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4x AAA Panasonic Eneloops (No Package) $15 + $11 Shipping - Digital Camera Warehouse


Hi all,

Was doing same late night browsing and discovered this deal for AAA Eneloops - $15 for 4x AAA Eneloops (No packaging)

Seemed a pretty reasonable price for them, as they normally seem to retail for about $20.

(If no Digital Camera Warehouse near you (ie if not in NSW/VIC/QLD), delivery fee is only $11 if spending up to $200)

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    Ill just leave this here

    "Are IKEA LADDA Batteries Really Eneloop Pro?"


    • It's a pity he got the what LSD stands for wrong so early in the video. Really made me doubt he knew what he was talking about.

      • You watched the video..?

        • Obviously.

    • They are only enloop pros, guaranteed only for 500 discharges. Enloops are good for 2,100 discharges. Unless you need the pros for camera flash or something, then the ordinary enloops that last over 400% as many discharges is worth an extra 50% cost yeah? For things like game boys and wireless devices ordinary enloops may serve you better long term, even when considering the lower capacity.

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        ordinary enloops that last over 400% as many discharges is worth an extra 50% cost yeah?

        I disagree. For most uses, will you ever get to 500 discharges before the batteries die of other causes?

        If you charge a set of batteries every two months, 500 discharges lasts 83 years. So you have to charge more frequently than that before they die within your lifetime.

        When I look at how my oldest batteries have degraded, the label tends to get damaged first, then the contacts start to corrode. I'd estimate a lifetime of maybe 25-30 years for a battery. For 500 discharges in 25-30 years, that's charging every three weeks.

        Sure there are some uses where you'll charge the batteries more often than that, but you don't need all of your eneloops to be of the 2100-discharges variety.

        • +1

          Yeah, you're probably right. Probably more likely to lose the battery before 1,000 recharges.

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    People need to stop having such a hard on for Eneloops, the 'glory days' of deals for them is long gone since the demise of DSE.

    Much better value options out there - https://hobbyking.com/en_us/turnigy-rechargeable-battery-aaa...

    • Woah those are cheap!

      • +3

        Until you factor delivery

        • Hobbyking occasionally have free shipping, last time was three months ago: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/343444

          Also, if you're buying something else from Hobbyking, it makes sense to add batteries up to the weight margin. That way shipping is essentially free.

        • +1

          Even with delivery ($7.44) it's still cheaper than this price for C&C ($3.75 each).

          Buy 8 and postage is still the same, comes to $16.24 ($2.08 each). So twice the batteries for $1.24 more and don't have to leave the couch.

          You can buy up to 26 of the AAA for $7.44 delivery, which ends up being $36.30 delivered (~$1.40 each).

          So still going to claim factoring in delivery doesn't make these cheap compared to this deal?? Don't even get me started on if you had to pay for delivery for these ($6.50 for each Eneloop!!)

        • @Porthos: Are these type good for children toys and xbox controllers?

        • +1

          @Suspect420: Perfect for them, if they take AAA that is. Have a higher capacity than the Eneloops as well (900mAh v 800mAh).

          The AA's are just as good, but bit more expensive as you don't get as many in the 500g shipping bag before it bumps it up to the next weight level.

        • +1


          Thanks for the reply!

          I'll order a few. Running low on eneloops with all the kids toys!

    • Of the Turnigy batteries I've had, I think I ended up tossing out about 1/3 of the AAA because they didn't want to hold a charge and didn't seem to have a very high capacity either. That kind of put me off them and I think I'll look at Ladda next when my Eneloops die I think.

      • I’ve found them perfectly fine, and had some as long as my Eneloops. Never had an issue with them.

        I haven’t tested the capacity of them, but I do notice they last longer than my Eneloops in my QC25’s.

        • Yeah, it's probably not the usual experience, but it was mine.

        • @MonkDog: Can always get a ‘bad’ batch or so I guess of both of them. I haven’t had any of mine due yet or have a noticeable lower capacity than other ones (both the Eneloops and the Turnigy’s).

  • Also needed….where they were made….apparently Japanese manufacture is better than Chinese made

    • In what way are they better …..it depends on manufacturer…more tech in phones than batteries and phones are made in china.

      Although eneloop were developed in japan by sanyo but same tech is now common in china.

      • Little pieces of underpaid Japanese factory worker souls have more ability to reverse aging than little pieces of underpaid Chinese worker souls. Everyone knows that.

        (And if you don't understand that this is just a joke, perhaps you should have your Internet licence revoked).

    • Talk to the car airbag… same sh!t

  • +1
    • AA vs AAA so not quite a fair swap.
      But I do believe Aldo also does AAA

      • Yes aldi AAA vs ikea vs eneloop are all similar capacity.

      • +1

        AA vs AAA so not quite a fair swap.

        Title link says both AA and AAA.

        • Good point there.
          Missed that.

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    how is $26 for 4 x AAA eneloops in loose packaging 'good value'?

    god i miss Dick Smith… the days of 8 packs for under $20

    • or enloop family packs with all the different size casings (D and C) and charger for 16 bucks… *sigh… (checks drawer and smiles)

    • I thought it was good value if you live nearby and can pick them up, otherwise I wouldnt have bothered posting this deal in first place.

  • Cheap IKEA LADDA batteries outperform expensive Eneloop Pro batteries in speedlight test.

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