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FREE VSDC Video Editor Pro $0 (Usually $28.45) @ SharewareOnSale


Just found that this was free. This is a decent video editor and supports 4k video input and output. I'm personally getting it for the video stabilisation feature which is not available in the free version (not sure if it works well).

Edit: As check mentioned below, this license is only valid for 1 year.

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    Says - “THIS GIVEAWAY IS ONLY FOR DEVICES“ when I select iPad :/

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      Above links are the direct download links. You still need to go through the link provided by OP to register and get the license/activation key.

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        The key is also given through the website, not through the email address you provide, so you can use a fake email address to avoid their spam.

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    Thanks OP, I have been using the free version of VSDC for a couple of years now and it works well for my intended use. Have downloaded and installed the Pro version now :)


    I've tried a few free video editors and this was the only one I could get the hang of for putting videos together from numerous files. Thanks for the link, have downloaded pro version.

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    This is also the one that GoPro recommend since they have killed off Studio and now only allow Quik installer for Windows 10.
    Windows 7 users are s out of luck. details:

    I've updated from Quik for desktop 2.4 from version 2.3 and can no longer see GoPro Studio. What happened?
    Where does it apply?
    Quik for desktop 2.4+ - Mac and Windows
    With the latest update to Quik for desktop(versions 2.4+), GoPro Studio will no longer be included in the installer package. The reason for this is because GoPro Studio has reached its end-of-life for support. Below is a short FAQ which will hopefully answer your questions about our tool going forward.

    Does GoPro still support GoPro Studio now that it’s reached its end-of-life?
    A: For the time being, GoPro Studio will continue to be supported as normal.

    I enjoyed using GoPro Studio! What do I do now that it’s no longer included in Quik for desktop 2.4?
    A: If you had a previous version of GoPro Studio or Quik for desktop on your computer, then it hasn’t been uninstalled.
    The latest update of Quik for desktop has only removed the connection between the two applications, so you will still be able to open/use it.

    I just purchased a Wi-Fi Bacpac for the HERO2. I need to update my bacpac, but don’t have GoPro Studio. Can you help me?
    Please contact GoPro customer support at and we'll see what we can do.

    I’m a new user who was told to download Quik for desktop because it comes with GoPro Studio.
    Is there any way that I could be given an older version of GoPro Studio as well to use with Quik for desktop 2.4?
    Unfortunately, we aren’t able to give out any older version of GoPro Studio.
    If you’re looking for a non-linear editor to make your own custom edits with, you can use iMovie on Mac or VSDC on Windows-


    Thanks. Now installed.


    Thanks OP this is my go to video editor. I just tried to render a video and it works about twice as fast as the none hardware accelerated render.


    has anyone tried registering multiple email addresses to see if the rego codes are the same each time?

    EDIT: tried it myself and different codes.. so use a fake email address and get a rego code that way.. VSDC seems interesting as it appears to be the only (that I can find) FREE video editor for windows that supports hardware acceleration for rendering (ie: GPU support).

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    1-year license only.

    Then reverts to the free edition.


    One of only a handful of products I willingly pay a subscription for…excellent product.


    Terms and Conditions
    This is a 2-computer 1-year license, for noncommercial use
    You get free updates for one year
    You get free tech support
    You must redeem the license key before this offer has ended
    May not be resold


    Awesome, thanks op. Vsdc has been my video editor for years, looking forward to a free year of Pro.

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    Please don't download from sharewareonsale or gizmomelb links above, you will get malware/adware installed on your PC. Whilst sharewareonsale is a good site to get free apps, they will spam the ever-living fcuk out of your email and their installers are suss as.

    1. Go to and copy your temp email.
    2. Go to the link OP posted and click on the orange bar to "Download VCDC…"
    3. Put in your temp email and bogus info, "Give it to me", copy your code, close the tab.
    4. Go to the developers site and download the free version:
    5. Install
    6. Close the splash window when it opens for the first time and go to menu Activation-Activate. Enter your code you received in step 3.
    7. Enjoy Pro and consider paying for it if you get a lot of use out of it for 1 year.

      Wish Id read this last post first. Anyway. Downloaded and running. Looks like a good editing progam

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