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Brand New 30-50" Universal Wall Bracket Plasma/LCD, ±15° Lockable @ $30, Free Delivery


Hi Guys,
Brand New 30-50" Universal Wall Bracket Plasma/LCD, ±15° Lockable @ $30, FREE Delivery

I've seen that most of the people on Ozbargain are after great deals, and there hasn't been a deal on Ozbargain this cheap ($30) for TV Brackets.

I would like to run this promotion for those of you who wishes to buy last minute Christmas Gifts and/or those of you who bought a new TV and would like to hang it up.

This New 30"-50” Universal Plasma/LCD wall bracket is very versatile and the lowest price in its class. The TV is only 80mm from the wall, with fingertip viewing angle. The wall mount is universal for most Plasma and LCD screens from 30-50”. It is lockable in position.

The Maximum loading weight is 60kg/130lbs with a ±15° vertical tilt. With easily installation, accompanied with an English instruction manual. It has heavy construction for safe and easy mounting, with scratch resistance and a silver metallic finish, the anti theft protection is able to lock the TV in place, leaving you a peace of mind

Products Detail:  
-Tilt: -15 to +15 degree
-Solid heavy-gauge cold steel construction
-Durable powder-coated finish (silver)
-Compliant to VESA standard
-Fits most large flat panel plasma and LCD TVs
-TV is mounted 80mm from wall
-Easy to install
-Mounting hardware included
-User manual included
-Selling Unit Dim.(WxHxD):773x248x58mm
-Packaging: Colour box
-Gross weight: 6 kg
Product Contents:

1 x PLB103M Universal Plasma/LCD Bracket
1 x Instruction Manual
1 x Set of M4, M5, M6 and M8 Screws, Bolts

If you would like to buy more than 3 of the brackets, please send me a message on ebay or shoot me an email at ausq.accounts(at) and I will be more than willing to negotiate.

Thank you


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    do research before posting
    you have been here for 16 weeks and 1 day(as at time of posting)
    you have only give 1 comment, which was just before this post to add credibility to your account
    SPAM, i smell it


      Comments are the greatest asset of Ozbargain but there is no need to get nasty. Some people may not want to deal through E-Bay. Golly knows I have been burnt once or twice.

      You correctly pointed out a slightly cheaper item, and that is great but having a go for not researching is silly. YOU have pointed out a cheaper option and that is the most important thing.


        "Some people may not want to deal through E-Bay"

        um, this post links to ebay.

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          Uggh, foot in mouth disease. So sorry! Oh well Egg on my face and a bit of humility thrown in. Though my second sentence still means something - I hope :(

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      The $25.99 one does not promise that you will get the item at that price, and you would have to bid and wait until the auction finishes before the item can be posted.

      Mine is a Buy it Now price, where it can be posted once payment is received.

      Also this is my very first post on Ozbargain, so I might not be accustomed to the etiquette of Ozbargain procedures.

      I am willing to price match the competitor for those who are interested.



      Why did you vote positive if you feel so strongly against this?

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    thanks for giving him the ozbargain treatment..

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    cheaper to buy on that very same ebay listing using 'make an offer'. lol.

    agree with issh, about $25 is the lower end price on ebay for this type of product.


    I get my stuff through, they have even lower profile ones (especially if tilt/pan is not important to you), all around the $30 and under mark.

    Bought a 10mm from wall bracket for $27.


    Wow, give the guy a break. Its a really good price in my opinion. Esp. with the free delivery.


    "issh on 14/12/2010 - 21:32 ¶


    If its Most likely then why would you say its a better deal?

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      don't really want to start a quarrel, but by looking at the amount of bids @ zero, it is most likely that you will get it cheaper than the original price(offered on OZB), but now it may be a guaranteed lowered or same price with the rep giving a "best offer", so a +ve for that.
      P.S. note i never said it was a better deal, did I?, all i could've of done was advertise this product(assuming it is mine)

      oh and as of right now, you still have approx 12-13 minutes before auction closed still with no bidders


    How about this:

    You can use it for up to 60" TV, slim 38mm, free buble level and free HDMI cable as well and it's only $23.

    Bought one of these before. It does the job OK.

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    Sorry, not really a bargain, it's a run of the mill price for ebay and that's about it! I grabbed one that does 32-63" for $27.99 'buy it now' (free shipping) the other day from ebay! It was delivered in two days & it's rock solid! :)

    These guys all tend to fluctuate daily as to whether it's auction or BIN, and there's so many on offer I wouldn't stress too much about getting outbid! :p

    Seriously though, I'm sick of seeing these rather ordinary ebay listings touted as "bargains"; sellers are effectively using OzB as cheap advertising, they're not offering anything you can't get for the same price or less elsewhere. Hence, neg from me!

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      Hi StewBalls

      As said in my previous posts, I am willing to price match if you show me that there is a better deal elsewhere. Just shoot me a message on ebay or my email address provided above.



        Sorry dude, I can appreciate your position, but I'm calling it like I see it! IMHO, for something to be a 'bargain' per se, it really needs to be priced significantly lower than it's peers (for me, that's 25-30%)…or be spec'd significantly higher than competitors units for the equivalent price!

        Otherwise, it's just blatant free advertising, and very close to being considered SPAM! I'm sure you're a great ebayer, and your product is just fine; but I don't consider a post to be a bargain unless it meets either or both of the two criteria above! Nothing personal!


    Are these any good?

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