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Any 4 Items for $99 @ Ben Sherman Online Outlet


Ben Sherman launches online outlet - any 4 items on the outlet tab for $99. Use code "OUTLET"

You can also enjoy free shipping and free returns.

4 days only must end on the 19th Feb.

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  • Crappy site… trying to add something to the cart and it never seems to add.

    • Thank you for your message. Would you mind telling us which product(s) you wanted to add to the cart? We will investigate into it straight away.

      • Harrington jacket.

        • Thank you for your prompt reply. I tried adding a Harrington jacket in the cart and it works. Would you mind calling our customer service team directly so they can help your or even place an order for you? Their number is 1800 236 743. Thank you again for your message.

        • @TAfashion: Hi, don't see the Harrington Jacket on the list anymore. Has this been taken off the OUTLET sale now?

    • I've had ad blockers do this to the Myers site, and the Platypus site - had to disable them.

    • Had the same issue with Chrome. Worked on firefox

    • Didn't work for me on my iPhone. Worked on in IE Windows 10.

  • notice doesnt work in mobile, i cant click on any items

    • Thank you for your feedback. We will check and get back to you shortly.

    • use desktop version on mobile… I was able to order that way

    • The small technical glitch has been fixed. Thanks for letting us know.

  • I found that if you have adblocker turned on it would not add item to bag. Just white-list the site and it would work.

  • Got ~$400 worth of business shirts for $99 so can't complain. Good deal.

    • The last shirt I got had a strange cut. I wasn't able to move my arms up and down freely.
      I got it from Iconic and it was a sale item with no return unfortunately.

  • +1

    Don't forget 4.2% cash rewards

  • -2

    Doesn't work?

    Your promo code has been successfully applied.
    Entered Promo code - OUTLET
    SUBTOTAL: $1,596.00 (AUD)
    GST: $145.09
    BAG TOTAL: $1,596.00 (AUD)

    • +2

      Thanks for your message. The offer only applies to the items on the outlet tab, not full priced products.

      • awwwwwww

        • I would also love clothing worth $1,596.00 for $100. 😝

        • @zhandu: I’d prefer $99

    • +3

      You didn't really think you were gonna get $1600 worth of stuff for under $100… that's even beyond the realm of ozb

      • -2

        True but it was worth a try and a comment. An Ozbargainer has no limits!!!!!

        • you're just a flat out cheapskate who can't read the terms of the sale

        • +3

          @smuggler: That's harsh bro, just tryin to save a couple of bucks!

        • @Homr:
          $1500 to be precise.

  • +1

    The site is pretty much totally broken for me too.

    When I tried to register, it kept asking me to verify a CAPTCHA that wasn't even displayed.

    When I blocked a location query, it insisted on trying to auto-fill my address as being in the USA.

    When I tried to check out as guest, it just timed out.

    All a bit useless. It's a great deal, but not if I have to mess about with browser settings to get it. This is 2018, websites should just work.

  • Picked up 3 pairs of chinos and polo for $99. Pretty happy. Thanks OP

    • Those chinos are so shitty.

      Their slim stretch ones with inner herringbone lining and ec1 stitching are faaaaaaaaaaaaaaar better.

  • -1

    Just curious, the TAFashion stand for Tight Arse Fashion?

    • Worked OK for me.

    • I’d guess TA refers to True Alliance. Hopefully means more deals upcoming from True Alliance brands.

  • I'd so jump on the full priced chinos if they offered the 50% off boxing day sale again.

  • if i return them, do i get $25 back per item?

  • Worked smoothly for me, thanks OP

    • Its been fixed now.

  • Either required stuff or sizes are not available..

  • +1

    I’m annoyed I bought a Ben Sherman polo from amazon 60% off sale just the other day and now there’s this which makes it even cheaper. If only you started the sale 3 days earlier I’d have a polo colour of my choice too. Good deal though.

  • Lame nearly no medium or large stock.

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