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Sony XZ Premium $569.05 (Refurbished) Delivered @ Sony Australia eBay


I'm not totally sure this is a deal compared to buying new grey stock, can anyone advise on the condition of the Sony refurbs I would be more keen….

Original PICK5 5% off Sitewide at eBay Deal Post

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    refurbed for $550+, greedy

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    very good phone, worth the money. recently got certified from Google as Commercial Recommended phone along LG V30, Pixel 2/2XL, etc

    • Commercial Recommended

      What does that mean?

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        Suitable for enterprise use, i.e. its easy to roll out software to all phones within a business if its Commercial Recommended and it also gets security updates promptly. Also guaranteed 1 major android version update.

  • I wouldn't buy a phone from Sony let alone a refurbished one, had mine in for warranty repair three times for a problem they couldn't fix, they eventually fixed the original problem but it came back not being able to send text messages. Finally got a refund, not buying another Sony phone ever again their mobile support staff are a bunch of muppets!

    • Yeah same here

      Going back a couple of years. My fairly new sony had problems.
      In the space of 3 monhts it was repaired approximately 4 to 5 times. Or so i was told.

      The last couple of times the package came back unopened and they didnt even look at it.
      At timrs the phone wouldnt even stay on as soon as i got it back from repairs.

      They then blamed me, my apps, my sim card.

      I even showed them a video of me opening their package, turning the phone on and it not staying on after 10 seconds.

      They then told me legally they had to keep on repairing it until they got it right.

      Chucked up a stink to the customer suport. Kiwi accent manager was rude and disgusting behaviour.

      I filed a complaint. Ignored.

      Fb complaint made and then they sent me a refuribshed model that lasted a few years.

      Nevrer again

  • looks tempting, does anyone have any first hand experience with refurb stock direct from Sony? I guess it will probably be a lucky dip?

    • Same here, not confident enough in sony to pull the trigger….
      Also might see drop in JB stock price once MWC opens next week….

      • yeah that's thing as well, the XZ2 or whatever they are gonna call it is probably just around the corner, so this phone could be 2 generations old very soon.

        disclosure - only using a Z5 compact right now.

        • It will only be 1 gen old since the XZ1 wasn't really a successor and has nearly the same hardware.

        • @ccsvchost:

          for the average punter like myself, who does not go through the hardware specs with a magnifying glass, a "XZ" would sound like 2 gen old compare to a "XZ2" :)

    • Purchased a Sony Soundbar (refurbished) from the Sony ebay store about 2 years ago, have not encountered any issues with the equipment works well.

      Sorry can't say much about the phone itself.

      • thx for that.

        I went through some old threads as well, someone received a reburb phone from Sony reckons there were finger prints and a few light scratches on it, but that was straight out of the box, haven't seen any follow up on it.

        I will probably sit on it and see what happens

        • I will probably sit on it and see what happens

          I am not sure if the refurb warranty would cover that…

        • +1

          @sky blu:

          lol touche :)

  • Only 12 months warranty?

  • For what its worth, it's a great phone, though slightly disappointing compared to the Z3 (for it's time). Specifically the battery life was better on the z3 though that is typically true for most phones.

    Leaves my crappy s6 in the dust is all I know for sure.

  • Refurbished? Kidding?

  • For those who are still sitting on the fence, looks like Sony's ebay store has 10% off deal until tomorrow.

    It can be stacked with PICK5, so the XZP will come down to $512, there is also the regular XZ for $419 ($358 after applying both discounts)

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