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Vaja Cases - 50% off Sale Items - iPhone 6/6s from US $14.50 - Wallets US $39.50 - Shipping Not Included


It's time to get a Brazilian!

Vaja cases are generally quite pricey, but if you can find an item in the sale collection that you like you can get an extra 50% off. Some examples are:

iPhone 6/6s leather back case - was $29.00, now $14.50
iPhone 7 Plus wrap-around case in Black - was $69, now $34.50
Macbook 12" leather suit - was $229, now $114.50
Leather journal cover - was $59, now $29.50
Men's dollar wallet - was $79, now $39.50

This is only a tiny sample, there's plenty more models and styles to choose from.

I did a test shipping quote on the above iPhone 7 Plus case and it was US$29, so not too overpriced. The only trouble with these cases is what to do with them when your device dies, because the quality is so good they'll likely outlast it.

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  • I don't want to store my cards in a vaj

  • Their products are fantastic, and i’d highly recommend them if there’s something you want in this sale (given their prices are normall off the charts expensive).

  • I've always loved the look of their stuff but the shipping is a tad expensive. Just wondering if anyone in Melbourne is thinking about this to consider splitting shipping costs?