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Monkey Shoulder 700ml $37.60 Wild Turkey $32 C&C @ First Choice Liquor eBay


Item AU $47.00
Postage Free
Vouchers -AU $9.40
Order total AU $37.60
+Cash Rewards

Monkey Shoulder Blended Malt Scotch 700mL

Alcohol Content 40.0 %
Type Bottle
Closure Type None
Country of Origin Scotland
Volume 700 mL
Unit of Measure ea
Product Code 8339502

Item (1) AU $40.00
Postage Free
Vouchers -AU $8.00
Order total AU $32.00

Wild Turkey Bourbon Whiskey 700mL

Alcohol Content 43.4 %
Type Bottle
Closure Type None
Country of Origin United States
Volume 700 mL
Unit of Measure ea
Product Code

Wild Turkey 700mL

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  • +1

    You aren't part of one on the Northern Suburbs BSS by any chance are you?

    Someone was trying to offload a bottle of this for $45… $2 cheaper than retail.

    I was proud of everyone calling him out on being a dreamer.

  • I am not getting Free shipping, am I missing anything?

    • Click & Collect,
      No offer for free shipping

      • -3

        you mentioned, "Postage Free" in your post.

        • No, eBay states it, i'm just the messenger.

        • +1

          @kiriakoz: That depends. How much will it cost me to jump off the bridge?

        • +2

          You do get free shipping if you jump off a bridge.

        • @pket: Wow. Free shipping. That deal is sure to have an impact.

    • Free shipping was applied auto to my cart when it got past $150. It's not like it's going to go off so stock up!

  • +10

    $37.60 is a great price for Monkey Shoulder!

    One of the few blended whiskies that I keep on my bar. Great quality for price ratio.

    • +1

      I had a double take and thought you said one of the few you kept in your car.

      Great price indeed - purchased thanks OP!

  • +2

    Monkey Shoulder is great!

  • Anyone else having issues where it won't select pickup?

    • Yeah I was having trouble too, it removed the pickup when I went to the cart. Make sure you are signed in to ebay first, then it should work.

      • Is it weird that it says est pickup time is sunday?

        • mmm… maybe? They certainly don't have the "2 hour pickup" option that DM has

  • +1

    Monkey Shoulder looks to be sold out.

    edit-sorry scrap that, wont sell to me in SE QLD

    • +1

      put your address as a NSW/VIC address
      then buy it now, and select pickup. it's dumb but you can pick up from your local store, your address just has to be an area where they will post
      i don't guarantee this will work but the transaction went through for me

    • It was throwing errors when I chose pickup from Salisbury, I changed it to Toowong and it was fine.

  • I'm always on the lookout for Bullet Burboun, was a choice pick at $40 and below.
    Now, can only find it around the $60 mark.

    How does Monkey Shoulder compare? I think I may have had it before many years ago, but can't remember if I liked it/the taste.

    • well it is not bourbon so not sure if it compares at all ?

      • +1

        I think I scrolled too quickly, I saw Monkey Shoulder then Bourbon.
        Maybe I should start drinking to fix this eye problems.

  • +1

    i'm getting an error when trying to buy it. some error comes up and ask me to check out again, so i look at the order summary and get this error message.

    Order service temporarily unavailable or invalid parameters in the request URL.

    • Same - had to pay for postage to get around it.

  • Great deal thanks, i have been wanting to try some Monkey Shoulder, so it was an easy win!

  • Great deal. Bought 2 thanks

  • Wild Turkey is $40 not $32. Is there a voucher or code to use? Thanks

    • Use PREMIUM code

  • good deal .. only issue is it says :

    Ready for collection Mon, 26 Feb around 1:15 pm
    Free In-store pickup - Free

    I want to pick it up today .. 24.2.2018

    I guess I have to wait ?

    I just ordered 4x bottles = $128


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