expired [Switch] Bayonetta 2 for $39.95 When You Purchase Bayonetta @ Nintendo Eshop


Bayonetta 2 for $39.95 reduced from $69.95 (42% off) if you purchase Bayonetta 1 for
$49.95. Total $89.90. for those who missed out on the retail copies last week. (Sorry, don't know where the official URL is for Bayonetta 2 on the Aussie eShop. I just went on the eshop through the switch).

Update: Not much of a deal sorry. Would like to delete this as its the disappointing standard deal but I can't unfortunately.

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    Considering I just bought this and the first game for $69 at JB I'm pretty amazed they did a discount this fast since the game came out 7 days ago.

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    Pretty sure that price is only available if you've already purchased Bayonetta 1? I could be wrong but I'm definitely not seeing that price in the eShop on my Switch.

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      Yes you're correct. Not really a "Bargain" and pretty much a waste of everyone's time. You'd be better off waiting for stock to be replenished at JB.

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    This is the standard price when you have the either Bayonetta 1 or 2, the discount is applied automatically but they don't ecessarily advertise it.

    There wouldn't really be a link to the eShop, as Australian eShop isn't accessable in a browser, or at least in the same capacity of other regions where purchases can be made outside of eShop/in browser.

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    Yep, this is the standard price that the games have released at. You get a discount when you purchase either game.

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    Yeah. If you buy either one the other gets discounted accordingly. So regardless of which way you go you are paying $90 which isn't a deal compared to physical at $70.


    Bayonetta 2 for 39.95 is a deal.

    Bayonetta 1 & 2 for $90 seems a bit steep IMO

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    Vendor in title please.

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    Vendor, console, format?

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    No bargain, permanent deal.

    If you buy Bayo 1 you get a discount on Bayo 2.
    If you buy Bayo 2 you get a discount on Bayo 1.

    Either way you end up paying 90 to get the pair, and that's just the standard retail.


    Thanks OP for posting but this is not a deal because the physical copy in store has Bayonetta 1 + 2 and it is cheaper than that (e.g. @JBHifi for $69 and target for $79 or ebgames for the same price)

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