This was posted 3 years 5 months ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Petbarn 30% off Online Purchases (Some Exclusions Apply)


Another petbarn 30% off sale

*Offer only valid for online purchases at Offer not valid for instore purchases. Offers not valid on Vet Prescription Diets and Services. 30% off your next online purchase offer only valid with discount code SALE72. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. Discount code does not apply to promotional items. Offer expires on Thursday 1st March 2018 at 9.00AM AEDT. Discount does not apply to shipping costs. Limit to one use per customer. Maximum cart amount to which this discount applies is $500. Retail sale and quantities only. While stocks last.

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    Family Dinner sorted.

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    Am I the only one sick of seeing Petbarn "Bargains" posted here - Its safe to say, if you are not getting 30% off every week, you're paying too much. No Bargain here.

    Is it possible to filter/ignore these post, like RES for Reddit?

    So far this year:

    15/1/18 - 25% off Entire Order at Petbarn (Expires 17 Jan)
    17/1/18 - [ONLINE] Petbarn 30% off Sitewide
    19/1/18 - 25% Off When You Click & Collect (Max $500 Discount) @ Petbarn
    24/1/18 - 30% off Entire Online Order at Petbarn
    29/1/18 - 30% off @ Petbarn (Exclusions Apply)
    4/2/18 - 25% off @ Petbarn (Excludes Cat Products)
    4/2/18 - 20% off Everything for Cats @ Petbarn (In-Store & Online)
    5/2/18 - 30% off @ Petbarn (Some Exclusions Apply)
    14/2/18 - Take 30% off Full Priced Pet Food @ Petbarn (Exclusions Apply)
    19/2/18 - 30% off Storewide at Petbarn (Expires Today, Excludes Promo Items and Services, Diets & Tech)
    20/2/18 - Petbarn - 25% off Dog and Cat Food, Flea, Tick and Worming Treatments
    23/2/18 - 30% off @ Petbarn
    27/2/18 - Petbarn 30% Online Purchases (Some Exclusions Apply)

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      you're correct but this isn't really a valid reason for a neg


        Posting the RRP is not a Bargain & shouldn't be encouraged on this site - this retailer advertises a "Sale" that ends in 3 days, then in 3 Days has another "Sale". Its clear that their "Sale" prices are their normal everyday prices - its the online equivalent of the corner carpet/rug shop having "Going-out-of-business" sale for the last 5 years - Its misleading & deceptive to consumers - we have consumer/trade practices laws for a reason.


      I'd usually agree with you - BUT - this deal includes ROYAL CANIN DOG FOOD - which is almost ALWAYS excluded from the sale. I was able to save $27 dollars on a bag of dog food so I think there is merit to this post.

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      I for some reason don't get emails or find these coupon codes anywhere other than on here, I have actually used a couple of these codes recently which has been great specially when pet food can be expensive.

      I say keep on posting.


    I have 2 indoor cats so I go through a crap tonne of kitty litter, roughly 2.5 30L bags a week. I've found Petbarn to be the cheapest with their breeders choice so these deals most certainly help me.

    I only wish they would allow for more than 4 bags delivered at a time. I would order 20+ bags if I could.

    I think they're catching on now with the discount code stacking, which sucks but still works out cheaper compared to their competitors. I'm happy to be corrected cause I'd love to save more on the kitty litter.

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      [OFF TOPIC]that's a lot of kitty litter!! I use the same stuff for my indoor kitty but only grab a couple of 30L bags every 6 weeks or so. are you, like, emptying the entire tray of litter every time they use it or something?

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        Agree, a 30L bag for my 2 indoor kits would last weeks, maybe a month or so.
        One thing I found was that changing their diet improved the poo so it was more formed and solid (moved to Hills and Advance type stuff).


          Third this, must be throwing the whole litter everytime, thats a LOT of litter. Try clumping based litter and just scoop out the clumped parts.


        Agreed - I switched off Breeders Choice though because it doesn't clump and just seems to sit in the bottom of the tray - may have been my cats though. I use the Animates Clay Clumping litter now that both of mine are >1yo and I only buy a new bag every 2 months, maybe. It's very dusty though. Tried the Aldi brand for a while but they dragged it everywhere.


        I have two Bengals and they drink and eat a lot, I'm not home all day so I can't remove the urine/pooh the moment they do it otherwise I could probably use a lot less. I'm currently using only 1 litter tray and I would say I go through half/ to a third of a bag a day.

        If I do not empty it for 24 hours I'll end up having to throw the entire tray out because 1 kitty is super fussy with the litter tray and it has to be super clean whilst the other will happily find a clean patch. The super fussy one (male) has nicely formed pooh, the female has a diet issue and we still haven't been able to solve her wet pooh problem.

        I do have another litter tray but it was becoming a lot of work and I'd get super lazy cause I knew there was a back up tray!

        Maybe I'm doing it wrong, or maybe I just need to remove the waste asap when I'm home for a couple hours before heading off during the evening …

        PS. I used the clumping litter from trouble and trix? but didn't like how the sand would trail everywhere and hated the lavender smell mixed with urine!


          Sounds fair, good luck with the bowel troubles. You are probably on the good food already, so that low hanging fruit is out.
          Also, consider crystals maybe? They don't track and they absorb smell really well, might last longer. I only changed mine every week and cleared them once a day of poo, but I did end up having 2, sometimes 3 litter trays. Benefits of a 4x2 house for just me and 2 cats i guess…


    The only thing I don't like about these constant Petbarn sales is their website has 1/2 the stock of my local! They've started stocking Ziwipeak and other freeze dried cat foods in store but of course it's never to be seen online Scratch that, they have Ziwipeak online now! I also prefer to get my cats the normal Weruva brand wet food cans but they only stock the Cats In The Kitchen range online.

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    Everytime I see Petbarn so-called Specials coming up on OZ, I go and check their website and every time either products are not available at my local Petbarn to pick up or more expensive than somewhere else, i.e. at Petcircle


    It normally makes my Blackhawk 20kg bags about $75 click and collect


    All went well adding products to the cart BUT when I applied the Promo Code suddenly they were "Out Of Stock".

    Sounds like Bait 'N Switch to me !!


    "Sorry, no quotes are available for this order at this time." - JERKS!


      Even more jerks! On confirming PICK UP order
      "Error 503 Backend fetch failed
      Backend fetch failed

      Guru Meditation:
      XID: 8035245

      Varnish cache server"

      And the Paypal payment has gone thru, they are really trying their hardest not to sell me anything.


      Try on their eBay Store, it's actually 5% cheaper with PICK5. C&C available.


        Dammit, WTF a 15kg bag of royal canin is $95 on their ebay store but $136 in the store during this 72hour sale. Are they actually allowed to do that? Seems like blatant price jacking?


          Doesn't seem like this sale excludes royal canin so after the 30% off it should be the same right before the 5% off?