car in any colour other than white, and isn't a Camry? Wearing shoes with anything other than black laces? Or sunglasses that weren't bought off a rack in a fuel station? Oh no, that guy did something that even in just some small way breaks away from the average crowd! It isn't based purely on function regardless of any other aspects, oh the humanity! Not all of us want to be cardboard cutouts, most of the time it isn't pretentiousness or vanity, it's simply wanting to make something your own. Typical of an ozbargainer to only be able to think in terms of financial return, no matter how insignificant, rather than more important returns such as emotional ones, very unhealthy way to live.


        I thought i was getting slammed there till i got further through your comment

        i was about to defend my honour and say I've never been in Kmart for well over 6 years and even that was forced looking for easter eggs my nephews wanted, never owned a white car, and certainly wouldn't buy a Camry LOL

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        I'd say a very unhealthy way to live would be to get emotional returns from purchasing a customised license plate.

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          Unhealthy to be happy about a personalised car? Mmm must be a tough life you live then



          Nah, not tough at all, and trying to come back from a massive dependence on purchasing useless stuff myself. Getting emotional returns from spending hundreds of dollars on a customised unique identifier for your motor vehicle, probably isn't a position to be judging the emotional health of others though.


          @Cubist: is it so hard to comprehend that people have different interests and things that make them happy lol

          It's number plates get over it



          No, not at all. I don't have an issue with people buying license plates. I piss away my money on my hobbies. I was referring to this comment.

          Typical of an ozbargainer to only be able to think in terms of financial return, no matter how insignificant, rather than more important returns such as emotional ones, very unhealthy way to live.

          Just in terms of "healthy", deriving your happiness for spending hundreds of dollars on personalised license plates probably isn't the healthiest of behaviours. Getting your emotional responses from "stuff" isn't exactly ideal.


          I guess that makes a pox of anyone spending money on a couple of yellow metal rings then saying some words in front of some guy, right? Anyone who buys a painting or keeps cards needs to be sorry, and I need to see a psychiatrist because I spent extra to get the two tone rug because it matched my furniture and I liked the pattern.

          To say unhealthy makes it sound like they buy number-plates all day instead of regular recreational activities.
          It's perfectly normal to pay a bit more to get something that one might think suits or looks better and they themselves would appreciate more. It's also perfectly normal for different people to like different things, or "stuff".

          If you're legally obliged to pin some garbled letters to your car, surely it can't be that bad a thing for someone else to want to choose their own letters/styles and be happy about it.



          I guess that makes a pox of anyone spending money on a couple of yellow metal rings then saying some words in front of some guy, right?

          I think comparing your cultures traditional symbol of the most important vow you can ever make as an adult, is absolutely a fair comparison, and definitely tantamount to personalising "Some garbled letters to your car".

          Then again, I don't see any value in wedding rings and bought a $50 silver ring that I stopped wearing not too long after the ceremony, so I may not be the best person to validate your comparison.

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        Think we have found someone with personalised plates


        You must have personalised plates that are very important to you.


        I kind of think the OP is trolling us, because to ask is it "worth it" is a loaded question. Is it worth "what"? What are you measuring it's worth against? How can you measure the worth of something like that. It is completely personal preference. For the record I do have a very good car that I am proud of and spent more money than I needed to, but I would never get customised plates, not because of the money but because I just think they look tacky, again that is my opinion. Horses for courses.


      "How is it worth it? You are paying money and getting nothing in return"

      I pay a lot in taxes. I am entitled to far fewer benefits than someone who does not pay tax.


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    Move to Victoria so you can get one and not pay a yearly fee…

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    if it takes the total cost of your car to 80,000 there may be an argument for it…


    It is un ozbargain way

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    Yes you get so much return.

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    Totally worth it for my high-yield investment.


    Far out is this just for new plates since the fee was introduced or does every personalised plate get hit with this.

    Some can be worth it, if you manage to get ones people are willing to shell money for when you have had enough of the car.

    If it only means something to you and you're looking to keep them for a good number of years they cold end up costing you a tidy little sum

    It's actually a bit of a dick move by the State taxing you for something they allowed by law.

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      Just for new plates. You used to be able to pick a standard plate format (normal numbers letters order) and customise your letters for no annual fee. I nearly did this, but too late now, no way I'm paying a yearly fee for it.

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        yeah that yearly fee sucks

        just another revenue raiser for no good reason they conform to regulations and they produced and promoted them.


          They say the money raised is used entirely for roads

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          @snook: it's always the first party line.

          Because Rego
          Toll Roads
          and Speed camera's don't make enough for the coffers.


          @Toons: says it on the slip of paper you get when you order your plates. I remember being surprised that it said it all goes back to roads.


          @snook: I believe you, they just wouldn't get away with anything else on it. someone would want answers or to see a budget.


          @Toons: I work for the Government but not the RMS. The amount of accountability we have to have drives me fn crazy with the red tape. They couldn't say that and hide it … but they could include costs.


          @snook: trust me i get it


      They have a monopoly so there's not much you can do except move states!

      Also I'm guessing it's because some plates become very valuable but the state government doesn't see any revenue for it, so they decided to tax these personalised ones.

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    Is vanity worth it?

    Up to you

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    I bought them and have no regrets, way overpriced for what they are though.

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    how big is your gentleman sausage?

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    I like the funny ones

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    Who wants a memorable numberplate? Something for a witness to remember when you are fleeing the scene of the accident.

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    I could justify it for a business because its a tax write off and cheapish advertising. But could be better spent on a sticker if that was your goal


    I don’t know if you can buy wanky plates unless you have a wanky car to go with them. I really want personalised plates, but I just dont want to have to buy the Ford Mustang to go with them…

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      I have personal plates, though currently not on a car… (have work car now)



        How long can you keep them without being on a car, or do they just take them off you one day.


          In WA our DOT holds them indefinitely if they're not on a vehicle. We own the Right to Display. Plates cost around $495-$695 currently but it's a 1-off cost and you can sell them

          Mine are a derivative of 'black label', they were on a black car :)



          though currently not on a car

          Well, when you get that new Mustang… ;)

          And same with NSW, we can put plates on hold, but there is a yearly fee to have them on hold. Just like everything else the RMS does in NSW, it just requires more money…

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          @Spackbace: Bogan confirmed



          Meh, black on black car, white state plates stood out like dogs balls

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