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[VIC] Bose Soundlink Mini $179.99 Series 1 (RRP $219.95) @ Costco (Moorabbin, Membership Required)


Bose mini Soundlink at a great price.
Series 1 I purchased one 2 years ago for $209 and has held its value even with new model out. Fantastic sound quality loads of stock. Drawback is no ability to answer calls but awesome quality and Sound. RRP is usually around 200 plus. Currently the cheapest Soundlink deal as far as I can tell at the moment.
In my opinion still better than the current models for the price. Controversially I feel its better than series 2, I just think it sounds slightly better. Obviously that's just my opinion.

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    Be careful, this model has a problem with randomly not turning on and orange LED.
    Mine did this after a couple years and looking online its a very common problem, contacted Bose couple of times and they first told me $180 to fix it, then 2nd time they didnt even reply. I was a big bose fan, bose home theatre lifestyle v35, QC35s, but the customer service this time was terrible.

    Good sound though, but I have a $40 xiaomi now which isn't a whole lot different.

    • Which xiaomi?

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        Fit the bill, small, portable, rechargable. Its not as rich as the bose, but not far off considering the price difference. Surprised that it sounded half decent.

        https://www.gearbest.com/speakers/pp_241962.html - I paid $31.28AUD delivered on special. They usually drop from time to time.

  • I've got the V2 running now in the kitchen, it's a great device. Sounds so much bigger and than it is. I call it 'the wife'.

    • I take it that it sounds better than her.

  • More expensive than soundlink mini 2.

    • Link for soundlink 2?

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        The links below are for recent but expired deals.

        https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/355968 ($164.30 @ Videopro delivered)

        https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/352399 ($149 @ Bose store)

        Every 2-3 months, you can get the Soundlink Mini II for ~ $170 or so. Look out for Myer eBay deals as well. Never knew the Soundlink Mini I was still being sold. That said, the one I bought from Myer just says 'Soundlink Mini' on top but 'Soundlink Mini II' beneath

        • It's cheapest currently, also cheaper than myer with 20% and Videopro don't stock any more.

        • @Cheapsize: looks like it, although it is version 1 vs 2. I've never listened to the Mini I, any difference in sound quality? I'd probably just wait for the Mini II to be discounted again though, given similar pricing

        • I have both, they really sound more of same to be honest. I doubt you'd be disappointed with either. Second hand prices on the v1 is pretty cheap though good way to get one if you don't mind buying a used one.

        • Got that last $149 deal price matched at JB Hifi before.

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    Look a bit closer.. I think you'll find it is actually the series II version. As someone suggested, you have to look underneath it to be sure. Bose havn't made the series 1 for at least 3 years now and Costco wouldn't still have stock of that old model. Even the soundlink mini II has been discontinued now and is probably why Costco are clearing it out.

    • https://www.costco.com.au/coupons there is a picture in the pdf I'm fairly sure it's series 1.

      • You can't tell from that picture, check in store it will be mini II which is on runout now.

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          They still sell the series I through Costco, I saw it yesterday. They also have QC15s, and a couple of Costco only variants that aren't available elsewhere, like a cutdown Soundbar (ST300 bundled with a smaller bass for $500 less) and a cheaper Solo (no universal remote included).

          From the coupon you can tell it's series I due to the colour and I can also (just) tell there are 6 buttons. The series II loses the mute and Aux button but add a multi function button (5 total)

  • I purchased one 2 years ago for $209 and has held its value even with new model out.

    They really do hold their value, annoyingly so for those looking to get an older model for cheaper.

  • I am just super happy with my $66 anker soundcore boost. So bassy yet small.

  • Plenty at auburn nsw

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