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[NSW] Logitech UE Boom 2 $106 (Normally $211) JB Hi-Fi Sydney Airport


Walking through Duty-Free and noticed these for quite a bit off, spoke to the guy and he said it was due to new packaging on the UE Boom 2s. Still the same model but heavily discounted due to the old packaging.

Not sure if it’s the same at all JB Hi-Fis.

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    Unwanted repackaged wedding gifts??

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    Amazing, my boss is coming back from sydney this weekend. Perfect timing. Ill ask him to grab me one.

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    The first time Prices may differ at Sydney Airport Store has actually been cheaper…

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      I picked up some headphones just after Christmas that were $100 less than they were selling them for at JB normal retail.

      • Wow that's amazing! I might actually look at the airport store next time I'm there haha

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          Wow that's amazing! I might actually look at the airport store next time I'm there haha

          You know if you went looking, it’ll never happen!

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          @quarrymaster: Hahaha yeah so true, but you never know :P

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    Do you need a passport and boarding pass to purchase this?

  • Wouldn't touch these at what they usually sell for, even on special, but this is a great price!

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      Funny you say that as I've had the UE boom for years and think of it as one of the best purchases I've ever made. It's taken an absolute hammering and hasn't skipped a beat. I've always thought of it as good value even at full price.

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    Megaboom is the better one of the two. Much more bass too. I hope we can get a deal soon for it.

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      Me too, I miss mine, stolen from a hostel locker :’(

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      I've never tried the Booms, but I have two Megabooms and absolutely love them. Brilliant little speakers.

  • rarely do I see an ozbargain post for a store in the airport. nice find!

  • Great speaker and a great price.

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    Oh man, you absolute legend - I've been eyeing up a 2nd hand one at Cash Converters for $120 all week thinking I could get them down to $100, when you go & post this haha!
    I'm in Melbourne but managed to get a price beat to $100.70 at Officeworks, in any colour I wanted. Thank you!! 😊

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      How did you manage this? Doesnt say what store or location in photo? I want to price match too but thinking they will laugh at me even at a jb hi fi!

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        I just said it was at JB HI-Fi, showed them the photo from here, and said I had the number of the store if they wanted to call and confirm. Super easy, but I did have to go to two Officeworks stores before I got it approved haha

        • Nice job and effort! As Mariachi asks, could you please upload a receipt? That might make it easier for us :) (even though I am in Adelaide)

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          @avinit86: just posted below, hope it helps 😊

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          @therewolf: Thanks mate I will give it a shot!

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      Can you post a photo of your receipt please??!!

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        Yep, here you go! Sorry for the crop, didn't want to get credit card info in the frame

        EDIT: One note, the first store I (unsuccessfully) tried to price beat with said they wouldn't do it because it was an in-store offer not online, but the reason for discount on my receipt from the second store is "in-store". So they definitely can do it, don't be afraid to say something if they try to turn you down over this! :)

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          Any chance you'd mind uploading a copy with the store header on it, and the CC info coloured over or blurred?

        • +6

          @ccsamwag: with the date on it

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          @ccsamwag: yeah this please, as you can use a receipt as a justification for a pricematch there. Needs the store and date on it.

          Thank you!

  • Which terminal is this?

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      Sorry just landed, was at the international duty free!

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    It says tax and duty free in the photo ,
    good luck pricematching!

    • Exact reason given for rejection at the Wentworthville Officeworks :(

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    Just need to buy an international plane ticket to get in..

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    Don't need one but upvote for finding a bargain in an airport store!

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    Got one. Only five left.

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    Nothing better for this price.

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    UE Boom bluetooth speakers got very high rating in reviews.
    They are great speakers (owner of 2). Pair them up stereo and twice the power.

    Love how they are similar size to a bottle of water so can go in the mesh side compartment of a backpack or in a bottle holder of a bike.

    • Cool idea regarding bottle holders. In the colder months, I go for my beachside walks with UE roll 1 in each jacket/jumper pocket. Its sometimes amusing when people cannot see the speakers at all, and Im just walking along holding my phone with this massive sound concealed discreetly in my jacket pockets :)

  • These or the flip 4 for 97 from good guys?

    • I’ve been thrilled with my UE Wonderboom for $129. Only thing that would make it perfect is a mic for speakerphone calls.

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    Just priced matched at officeworks also. Staff were very nice about it.

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      Any chance you could upload the receipt with the store and date showing?

      • Hi mate. Would love to but a newb.how do I upload receipts.?

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          Hey mate take a photo and upload to imgur or other free service and share the link :)

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          @avinit86:@barlbade pls upload the receipt as suggested by @avinit86

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          I would be wary, if you think the store was being very nice about it, uploading receipt and having others go and show it to stores refusing to pricematch, may result in the people that were nice getting in trouble :/ .
          A recipt with date from the JB hifi store at airport would really help though.

        • +1

          @ozzpete:Thank you for bringing my mistake to my attention, as I am reasonably new on here (see above I had to ask how to do it) I only did what I have noticed many many other have done before me. I haven't noticed anyone negging when this has been done or any rules against it otherwise I would not have done it. I removed the person's name for courtesy reasons. My dealings with officeworks in the past have been either great or appalling depending on the staff at the time and the price matching is an advertised feature and could be pushed if you know the rules. I couldn't use a receipt from the airport as I didn't buy one from there. Please follow up with link to any rules I have broken so I make sure I don't error again.

        • @barblade:
          I dont think you broke any rules, so dont worry about that :) .
          Like you said, some OW have been great, and some appalling.
          I have experienced some that are appalling and would do anything to avoid doing a discount (including contacting the store that was very nice, and telling them they shouldn't have price matched due to duty free or some other reason).
          It would be awful to think an employee who went out of the way and bent their rules a little, to be nice, would later be reprimanded by upper store management.
          Name and shame the ones that are awful by all means tho.

    • What a beast

  • -1

    Price beat at Officework would probably work only in Sydney

  • +9

    Hope this works. Newb so take it easy. :)

    • Worked for me - thanks

      • Mad. Good luck.

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          How did you pricematch at officeworks…did you show them this deal page?

        • +2

          @cs2011: Just showed the photo from the airport.

        • +1

          @barblade: thanks

    • I went to Greenacre and Bankstown Officeworks and they refused to price match it, even with the receipt. Their policy says they can't match clearance items

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        Same case at the Liverpool store. They wouldnt accept a photo or the officeworks receipt. They said the price was updated.

    • Was there still lot of stock left?

  • Anyone pricematched at a Victorian Officeworks yet? If so, what was the result?

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    First time poster, long time lurker, had to post to say thank you to Prodigii for this absolute bargain. Called two JB Hifis and neither would pricematch, went in to an Officeworks in SA and after a bit of cajoling and showing them barblade's receipt they let me nab one.

    Another OzBargain win, good luck!

    • great! officeworks hoxtonpark didnt accept

    • +1

      May I ask which officeworks in SA did you visit? I'm keen to go for a drive! Thanks in advance!

      Edit: I'm an idiot, saw the location on the receipt. Cheers anyway!

    • +1

      Thanks mate - Gonna go in Monday! Hopefully have stock and honour it.

  • Lots left in international departures, they’re in a couple of places so have a look around.

    They also have the new packing ones out for the full price.

  • Just got 1 from Wetherill Park.

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    A while back I purchased a ue mini boom (https://www.pcworld.idg.com.au/review/logitech/mini_boom/540...) noticing that I could purchase a 2nd for stereo streaming I bought another one that had similar packaging but wouldn't work to connect realised the 2nd one didn't support it so it went back to OW.

    • Can use 2 x UE Boom for Stereo Streaming - I do this, excellent result. Once setup with the app, automatically connects next time you turn both on.

      • I do this sometimes with my 2xUE-ROLL . Im wondering if the UE boom are any better than UE Roll.

  • Gonna go 2morro hopefully they honour this aye
    shall go wetherill park hehe

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    Just tried to price match at bendigo, they were willing to until they rang the Sydney airport store and we're told they were now out of stock.

    • Just tried livo gonna go Wetherill lols

    • damn! thanks for commenting, saved me a trip to our B-Town store at lunch.

      • dont think officeworks will pricematch anymore as the guys at wetherillpark says they got an email from HO not to accept this anymore…this is on late Saturday…

        • rough….ozbargainers move quickly.

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    At airport now so much stock might grab a few few duty free stores luckily.

    • called up at airport and they said they are sold out.

      • I went to arrival last time departure had them, there’s two levels at the airport try the one at the food court.

        • local officeworks says that they will check stock by calling JB first. The one listed on JB's website as the international airport JB outlet has run out of stock, so no price match from officeworks :(

  • Thanks Op

    Worked in Western Australia first store I walked into no problems at all!


    • Where did you get it from? which store? thanks

      • Im going to get another one for a present ill tell you once picked up this afternoon

        • can u get 1 for me? im based in cbd. Pm me pls thanks =)

        • can you tell me now?………..

        • @gutenmuach: osbourne park just show receipt from above

  • Anybody bought on whim and not happy with the impulse buy, please PM me I can get off the burden from you (Sydney only).

    • same here..Sydney only..pm me

  • No luck at 3 OW stores in Vic. Not with the receipt or anything, only if advertised their website.

    • Did you show them the above users receipts?

      • +1

        Yep, all stores said, they did not price match unless it is advertised… etc. In reference to the receipts, they pretty much all said whoever did it must've made a mistake. Their store would not be able to price match (the receipt).

        • My office works said we can just match the other office works receipt I showed them

        • +1

          @bansharkfin: You did well then. Oh well, no luck for me.
          As somebody commented above, they allege stores have been sent a memo to not honour this deal.

        • @ozf1: my mate got one from joondalup yesterday ill get the receipt for you

        • +1

          @bansharkfin: TVM for the effort, I may try again, but I think Vic. stores are not playing along as other states have.

        • +1

          @bansharkfin: Just wasted an hour of my life…:~/
          New… newish argument from store assistant, 1 it has to be available to check on JBs website, 2 would consider receipt if it was from the same day, not 2 days ago… but still need to check the website anyway.

          OW Vic. you s _ c_ !

        • @bansharkfin: Thanks again mate.
          They did however have the ue Roll 2 for $75.00 but the sound on this thing is too puny for my taste, not a BAD DEAL if you want something compact though.

        • +1

          @bansharkfin: Seems to me that the new Google Home, Echo… etc. Voice enabled speakers are bound to take over this market. So perhaps there'll be more clearances around the corner. UE has the Blasts. But I think No UE Blasts in Australia yet…?

        • @ozf1:
          Wow the first store I walked into they checked with the manager and said yep, I bought two and my freind went to another officeworks a few days after me and got one with someone else, we dont even have that duty free store in western australia

  • has anyone tried price matching this at other jb hi-fi stores?

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