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ToolMech 1850W 2000PSI Commercial Quality Pressure Cleaner $89 w/ Free Delivery


Hi Guys,

We are running a promo on our high pressure cleaners. This is the best price we have ever had them for.

Please note quantity is strictly restricted to 50 units at this price, last time you guys bought 50 units in under an hour, so be quick :)

The quality is great on them, we have sold them into commercial and domestic applications for years.

We give a 3 year warranty, and we cover any return postage costs.


1850W Carbon Brush Motor with Aluminium High Pressure Pump

Long 5m Pressure hose

Max Pressure 135 bar with 5.7 l/m flow

Adjustable Nozzle Spray Gun

Also includes Connector Fittings, Cleaning Pin and Soap Dispenser Bottle

We are offering them at $89 delivered, only condition is that they don't go to a PO Box or Parcel Locker, as we use couriers for deliveries on these.

As always, any questions feel free to ask below.

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  • Sorry that this does not looks commercial to me :) and it is already set some doubt in my mind the quality of this unit from the statement.

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      It's more so that people are aware why this unit costs more than a $49 Aldi unit for example.
      The quality is excellent and we back them up with a 3 year warranty.

      • So you called it 'Commercial' to explain why the unit costs $95 instead of $49? What makes this product 'Commercial' quality? Commercial essentially means to be used for business. So if I had a pressure washing business and used this all day every day, how long would you expect the product lifetime to be? It sounds like the commercial name was thrown on to make it sound more impressive. I'm not having a dig, but interested to find out more.

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          Yeah fair question for sure. You can see that the last time we ran this deal we did not include commercial in the title, and some people asked in the comments regarding quality etc.

          Things that make it commercial are
          1. Quality of parts - we don't cheap out on internal parts, everything that can be metal instead of plastic is. We UV stabilize the outer casing to make it longer lasting, we use a decent internal motor sourced from Vietnam instead of China because they last much longer.
          2. Service - We have all parts on hand here in Australia
          3. Warranty - 3 Years, Karcher and others only give one or two years on professional quality units.

          I'm willing to say that for use all day every day, the unit should outlast the warranty period.

          The US distributor of these sells them for over $300USD -

        • I notice the US seller list them as "Light Duty"

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          @FLICKIT: Light duty is how they catagorise any units from 0-2000PSI, it is not a reflection of quality.
          They call 2000-2700 medium, and anything higher is heavy

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          @toolmech: Great answers, thanks for clarifying.

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          @toolmech: good answers op :) missed out this time! hopefully a few more come up for sale :)

    • aluminium pump is normally for domestic use …… even karcher mid range are aluminium pump and their commercial grade are brass pumps ….. same with gerni ….. commercial grade are normally brass pumps.

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        We've been selling them for nearly 5 years. When we started selling them we got 10 replacement pumps as spares. I still have 10 replacement pumps on the shelf, quality of the pumps is great.

        • Was asking in the last deal, but haven't received reply:
          How is your product in comparison with generic one from ebay (link to a few models)

          Also will this cleaner will be okay to clean driveway in condition similar to this one?

          Thank you for the reply.

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          Sorry I have no experience with the generic eBay ones so would be unable to provide a fair and truthful comparison.

          It would have no problem at all cleaning that driveway :)


        • @toolmech: That's fine, does it need any special nozzle for that, or it will be fine for cleaning of concrete right out of the box?

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          @Ametric: The standard lance and nozzle right out of the box will do it.

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          @toolmech: can I just quote on it, if it won't clean and then return it :) Want to buy one, but not sure if the standard pressure cleaner can do it, or need more powerful one :)

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          @Ametric: Yeah if it doesn't do what you need we can accept it back.

        • @toolmech: You got me there, thank you! Buying it right now!

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    That, amazingly, looks exactly like this model, only in blue instead of green:

    • would love to have that deal come back again! I'm really not liking the Aldi one

      • Yeah, it's great, using it a lot

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    Don't feel pressured to buy because they might sell out in an hour, they've been on Gumtree for $99 delivered for the last month::

    • oh snap!

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        Hmm fair call, lets make the deal $89. We'll refund the difference to those who have already bought at the $95 price.

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      TEAM OZB, does it again!

      • :P

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    What is the soap dispenser bottle?

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    Maybe do a better price and I'll bite :D

  • How is the warranty process setup, i.e do you have service agents or does the buyer have to post it to you for warranty repair?

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      We would supply you with a return label at our cost, a courier would collect it from you and either take it to a service agent or back to us. Once repaired or replaced it would be sent back at our cost. Process takes about 10 days end to end :)

      • Has taken much much longer for me.
        Still waiting for my replacement to arrive and couldn't use it even once since I bought it from the last deal.
        My motivation to clean what I wanted to has now diminished and it is now after the event that I wanted to clean for. So not happy.
        I think I paid more than this too so even more unhappy now.

        • Just out of interest… What happened with it? and why has it taken over 3 months?

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          @FLICKIT: I went away all of December after it arrived, tried using it around first/service week of Jan and it didn't work out of the box. Wouldn't switch on, nothing.

          Reported it immediately and waiting till this day to be able to use it.

      • Thanks I just placed an order for one :)

  • I specifically want to use the bottle below. Does this unit have the standard commercial adapter or just a cheap plastic one? If so, which type of cheap plastic one?

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      Ours doesn't have the one in that photo there, it uses lavor attachments

  • @toolmech - Can you do a deal of this with the retractable hose and/or extension cord?

    • Absolutely, seems you have incoming messages turned off, please send me a message and we can work something out for you.

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    Somehow I don't believe the rep's claim that this is "trade quality", and contains "quality parts".

    The OEM is Zhejiang Anlu Cleaning Machinery Co., Ltd. of Taizhou, China. The model number is ABW-VP-90P.

    Here is a link to one of the manufacturer's websites

    The manufacturer typically gives an option of including an induction motor, or a carbon brushed motor. The carbon brushed motor is typically found in cheaper units, and is noisier and less durable. Induction motors are typically found in the higher end units, are quieter, more rugged, and have a longer lifespan.

    When the rep suggests that they sourced a different motor, I suspect that to be false. The specs of their washer is exactly the same as the ANLU ABW-VP-90P. 1850w, 135bar w/ 5.7L/min flow.

    • That's not our manufacturer and also not the city these are produced in.

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      You have too much time on your hands mate. It's an 89 washer, no need to get all Sherlock on it

  • Hi rep, do you have an extension brush for car washing?

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    And that's fifty, thanks guys, appreciate the questions and support.

    • still the same price on the website, so for those who wanted to buy, it is still available…

  • Have had a heap of emails come through asking for extra stock for the deal, so I have added another 20 units and unexpired the deal.

    • received an email that mine was dispatched, hope to get it soon.

      Bunnings put cheap ozito in stock again, hope yours cleaner is better quality / more powerful :)

  • I have also gone ahead and bought one.. Hope it does a good job :)

  • Hi there I've just unboxed the pressure cleaner, it has a weird water hose fitting? (To me it look like an american garden hose style fitting)

    Looks like I'm perhaps missing a connector as normally australian pressure cleaners have a nipple which a generic garden hose clips onto. The tool mech comes supplied with an inlet hose fitting which has a female thread connection?

    Am I missing a connector or is the buyer supposed to source their own?

    Looks like a reasonably solid unit otherwise Cheers :)

  • I am also not able to figure out water connection. Is there a service contact number?

    • PHONE: 1300 186 657
      AFTER HOURS MOBILE: 0419 570 918

      Those were the numbers on the toolmech website :)

      • For all the Dheads out there:

        Hi Mate, we have had a few people bring this up, and it seems that people are trying to use the wrong thing. The female connection you see connects the wind out hose to the machine. The hose inlet where you connect your garden hose is on the other side of the machine. It comes with a black cap over it that needs to be removed.

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