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When I searched on eBay for a budget laptop, I saw a very tempting deal of a HP V110 for A$435. However, after I clicked through to see the reviews, I found out they were all about a printer:

Did anyone see this one? I felt very confusing.


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    Why not ask the Seller?

    I can't handle "confusing" on a Saturday without Coffee…

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    I shall do, well maybe I should've also made it clear that I am after feedback from people who previously purchases from Futu_Online.

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      futu_online (217550 ) About futu_online
      99.8% Positive feedback

      On the right sidebar, click on the backet next to the seller name "(217550)" to see the seller feedback

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    You are buying after seeing the listing and description, it's for the laptop. When seller created the listing, it was incorrectly mapped to the wrong product for eBay's review system. You shouldn't worry about that if you are confident about the laptop as that is what you are buying as per listing and description

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      Hi I can confirm I'm looking at a listing for a laptop plus 3 bonus accessories even those accessories doesn't seem to be mentioned anywhere in the listing. Don't forget you can get further discount by applying code in checkout.

    • Thank you. You are absolutely right.

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    What is this even all about?

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    look here there is a search option available for this site:

    or you could just google "Futu_Online review" like i just did alot faster than waiting for replies

    • Awesome! cheers mate

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