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[Re-Sealed/Refurbished] Samsung S8+ Plus ($696) and Samsung S8 ($632) Delivered @ Luvyourphone eBay


Samsung Galaxy S8 for $632 Delivered
Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus for $696 Delivered

Please note the phones are single SIM, EU (International) models sold in a generic white packaging.

"Seller Notes: “The Samsung S8+ Plus G955F is the same as a brand new phone without original packaging"."

Original 20% Ebay Post (courtesy of doweyy).

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  • Great price, except without original packaging:

    "Seller Notes: “The Samsung S8+ Plus G955F is the same as a brand new phone without original packaging"

    • Wow, I missed that. What are the implications of that… Potentially a dodgy product?

      • It means this phone may have originally been meant for a certain carrier, so they flashed it with a different ROM to remove the branding and then repacked the phone in a different box.

        • +2 votes

          Hm, but is it still covered by Samsung's 24-month Australian warranty?

        • @ml17:

          Hard to say. I have a gut feeling that it's a 'no'.

          The Australian SKU and model number for Aussie S8's are SM-G950FZKAXSA

          While the SKU for the international or European S8 is just SM-G950F

          The seller claims "Samsung S8 G950F 64GB Black Gold Grey Unlocked New Condition Aussie Model"

          Hardware wise, there is no difference between the Australian model and the international model. The CPU is Exynos, the network band is the same, the modem is probably also identical but there is definitely a difference in ROMs, so a lot of phone sellers will simply flash the Aussie Stock ROM and then sell the international phone as 'local stock'. It's a loophole they're exploiting basically.

        • @scrimshaw: Damn, sneaky.

          So if I bring this to a Samsung store in Australia, they would be able to tell whether or not it has Australian warranty based on the SKU/model number?

        • @ml17:

          SKU and IMEI numbers will probably be used to verify the phone's 'nationality'

        • @ml17:

          Yeah, there are a number of ways to check, including serial or IMEI. You can go to http://www.imei.info/ for example and plug in your phone IMEI and it'll spit out a bunch of data about your phone.

        • @scrimshaw: Yeah, that makes sense. After just dealing with hardware/software issues with a brand new phone, I think I'll opt for a longer warranty period. I'm going to submit a request to cancel my order and purchase from Bing Lee instead.

          Cheers for your help guys!

        • @scrimshaw: I've bought a phone from these guys that had Australian specs listed but was actually a USA model with different bands and model number. I asked them about this and they didn't apologize or attempt to offer an explanation, maybe just a refund to avoid a PayPal dispute. And months later they still had the exact same listing, knowing that the details were incorrect.

          So I wouldn't trust these guys to offer exactly what they say they are. Phone condition was good though, at least that much was true.

        • @crentist:

          I was duped by Shopping Square in a similar manner as well. Page had no network band info but their "MPN" or product number matched the australian one. The listing also did not specify whether it was Exynos or Qualcomm Snapdragon.

          Basically, if the listing omits too much information, proceed with caution.

        • @scrimshaw:
          I've had Samsung knock back "international" phones for warranty less than 12 months after the model came out, let alone when I purchased them.
          Excerpt from an email from them after I sent the phone in for repair (after I'd already attempted to have it repaired in a Samsung store and been knocked back):
          "We have received your Samsung device here for repair, however upon inspection we have found that your device is not an Australian model and therefore not valid for warranty repairs here in Australia. We are also unable to repair your device as parts and software are unavailable for overseas units.
          You will need to contact the seller of your device in order to obtain a repair."

        • @crentist: Had similar experience with other ebay seller selling "Aus Stock" when it was a UAE model. Ebay refunded the money eventually, but doesn't seem to do anything about the seller's false listings.

        • @ml17:
          How did you go with the cancellation? As they have posted mine already I won't be able to cancel it. Misleading seller.

        • @scrimshaw:
          Thanks for the info, would you know if these are flashed with AU rom would effect the updates that phone normally received. As I don't know much about the rom stuff as I am already going through a return process for Xiaomi that I bought from LITB, where update bricked my phone. If something similar would have to happen to this I will return this as soon as I receive it. Thanks for info once again.

        • @d-hunterz: They actually refunded me already… Sorry to hear they weren't able to cancel yours

  • "Aus Stock" - So is this covered by Samsung AU warranty?

  • ugh.. so tempting.. but i'll wait out for the dual sim version

  • Does it come with GST invoice? Can I claim TRS on this?

  • thanks , just got the S8

  • if this really is a sealed new aus stock, what a screaming bargain!


    I'm hesitant about packaging

  • Would've been a great deal if brand-new but not doesn't have original packaging has been opened and apparently professionally tested no thanks

  • +23 votes

    BEWARE: The user has negative reviews, marking that the phones they sell as new are actually refurbished/second hand, BECARFUL! (upvote or include in desc so other can see).

    • They say as much with their descriptions and item condition categories: they are 'as new' and categorised 'new: never used'.

      This is brand new stock that is being bought from an individual and then inspected and re-sold with a 12 month warranty.


        Still almost all there negative reviews are the phones are refurbs, and have bad wear on them.

        • They have different categories of used items, read them carefully. I have an 'as new' Samsung S7 Edge and it was pristine.

          If you're looking to save an extra $40, this is an OK way to do it.

  • also be cautious as it states Compatible accessories supplied

  • just wondering how does warranty work with resellers even with harvey norman etc.

    does a automated msg go from the cash registers to samsung website and the warranty is triggered at that point?

    I have never registered my phone for warranty but it seems to be valid

    • Same 24 month warranty applies for places like Hn, if you want to claim within your warranty period you just bring a receipt to a Samsung by store to verify

      • so obviously the IMEI is recoreded by harvey norman , and customer takes the phone to samsung, shows recipet and gets it looked at

        so hypothetically if you lose your recipet and harvey norman has closed down or systems lose the reciept, you have no warranty???

        • If you lose the receipt all bets are off. You can't really claim warranty if you lose the proof of purchase

          ACCC says…

          To use your rights to a repair, replacement or refund you will need to keep the receipt or other type of proof of purchase. Sometimes you may need to provide more than one of these things to support your claim – for example, when a credit card statement does not clearly itemise the product.

          I doubt Gerry Harvey's empire will crumble, but lets say that you bought a Samsung phone from Dick Smith prior to them going bust, and after they did, you will still have manufacturer's warranty with Samsung. They are legally required to still cover you with warranty as that's part of the product anyway.

        • @scrimshaw:

          yeah fair enoigh,
          was just comparing with a smaller seller like OP
          so they would provide you with an invoice with IMEI number on it,
          and if the phone becomes faulty, you provide this invoice to samsung.

        • Anything Samsung distributes to HN stores will have listed the IMEIs sent out. HN does put them on the receipt to make sure that it's recorded but on HNs receipt from Samsung should be a list of IMEIs sent to them. So even if HN disappears I doubt you'd have a problem as Samsung has to record all their IMEIs sold in Australia

        • @pyro love bird:

          But when would samsung know when hn actuallly sold the phone?

          So hypothetically fraud could occur with smaller sellers who could create a new tax invoice with a later purchasee date to have a longer warranty?

  • would've jumped on this.. but like comments indicated above:

    Package Contents
    1 x Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus in your choice of memory size and colour in Retail White Box
    1 x USB Cable*
    1 x Headset*
    *Compatible accessories supplied


    The Samsung S8+ Plus G955F is the same as a brand new phone without original packaging.

    12 months Samsung Australia warranty

    • its supposed to be 24 months…..

      • according to… samsung? for items purchased from samsung - yeah, agreed.

        this is from the s8+ listing:

        12 months Samsung Australia warranty

        All Brand New items are covered by manufacturer warranty, which is usually 12 months or 24 months (check documentation included with your item, or manufacturer's website for further information). Items which are not brand new are covered by luvyourphone.com.au's back-to-base warranty for a period of 6 or 12 months depending on the product and listing. Please check the listing to confirm warranty period.

        *Please check listing to confirm warranty period.

        • im quite sure that due to statutory consumer law or whatever its called, they had to be 24 months, since most phones are on 24 monht contracts, and there fore outright phones had to be warrantied for 24 months as well..

          and if I recall apple have 12 months warranty but they extend it to 2

        • @hellohello123: all Samsung products have 24 months warranty, and I know that with Optus all phones automatically get 24 months warranty on the plans regardless of what the manufacturers warranty is when you buy the phone outright. Not sure if this has changed recently or if it's the same deal with other phone companies

        • not all Sammy products are 24 mths. Their wearable / fitness tech for example is only 12 mths.

  • Just be aware these guys use giveaway claims to induce positive reviews on productreview.com.au; have bought from them before though and their 'as new' stock is good quality.

  • Had someone bought from this seller before? iam tempted to buy now, can someone review on this sale please?

  • OOT: they also listed used phones, are used ones TRS eligible?

    • As long as it's over $300, and you have a GST invoice, the condition of the item does not matter

      I bought a Samsung S7 from these guys 'as new' and claimed TRS in December

      • Do you physically have to have that phone on you? or you can only show the receipt?

        • you'll need to show the phone when you make the claim at the airport

        • You're meant to have the item on you, which I did, but wasn't asked to show it when claiming , just receipt, passport and boarding pass

        • Do they check like IMEI codes or like you just show them the phone and that's it?

        • @la838:

          I've never seen them be that thorough when in line asking to see an IMEI number , and it's a big IF they ask to see the phone , otherwise , as mentioned earlier, receipt passport and what card would you like the refund on

  • Guys I can confirm that these are Factory refurbished. Dont know if its still a good price.

    • How can you confirm that? Cheers!

      • As I have just bought the S8 plus and below is the relevant extract from the email confirmation

        Items in your order Qty Price
        Samsung S8+ Plus G955F 64GB Black Silver Grey 4G Factory Refurbished Unlocked


        1 $869.99

        • thanks for this info.

          OP i think the title should be changed to refurbished and I very much doubt Samsung Australia would cover any warranty issues

        • @dlakers3peat: Mods are already on it

        • @dlakers3peat:
          They defiantly don't, they sent me two faulty phones.

        • Another Confirmation from the rep-

          New message from: luvyourphone Top Rated Seller(49,691TurquoiseShooting Star)
          Hi there,

          Thanks for your enquiry.

          This device is classed in New condition, which means it is the same as a brand new phone without original packaging.

          It comes with 12 months Samsung Australia warranty.

          We assure our customers that every device we sell had undergone extensive point checking prior to sale, to ensure its functions for great service.

          The phone is great value and we are sure you will be happy with your purchase and our service.

          If you purchase and pay by Paypal before 4pm AEDT weekdays, your item will be dispatched the same day.

          "If not received in this condition I will be kickin their ass"

        • @dlakers3peat: Samsung can't sell refurbished goods without a warranty.

        • @jasswolf: Samsung are not selling these phones directly so no local warranty from Samsung will apply.

        • @dlakers3peat: They are claiming that they are refurbished by Samsung Australia. When a phone comes into them under warranty for repair, there are numerous parts they can replace for the customer and then send the phone back.

          Some of these parts can then be refurbished and repaired, but despite the resulting phones being virtually indistinguishable from a brand new product, they are sold as manufacturer refurbished under Australian law, and Samsung are required to offer a warranty alongside that. Samsung do not sell these products directly to the consumer, but they are typically available.

          It's a much more popular practice with TVs, but the same principles apply here.

        • @jasswolf: i totally agree with what you saying. I guess I doubt what they are saying that these are refurbished phones from Samsung Australia…..based on their ebay feedback.

        • @dlakers3peat: thats a very wrong statement

          Harvey norman sell these phones. Warranty applies

        • @hellohello123: Harvey Norman sells refurbished phones without original box and accessories?

        • @dlakers3peat: i thoguht you meant any samsung phone

        • @jasswolf:
          Umm… No. Says EU (International) model in listing.

          Youre either not following the trail, or being intentionally misleading.

        • @skeptik: Read the information on the receipt in this reply chain. The seller is using one listing, usually with multiple production condition categories.

          If you look on their website, they sell 3 variants of this phone: as new, used in good condition, and manufacturer refurbished.

          The receipt confirms it's manufacturer refurbished. If that's bad info, they're entitled to a refund. If that's good info, they're still entitled to a refund because of the eBay page description.

          If you're OK with the nature of these phones and the shorter warranty conditions at a price under most (if not all) of the grey market, you can't really lose.

  • +2 votes

    give it 2-4 weeks and this price will be the norm(with warranty) when the S9 is released

  • LOL @ AUS Stock

    The norm now is for some pleb to obtain a shipment of grey imports, throw in some AU charges and sell from a local warehouse, then Bob's your uncle (or Ming for that matter)

    Never mind the fact that you can wipe your ass with the warranty and if you approach Samsung AU pop-up store they will turn you back like a beggar.

    Oh, just dont forgot about this:

    Please note the phones are single SIM, EU (International) models sold in a generic white packaging.

    Keep in mind its AU STOCK tho!!

  • This is a bad idea.

    I bought a S7 off eBay for a friend which was an american phone, software unlocked (they had flashed another ROM on to it). The box was "sealed" but, it turns out the box,charger, and accessories were all counterfeit (Typos on the charger). I didn't realise this until they told me that the charger had blown up while plugged in to the wall.

    eBay was like "send the products back please" and I was like "its illegal to use australia post to send counterfeit items, so I can't legally do it". Got a letter from samsung saying the devices were counterfeit and everything.

    4 months later I got a refund from PayPal after screaming bloody murder every day at PayPal support. Absolutely horrific experience.

    Just don't buy things like this from eBay. Its a bad idea.

    • "its illegal to use australia post to send counterfeit items, so I can't legally do it"

      You could have used a courier you know. Either Paypal or the seller would pay for return postage. No need to use AusPo.

    • I sympathise with you and glad it worked out in the end, but:

      its illegal to use australia post to send counterfeit items, so I can't legally do it

      That sounds like a load of bull. If (highly unlikely anyway) ever you do get questioned, you could have just said you were returning it as instructed


      So you kept the phone because "its illegal to use australia post to send counterfeit items" and got your money back ? Seems a bit dodge on both ends tbh.

      • I went to Samsung in Carindale and got a signed letter from the guy there certifying that the device was fake. I wasn't going to pay for return postage, to China, and then wait for the seller to refund me.

        The seller would have promptly resold the garbage to some other unsuspecting person.

        To be clear - the charger that was used blew up while plugged into the wall. The charger was counterfeit. By the seller selling a counterfeit item, including counterfeit charger, they placed the recipient of the device at risk of fire (how many of us charge our phones overnight, next to our beds?)

        After that happened I knew the only correct outcome was to deprive the seller of the device and the money, and to destroy the phone (this is actually a thing when you get counterfeit goods, eBay makes you sign a stat dec saying you have destroyed it).

  • Why would you repackage them in a plain box?

    • Dude, pls downvote this stupid deal.
      They're 99.99% grey imports sold with AU charges form some place in Campsie

      these people think if they ship from AU (via AU post) then the product is AU Stock.

  • Probably better to pay extra $70 and get brand new phone.

    Anyone know any good Samsung S7 Edge deal?

  • this sounds and smells of dodgy.

  • Phone is fine.

  • the seller is dodgy from past experience, no offence to you OP!