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[VIC] Apple TV 4th Gen 32GB $149 (Out of Stock) | 64GB $199 @ Officeworks Doncaster (in Store)


Try calling other stores for stock or to match price

Apple TV 4th gen 32GB $149 | 64GB [email protected] Officeworks Doncaster Vic (in store)

can get the 32GB 4k model at ausluck ebay for $223.20 with using P20TECH at checkout

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    Good time to buy one. Up/downgrade to 10.2.2 (I think it's still being signed) and jailbreak :)
    Saves sideloading Kodi every 7 days (unless you have a paid developers account)

    • Good call!

    • Wouldn't happen to have a link for a tutorial would you :) …

    • +3

      Why bother constantly battling Apple by jailbreaking?
      Its not like the days of the original Apple TV, when it was the cheapest way to get a decent Kodi box.
      Now you can buy an S905 box for well under $50, and install LibreElec. Even does 4K if you are into that.

      You still want the Apple box, or Android-TV, Roku etc for Netflix and more.

      • That's true also.

        I got my 4th gen appletv back when it first released and had an untethered jailbreak on tvOS 9.

        I use my nVidia Shield as my main media centre.

        • Would you still bother to jailbreak the ATV, now that you have a Shield which lets you easily side-load any app software you want?

        • @manic:

          Personally, I would and have. Mainly for the simple fact that I enjoy tinkering with and modifying my devices. Also like I said before, if it's jailbroken, I no longer have to sideload Kodi every 7 days.

          I currently use my NVidia Shield in my lounge room with my main viewing TV (LG OLED B7)
          I use my AppleTV 4th Gen in my bedroom which still gets a lot of use.

          I definitely wouldn't bother getting the 4K Apple TV as it doesn't have a USB port so you can't jailbreak it.

      • Do you have a recommendation for a box that is easy to load libreelec? I've been scouring ebay but just not keen to pull the trigger and find out when it arrives it doesn't work

        • -1
        • I've got an intel nuc running libreelec. It was a bit more expensive than an android stick running kodi but it's stable as anything. It also runs as a mediaserver running plex server with a 20tb raid and a bunch of other services. I bought a fanless case too so it's the perfect htpc. Only noisy thing is the raid which is only noisy if I'm in strife with the SO and I'm sleeping on the couch.

        • +1

          Cheers, ended up with a minix x8-h plus from cashies. I actually used to have one but found android to be really annoying, with kids in the house they'd try installing apps and I could never navigate the play store with the remote. Libreelec install was a breeze and it's great to just have the box dedicated to one thing.

  • Good price for a 4K version, but you sure it’s a 4K not the 3rd gen of Apple TV ?

    • It's not the 4K version, it's 4th Gen which is 1080p
      Edit: Oh.. nevermind… didn't notice the ebay link

  • All sold out, someone broden it.

  • Officeworks Doncaster is out of stock of the 32GB non 4K version.

  • +1

    An app called MrMc is a kodi rip off without the addons if you have a home media library on a nas , works well enough

  • I prefer android box to run kodi n other apps without testrictions

  • Definitely get the 4K one even if not using at 4K…

  • is this available in any other stores?

    • possible just ring around

  • these are non 4k right?

  • Jailbreaked my Apple TV 4 on the weekend. But what can I install now?

    Apparently Kodi addons are not working.

    Can anyone recommend apps to install? Not interested in Plex. Saw Popcorntime on the net, is it still working?

  • any more specials on apple 4k