Using Hairspray as Deodorant

About 2 weeks ago I just had a shower and had heaps on my mind and an appointment to attend.

Came out of the shower and accidently grabbed the can of hairspray instead of deodorant.

Was so preoccupied that I didn't even notice until I did both arms and they started to sting like mad.

Running late so I didn't wash it off, just wiped it away.

Now I have a horrendous rash on both armpits that won't go away, itches like mad.

On the plus side, my armpit pubes are beautifully styled.

Everywhere I go people ask me if I've had my hair done.


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    Is there a question here? :-)

    Maybe try sorbelene cream on the rash to soothe it a bit

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      I tried that, the only thing that stopped the itching was calamine lotion but the rash is still there and still itches after a while.

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        sounds like you're going to have to shave your armpits and start again lol

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        Maybe go see your GP and see if they can recommend something -

        I'm allergic to some metals to the point I break out into hives if they touch my skin, doc usually prescribes some steroid cream which clears it up almost overnight.

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          steroid cream

          Thanks, I'm going to be huge.

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    haaaahaaaaahaaaaahaaaa :D lolled my t!$$!es off :P

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    "Stayed tuned for next week when I brush my teeth with Canesten anti-fungal cream"

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      bahahahaha great now everyone on the floor at work is looking at me for laughing so loud

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    Maybe some roses might help you?
    Or douse yourself in diesel

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    Did it work though?

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    Can you can play with the hair like Pai Mei now?

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    apparently windex is a good substitute for deodorant ?

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      Well if you want to get the ladies you need to use Meguiar's Ultimate Wash & Wax as your daily shower gel. Greats suds, awesome scent and leaves a protective coating on your skin.

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    Not a bargain.

    mouisturise your pits

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    Are you going to go all the way with your new discovery?

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    Try washing it with face wash - the kind that unblocks pores/ blackheads but on your armpits

    I've read before that hairspray blocks pores on your skin and is why people use those plastic shields to protect their face when spraying. First hand I started getting breakouts on my forehead first time I started using hairspray because I was an idiot and didn't shield my face. Same might be irritating your armpits and causing rash imo

  • If you don’t want to talk to a doctor go talk to a chemist.

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      Can you help me?

  • ROFL/LMAO, Scab if I could write/talk like you I wouldn't be single.

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    Woah, that was a pretty cool story.

    Thanks far sharing. Be sure to keep us updated on the situation

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    People ask you if you’ve had your hair done. How are they seeing your armpits?

  • Reminds me of my parents 25th Anniversary party when my uncle reminded my Dad how he went for the vaseline (used in those days) and ended up picking up the vicks instead

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